Design Critique: ABC Pest Control


ABC Pest Control is a pest control company based in Sydney. They treat various pests including cockroaches, ants, wasps, termites, spiders, bed bugs, bees and mosquitoes among many others. They provide services and packages in pest control in Sydney for both residential and commercial buildings. Below is a critique of their website located at

Image Sizes. Looking at the homepage alone, there are no images except for the animated header image which contains two slides. In other pages, the images used have the same sizes and aspect ratio. The standard image size is beneficial to the website because the website performs faster and the customer experience is also better. The website has a responsive design and the image flow is not disturbed when viewed in a gadget with smaller screen size.

Content order. As mentioned above, responsive site should be able to adapt regardless of the screen size. Contents are flowing correctly to accommodate the screen size. This is a common mistake for website designers because they fail to consider how the website will look when viewed in a mobile device.

Horizontal alignment. When employing responsive design, keep in mind that it is not a good idea to use absolute heights. This will give the elements the chance to expand accordingly. This is obviously followed when making the website of ABC pest control.

Titles. The website makes use of titles wisely. The header title of each page is short and concise which points directly to the topic and subtopics have longer titles to relay more information to the visitors. The website features a page for every pest they are treating. There are a lot of texts contained in each of the page but they are broken down to effective paragraphs by highlighting the main thoughts in bold. This is helpful to those who are scanning instead of reading every word.

Background and fonts. The website uses plain, white background because the pages are already loaded with texts. A background image can make the site look crowded. The fonts used by the pest control in Sydney are simple and easy to read.

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3 Effective Ways To Prepare Parcels For Courier Company


Your main concerns when you send parcels or documents is for them to get to your target recipients in perfect condition and in a timely manner. Although much of the success of sending the parcel relies on the courier company, you can also contribute in ensuring that it gets to your recipient in excellent condition. The key is to pack your items properly. Here are some tips.

Pack parcels properly

Even if your parcel has insurance, it can still get broken or it can get lost. Although you will be compensated because of insurance, the inconvenience it will cause you cannot be compensated. To keep your items safe and protected, pack it properly by using sturdy cardboard, possibly a brand new one. If the item is breakable, wrap it in old newspaper then add packing peanuts to keep the item in place and to cushion it inside. Another option is to wrap the item in bubble wrap. InforM the courier company if you are sending a fragile item so they will exercise more caution on its handling and even label it accordingly.

Determine restricted items to send

If you are sending a parcel internationally, know that there are items that may not be illegal in your home country but may be restricted at your recipient’s country. Courier companies usually provide a list of restricted items to be sent to particular countries. In addition, you can also do some research to determine what items are banned in airports or shipping ports. The list may vary from one country to another so it wold be best to do your homework before sending a parcel abroad.

Choose a reliable company

One of the best ways to ensure that your parcel will get to your target recipient in time and in excellent condition, get the service from a reliable courier company. Choose a courier company with positive feedback from customers. This can be found at the courier’s websiteand also from independent sites. You can also refer to discussion boards or forums online to determine the experience of other customers from your target courier company.

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4 Useful Tips For A Safe Business Team Building


Team building is one of the events that employees are generally excited about.The activity is fun, relaxing and promotes healthier professional relationship within the organization. By having business team building, team members momentarily sets aside the pressures of work. Team building activities are generally done in conducive areas such as in hotels, beach resorts and even in office premises. No matter where you conduct the event, one important aspect that you should look into is the safety of the team. Here are some practical tips to make the event even more enjoyable and safe.

Have a medical team on stand-by

Accidents can happen or medical emergencies can take place especially when the participants are starting to get really competitive. To avoid untoward incidents and to be ready for any circumstances, it would be best to have a nurse or a medical team around. Another option is to have a first aid kit in your venue during the event.

Collect medical waivers

Ask for medical waivers from the participants to ensure that everyone is fit to engage in different activities such as games and exercises. The medical waiver will help determine if there are team members who are pregnant or requires special considerations such as those who recently undergone major medical procedure and the likes. By looking at the waivers, it would be easier for the facilitators to design abusiness team buildingthat suits everyone. In consideration to those who have special needs, the facilitators can just assign them to special tasks such as timekeepers ormartials.

Keep everyone hydrated

Another aspect that should be see to it is the comfort of the participants. Make sure that there is an available supply of water or refreshments to keep everyone hydrated during the event especially if you intend to have it outdoors.

Get sun protection

Advise the participants to apply sun protection during your business team building especially for outdoor settings. Aside from sunblock, advise the participants to make use of other forms of sun protection such as caps or hats,sunglasses, bandana, etc. advice the team to bring extra shirts and towels to the activity.

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Web Design Critique:


Beyond a Word creates personalized arts for their customers that can vary depending on the purpose of the art – it can be a gift with a special quote, a photo collage or a word art for newlywed couples. Customers have the option to create their own design from the wording and the colour scheme used. Today, we are going to critique the website of this Australian company.

Calls to action. This is a very important feature for an e-commerce website but, most of the time this is one of the most forgotten or taken for granted. This is essential if you want your website to create more leads. Look at your analytics and if there is an evident amount of traffic on the site but without an increase in sales then there is something wrong with the calls to actions or the fact that the website has none. With Beyond a Word, the “contact us” bubble is obviously embedded at the bottom of the page and it moves along as you scroll up and down. This is to prompt customers to take an action and contact them regarding any questions.

Contact information. When viewed on the normal desktop screen, there is no link to the contact page on top along with other page tabs but at the bottom there is site navigation in button list which includes the link to the Contact Us page. If you reduce the screen size of the browser, the page tab at the top transforms into a hamburger menu and “Contact” is already included in the list. This could be a glitch or the designer failed to see the error.

Professional look. For an e-commerce website, a professional looking website is important because it reflects the company. Beyond a Word definitely made an effort to make their site look like they mean business. There are no unnecessary features included just because it is cool or trending. The basic is all in their homepage. They paid attention to what their customers will look for thus providing them everything in the homepage so they don’t look any further. There is a good flow to the content and loading is fast.

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