Three Essentials For A Successful Website

Three Essentials For A Successful Website

Online advertising has become popular as the go-to mode for advertising for many local businesses. Having a website and presence on the social media platforms is an essential part of advertising online. the online advertising is effective and cheaper, when compared to other options.

The website of a company is like the sales person of the company on the internet. The website should be professional and should contain quality content. The article explains the essential elements for a website to be successful in attracting viewers, in comparison to the original site of Effective Heating, a trusted heating company in Middlesbrough,

The website should be designed keeping the target audience in mind. Designing a website that does not appeal to the target audience is a waste of time and money. The website should not only be able to attract the target audience but also engage with them. The original site of Effective heating, is a perfect example of a website that is successful in attracting the target audience. The website consists of quality content that provides useful information about the heating requirements of different buildings.

The website should be able to attract the visitor and engage with him in the initial ten seconds. The visitors have many options and judge about the website depending on the home page of the website. The homepage should be attractive and convey useful information about the business. The homepage should make the website stand out from the competition. For example, the homepage of, is attractive. The website uses high quality pictures to portray the different services provided by the company to the visitors. The visitors also know about the advantages they accrue by partnering with the company for their heating requirements.

A website should have a clear call to action or CTA. The CTS can be a “Buy Now’, “request free quote’ or any other call to action that urges the viewers to engage further with the company. The call to action should be impressive in order to convert the visitor of the website into a successful business lead. The original site of Effective Heating Middlesbrough, has two call to action buttons, right on top of the homepage. The site has a ‘request free quote’ and ‘book an appointment’ buttons that encourages the visitors to engage with the company.

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Web Design Critique: Catalyst Events Solutions


Today we are going to critique the website of Catalyst Events Solutions which specializes in conference and event management especially for clients that are is Sydney. The company also boasts of having staff members based in Brisbane as well as Melbourne. Today we are going to critique its website which is at

  • When it comes to website design, the first thing the users will see is the aesthetic aspect along with visual impact. According to research, 94 per cent of users make their first impression based on the design of the website while 75 per cent said that they based the credibility of the company on the design handpicked for the website.
  • After aesthetics, another aspect to focus on is the navigation. This is the most basic way by which users can move around the website and learn information that relates to the company, their products and services. Getting everything right for these two aspects is important because it will help them decide whether to do business with the company or not.
  • When it comes to critiquing a website, the content should be reviewed just as carefully. The content should be able to educate those who read it.
  • Users do not have a lot of time to waste on a website that is hard to figure out. The users will only stay when they know they can get something out of the site. Otherwise, the users will not remain on the website and look for other alternative sites instead. Adding impressive features on a website is useless if usability is not made the top priority.
  • If you have existing clients that have visited your website recently, it is much easier to ask them for feedback on how the website can be improved. Clients who are looking for company that will handle conference and event management will more likely hire one with website that looks more put together compared to the one that is not the least bit professional looking either with the aesthetics, the design or the function as a whole.
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Web Design Critique:

The site offers cost effective PC repairs in Perth so that the computer will become operational again in no time. Quick response and fast turnaround is guaranteed whether it is a drop-off, mobile service or remote support. Technicians are passionate in assisting individuals and businesses and bring with them their experience and skills when fixing your computer issues.

First impression

First impression is gained within the first few seconds that a user views the landing page. Web design is highly appealing because it does not contain the usual complexities that tend to be distracting. It is typical for people to have a fixed idea on how a website must look like. While innovative and unconventional designs catch attention, many users who are searching for information are less likely to like them. The most interest is usually focused on what the website is all about and what is the service that it offers. Even without colour and images, web design was able to convey its message to users.


The labels in the navigation bar are pretty simple and easy to understand. It focuses on the important topics that users will search on the web. Users visit websites not to look at videos because there is more than enough available in YouTube. What users are looking for is answers to their frequent questions and of course information. The number of links on the navigation bar is limited because fewer items are better for search engines. If the homepage has tons of links, the authority that has been built in the landing page flows to the other pages. This reduces the likelihood for the landing to rank.


Information is pretty simple and easy to understand. There are no complex words that tend to confuse users. Since the primary audience is computer users, simple content is more likely to attract and gain their attention. The more pertinent details appear at the top of the page while testimonials were placed at the bottom of the page. This provides a clearer picture on the type of service that can be expected. Potential customers are given the information they need to help them make a confident decision.


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Four Essential Elements That Should Be Present In The Website Of Electrical Business


Advertising for products and services online has become a necessity for the success of business. Majority of the people use their mobiles and tablets to search for the products and services. Hence it has become crucial for businesses to have a well-designed website that attracts viewers and turns them into customers of the company.

