How Beneficial Is The Installation Of Solar Panels On The Gold Coast


You have every reason to visit the Gold Coast in Queensland. It has 57-kilometers of sandy beaches and 300 days of sun so you can enjoy your stay here. The magic of the Gold Coast theme parks begins with the rising up above of the sun while exploring the sparkling Pacific Ocean and walking past the sandy beaches. Gold Coast is renowned for its subtropical weather. Travelers here can enjoy the hot summers and warm winters, which is perfect for a beach lifestyle. Also, the popularity of solar panels on the Gold Coast has reached the area; hence, more families are now switching to solar energy for electricity.

Solar Power as an Inexpensive Option

Solar remains a beneficial investment despite having the solar system no longer profitable as it was once. The incentive includes those installed before July 9 as the largest solar system that can fit your roof and provide power as much as possible during the day. However, as of today, you need to install a system that provides how much you intend to use today and what to expect during the middle of the day. This includes appliances and devices like washing machines, dishwashers, change hot water timers, pumps, irrigation, and more. It’s actually how you should use your solar power.

In Queensland, it is anticipated that there will be a price increase for power prices in the next couple of years. However, with solar panels on the Gold Coast, you are protected from the rising prices.

Comparing the Best Solar Panel Deals in the Gold Coast

If you check online, you can find solar panel installers ever ready to install in the Gold Coast area. You will find that various sites offer affordable yet competitive deals in the area free of charge. You may gather a number of quotes from providers. Solar panels really help save your electricity bills so hurry while you still have this chance of installing it on your roofs.

Feed-in Tariffs for Queensland

The Queensland government recently amended the feed-in tariffs where there are no longer tariffs for applications done after July 2014. The government will still pursue the 8c/kWh for applications made before July 2014 and the 44c/kWh rate for applications made before June 2012.

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Website Critique:


First impression

It only takes a few seconds for office furniture in Auckland to create an impression. The attention of a user can be captured by the colorful slideshow right under the navigation menu. The slider presents the images of the product in an appealing way so that the user will be encouraged to continue scrolling down the page. However, the issue with web design is the abundance of information presented that can easily confuse or overwhelm the user. A user who is in hurry to delve deeper on what the page offers can be discouraged with the difficulty of reading small texts.


Navigation is simple and consistent without the overwhelming the user with lots of choices. The sub-pages also follow the same navigation format and behave the same way to allow the user to find more information regarding office furniture. Because of consistency of navigation, the user always knows where he is. Language is user friendly, which the user can easily understand. The only way for a web design to break from the conventional navigation menu is the possibility for a better or more effective navigation menu that will encourage interaction from a user.


There is no question about the amount of information provided to the user. In fact, its abundance makes the user overwhelmed. Web design of the homepage should have focused on information that is more important to users. The rest of the information like the delivery and assembly options that are equally important to the user can be placed in the sub-pages that are easily accessible through the navigation menu. On the other hand, text does not contain any typographical and grammatical errors. However, users of the site are not there to critique text because it is not a thesis or school report.

The images are clear and colourful particularly those chosen for the slideshow. Meanwhile, since most users are impatient, the amount of information presented on the homepage may be able to satisfy their requirements. Even if they do not click on an item in the navigation bar, the information provided in the homepage of office furniture in Auckland is more than adequate enough for a confident purchasing decision.

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