Web Design Critique: Robinsons Foundry


Robinsons Foundry Ltd had its start in Birchington Kent, in the lockup garage of Dennis Robinson, when he decided to start his own motorcycle and automotive company. His son followed suit, and, with him, the company expanded. Now it’s a major dealer of motorcycles in the UK, with lots of listings and offers.

The site is a good example of how big Robinsons Foundry is now. The site’s big and bold, with a straightforward yet visually notable design direction. The header is Robinson’s grey logo is first sight on the site, with only a small black tab for the visitor’s cart and account options preceding it. Despite its size, this tab is pretty noticeable due to its black colour contrasting the white background.

This particular detail is worth noting in the site’s design. The whole aesthetic contrasts black icons and the ever occasional red tab, used to mark chosen options and the news tab near the header. These small splashes of crimson are very noticeable, following the design aesthetic of the site, which uses contrast to direct attention.

In terms of listings, and links to key pages and aspects of the business, they’re made to pop from the white background with large and attractive images. The first thing that comes immediately after the top menu is an image of two Aprilia RSV4 RF‘s; the latest commercially available model. Now, granted this will change based on what the latest special offer is, but the key point is that it’s so big, it’s practically impossible to miss. The image links for services and offers like used bikes are smaller, but no less noticeable.

The use of these images, however, means that the site is fairly taxing when it comes to the network of the visitor, which might be problematic for mobile users, who will likely be seeing the special offer while everything else loads. Another result of the use of images is that it takes a bit of scrolling down to the bottom, though thankfully, all the stuff that’s there can be found closer to the top, save for the newsletter bit.

The images taking up so much real estate can be a problem, but other than that, the site does its job rather well.

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Web Design Critique: Showpiece Commercial Cleaning


About Showpiece

Showpiece commercial cleaning is a company based in Sydney which was established in 2001. The same family that founded the business is still in charge of one of the top commercial cleaning services in Sydney which shows just how far it has come. Majority of their clients have been with them for a long time but they are looking to book new clients through their website. The business boasts of a one-stop shop service as they can also provide home and office supplies.


  • First time visitors on the site will find it easy to navigate around.
  • There is a pages tab located at the top to easily access the website. When viewed on a smaller screen, it transforms into a hamburger menu.
  • The same links to pages can be found at the bottom of the page so the users do not need to scroll back up.
  • The page is easy to read and understand as a whole.


  • As a company offering their services, this purpose is not lost on the website. There are call-to-actions located in every page either as a form or a link to their contact page. All of these are easily spotted because of the bright green colour in contrast with the black and white theme of the site.
  • All links and pages inside the website are working properly with no errors encountered.


  • The layout is not a copycat of the usual website of companies offering services.
  • It has a professional look to it that conveys to the prospective clients the message that they are reliable and ethical.
  • As you navigate from page to page, there is design consistency as the logo remains on the top followed by a header image. The sidebar either left or right is also their designated place for call-to-action forms.
  • As this is a private website for a business, there are no distracting ads and pop-ups which could be a turn-off to some customers.


  • The website contains detailed information about the company which is one of the commercial cleaning services in Sydney, what they do and the services they offer.
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