Web Design Critique: Boardwalk Catering


A straightforward, black and white site, contrasted with vibrant imagery of delicious, well-catered food. That’s what’ll greet people who visit the site of Boardwalk Catering, a wedding caterer in Sydney, one that believes in good imagery, if their site is anything to go by.

The site sports a straightforward layout, the header, with the mandatory links to all of the other parts of the site, as well as sites to Facebook and Instagram. Immediately after that, are the images of the catering that the company provides.

Notably, there’s a distinct lack of account control options, like Log In, with the only way to stay in contact with the catering service being the “Contact” page, which has a link in the main header. That being said, the contact is only for a single event, which might be problematic for anyone looking to hire this particular wedding caterer in Sydney for repeat events.

For the main page, these images are presented in a slideshow, and act as links to the company’s services.

Save for the images in Venues and the Main Pages, these image don’t link to anything. They may be clicked on to see a bigger version, but not much else besides that, which does come across as a bit of a waste of space.

Not to say that these images aren’t well-done though. Quite the contrary, the images are exceptionally done, and greatly presented, letting them give the site that splash of colour, and energy it really needs. These beautiful images are strewn across the site’s pages, making them feel memorable, and gives visitors a good idea of what to expect from this wedding caterer in Sydney, which is always a plus when you’re marketing.

The icon for Facebook and Instagram sport a black and white colour scheme, not their usual, more iconic iterations, which is strange for social media sites, which are heavily reliant on being bright and bold to stand out. This is somewhat indicative of the site’s biggest shortcoming.

The images on the site are well-done, well-presented and appealing, there is little doubt about that. However, the monotonous black and white colour scheme that it uses, combined with fairly small text, does make the site come across as barren, at least in the areas where there’s little images, only the fairly verbose walls of text that the site sports.

It feels as if the site invested too much into the images, to the detriment of everything else. Yes, they’re the lynchpin of the site’s identity, but everything needs to feel distinct and noteworthy, too.

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Web Design Critique: Effective Heating


About Effective Heating

Effective Heating is a company that offers boiler maintenance and boiler repairs in Leeds. Its excellent service in the business has earned them a reputable identity in the boiler service to both commercial and domestic customers.

Searchability. When searching for the keywords “boiler repairs in Leeds”, the website appears on the first page of the Google search result which is a good indication of its familiarity and popularity. Being on the first page of the search results invites more online users to open the website as their first preference.

Usability. The website is user-friendly and is full of relevant information about boiler repair systems. The menu tabs on top of the page that are horizontally arranged provide the different areas of service that are offered by the website.

Navigation. The menus for each area of service of the company are arranged horizontally on top of the web page, however, there are no drop-down menus provided as each menu when opened already gives the specific service offered. The quick links at the bottom of the web page provide easy navigation because online users do not have to go back to the top page to open the menus. As you scroll down the page, a booking link can be seen which gives you convenience if you opt to make a booking already. It has a complete list of all the areas they cover and the cities they are present which provides easy information to the users.

Design and layout. The design and layout of the website is quite simple with minimal colors used.  It could have more attractive if they displayed pictures of boilers and their uniformed personnel to describe the website more clearly. The names and the logos of their affiliated manufacturers and the accrediting institutions that support their dependability to the consumers are situated below the webpage.

Contents. The contents of the website of Effective Heating which is a company for boiler repairs and maintenance states all the relevant information needed by people who are looking for a reliable and reputable boiler repair company. There is a complete contact details written at the bottom of the page. Everything is well structured and clearly written.

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How To Enjoy A Japanese Buffet In Bangkok


Bangkok’s Kisso Japanese Restaurant is a renowned restaurant located above the 5-star luxury West Grande Sukhumvit Hotel. If you miss eating exquisite Japanese cuisines, this is a must-visit restaurant. They offer the best seafood and sushi delights, that you don’t find in any other restaurant. You will love to dine here as it serves the best Japanese buffet in Bangkok. The meals are served from the freshest ingredients imported from Japan. You’ll really have no regrets as you’ll only taste the most delicious Japanese cuisines.

If you check the images in the Kisso Japanese restaurant’s website at http://www.kissojapaneserestaurant.com/, you’ll find that it’s how it looks in real life. They feature the restaurant as comfortable and welcoming, that you’ll surely come here. You’ll also see that the images of the food and beverages are what you see for real. You’ll know that renowned chefs have prepared the Japanese buffet in Bangkok, for you to enjoy and savour. If you check out the prices, you’ll also find that its affordable. You won’t regret booking at Kisso as they serve real Japanese cuisines.

If you’re looking for accessibility, the restaurant’s website can make you find everything you want. They can tell you about having a great time and experience here, especially if you’re coming with family or close friends. It makes you know what the restaurant can offer and how you’ll enjoy and have a nice time here. As this is a Japanese buffet in Bangkok, you’ll find that the operation hours are accessible to your needs. You can stay for an extended period during lunch and dinner until the restaurant closes. This is the best option if you want to dine in the perimeters of the West Grande hotel.

Depending on the season, they serve different menu variants. They come with various specialties that you’ll like to order online. If you’re lucky to have booked early to this Japanese buffet in Bangkok, you can avail discounts that can save you a lot of money. All you need to do is check out their website at http://www.kissojapaneserestaurant.com/ and see if you can make reservations for their restaurant.

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Web Design Critique: Solitaire Bangkok


It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 4 star hotel in Bangkok or a electronics company, having a good company site is a must in the modern age.

Solitaire Hotel Bangkok got the message, with a well-designed site that presents the brand quite well. In some ways, however,  it feels over-presented.

When it comes to navigation, the main menu with links to pages in the site is always on top of the page, even if the visitor scrolls down, which is quite convenient. This menu has links to rooms, promos, restaurants, as well as gallery and additional contact information for the hotel; additional, in that the site helpfully lists the hotel’s telephone number, rough address, as well as account control and booking options at the top of the page alongside the hotel’s logo. Additionally, visitors to the site can book anytime they want, as the booking interface is always at the bottom of the page, moving as the browser scrolls.

Speaking of the hotel’s logo, its colour scheme, gold and dark grey on white, is the colour scheme that the site sports throughout, something it adheres to quite nicely, though the dark grey text would probably work better if it was actually black.

As mentioned before, the site is well-presented, with lots of pictures and other visual aids that help give visitors to the site a good idea of what the hotel’s actually like and what services it has on offer. There’s a few videos and a 3D space viewer, so there’s a fair amount of scrolling down needed. Naturally, the pages can take a while for particularly slow network connections, thanks to all the content.

The text itself is concise and straight to the point, wasting little time with superfluous details and discussing the hotel and why people should stay there, showing how much the site thrives on its presentation.  Even links that lead to additional information about specific services or locations in the hotel tend to prefer short sentences and minimal text.

All in all, the site is well-designed, excellently structured, and well done, though it does come across as over-done in certain ways, which makes it feel a tad imbalanced in its structure. Any 4 star hotel in Bangkok should try to impress potential customers, but there is such a thing as trying too hard.

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Web Design Critique: TecDis


The company website is the how the company presents itself to the internet. Needless to say, it’s imperative that the site be done well in order to positively represent the brand.

TecDis Logistics Network’s site, www.tecdisnetwork.com sports a blue and white colour scheme, the cool tones of the blue giving it a calm, professional look. The text, notably, has some issues with standing out in particularly bright settings, as they’re small in size and closer to dark grey in colour, rather than black, which is problematic given how much of it is there. It’s quite informative, but sometimes feels a tad overbearing. The lack of links in most of the text makes everything feel detached, with navigation a bit of an issue given most of the links are on the head of the site, meaning people have to scroll up or to the bottom of the page to properly navigate.

Notably, the only contact information one will see on the site, whether on the head or the tail, which is where the site asks for information from the visitors in order to give them a free quote on services, is the company e-mail. No telephone number, no social media account (which is particularly strange given the LinkedIn logo in that section), or mobile number. Not even a Login/Registration option anywhere.

That being said, the site’s layout is very straightforward and easy to grasp; head, image, body, then, the form for a free quotation, which also comes with some links to the other pages. There’s no superfluous images in the site, which makes everything feel clean, and what few images the site does use also communicates what www.tecdisnetwork.com and its company is about, even if some of them feel a little strangely edited.

All in all, the site is clean, well-structured and professional. Sometimes, though, it feels too professional, to the point of being bland and generic, and some of the content on the site, like two of the “Read More” links on the front page, feel incomplete. There’s also a few key things missing from the site, like more contact information, a registration/sign up, links to other pages and the site’s social media, the latter being a little muddy as to whether or not the company doesn’t have one, or the site just isn’t updated to include it. To put it succinctly, the site is good, but it could use some finishing up.

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Three Essential Components Of A Successful Financial Services Website


Financial services is a highly complicated topic and most of the viewers find it intimidating to visit a financial services website. Hence, it is critical for financial service companies to design a customer driven website that communicates well with the viewers. A well-designed website portrays a professional image of the company and is highly effective in converting the visitors into prospective clients of the business.

Here are some of the essential components for a financial services business websites. The points are explained in context to www.plenty.com.au, the website of a company that provides financial advice online for people in Australia.

Easy to navigate

The website should have a simple design and should be easy to navigate. It should be able to connect with the customers by recognising their needs and providing solutions. The financial services websites have a niche audience, who have specific needs and requirements, hence the website should focus on identifying them and addressing the issues. The call-to-actions should resonate with the target audience and entice them to engage with the company. The website of Plenty financial services, is a good example of a perfect financial services website. The layout is simple with minimum text and informative videos.

Well researched content

Content is the main component of a website, which helps it to connect with the viewers. The content of a financial services website should be authoritative and well-researched. Companies should provide up-to-date information and apt financial advice online that inspires the viewers. The content should be key word rich so that customers can easily find the company on search engines. The content should be updated regularly and must be easy to understand even for the beginners. Using jargon and complicated language may scare the viewers.

Images and videos

Since financial planning is a complicated topic, the website of financial services companies should use high quality image and explanatory videos to connect with the audience. The videos should be interesting and make it easy for the viewers to understand the different concepts of financial planning. For example, plenty.com.au, the website of a company that offers financial advice online, uses infographics, pictures and explanatory videos to explain the viewers about the importance of financial planning and the advantages of engaging with the company.

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