If you are an electrician in Wynnum and are looking to build a website to advertise your business, here are some essential items that must feature in your website.

Contact information

The website should have the address and contact information of the company. The numbers, email and address provided in the website should be accurate and updated from time to time. The contact information should be ideally placed on the top and bottom of the page. For example,, the website of Bevan Robinson electrical, an electric consultant company in Wynnum has the contact number of the company right on top of the page. The number is easily noticeable to the viewers. The website also provides the entire contact information of the company, contact numbers, email, working hours and the google location of the office at the bottom of the page. Their website also has links to the other social media pages of the company.

Portfolio of the company

The website should have an up-to-date portfolio of the projects completed by the company. High quality images and videos are very helpful in showcasing the different completed projects. The website should showcase the different services offered by the electrical company and the projects completed till date. Portfolio of the company is the most visited section by the visitors and hence it is very important for electrician in Wynnum, to have an updated portfolio on their websites.

The website design should be modern and adaptable

It is essential to have a modern and responsive website that stands apart from the competitors. Since majority of the visitors use mobiles and tablets to search the internet, a highly responsive design helps to grab their attention. A modern and simple design attracts the viewers and reduces the bounce rate.

History of the company

The website is the first point of contact between the viewers and the business. Hence the website should contain brief history of the company and its founders. For example,, the website of electrician in Wynnum Company has a brief explanation about the history of the company and the experience of the company in different industries.



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Web Design Critique: Pro Removalists Sydney


One of the many removalists in Sydney having a name of Pro Removalists Sydney certainly sends a clear message to its customers and its competition. What that message is, is up to interpretation, but the company’s website can certainly offer some insight on the matter.

Pro Removalists Sydney, as the name implies, is one of the many removalists in Sydney, and, like any other business, has a site that acts as its online persona. And its persona is certainly one for convenience, as the first thing that visitors to the site will see.

The first thing in the site, regardless of whatever page the visitor is on, is a little header that acts as the site’s primary navigation tool. It contains fields for information submitted for a free quote, a slideshow representing the company, as well as links to the subpages, which has the things you would expect from a removalist company; packing, planning, about us, contact info, etc. Something worth noting about the slideshow, there’s an issue with the spelling in one of the images in the slideshow, it should either be ‘advice’ or ‘advising’.

This navigation tool is very convenient, with links to the other pages, as well as letting you getting a quotes whichever page the visitor is in. It’s also always at the top, so visitors don’t need to scroll down, and they also don’t have to worry about having to scroll back in case they misclick. This navigation tool is the most convenient aspect of the site, which means that it’s nice to have it at the ready at all time.

Moving on, the site features a blue and orange colour scheme backed up by a white background. The contrasting colours highlight each other well against their plain white surroundings, and the occasional use of white text on coloured text boxes work well for grabbing attention.

The main page is full to the brim with content; services offered, information about the company and its services, followed by customer reviews, then another ‘about us’ tidbit from the company’s POV, followed by reviews, followed by a video detailing the company, and then, finally, contact information.

This comes across as overbearing, and feels like they just crammed everything into the main page with no regard for the other pages, which, given the amount of stuff in the other pages, is a safe assumption. Let’s take the ‘Packing’ page, for example, which is one of the lengthier pages. 7 Paragraphs, discussion packing, no images too. The main page not only has far more paragraphs, it also has more images.

The site feels imbalanced, with all of the good stuff on the home page. First impressions are good and all, but there’s so much in the home page in comparison to the rest that it feels like the site gambled all of its goods into the front page to the detriment of everything else.

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Web design critique:


Web designers are faced with serious responsibility to ensure that web design of international school in Bangkok demonstrates professionalism and integrity. Many of today’s best web designs are optimized for social media and mobile because these are the tools that are usually used when searching for international schools. The website must be viewed clearly no matter the screen size of the device.

First impression

The first thing that you will notice in the school website is the clarity of the images used. According to studies, websites are judged within a few seconds and the use of quality images can influence a user to stay longer on the site. Instead of an introductory video that is typically used to gain user attention, web design made use of a slider that shows people in action. The plethora of text does not overwhelm a visitor because it is organized and visually attractive. In matter of seconds, a visitor can immediately determine that this is school website, no question about that.


Today’s users expect to scroll and they do not want overly condensed content. Web design encourages the user to continue browsing the page because it promises more useful information. The standard navigation menu is used because most users are already familiar with the style. It is safe to say that most web designers prefer to use the horizontal navigation bar with simple words and phrases on the links to facilitate content browsing. It is better to be safe than err on the side of caution.


It is pretty common for web design to use a blue and white colour scheme because it cultivates trust. Blue and white combination works perfectly for school websites because it speaks of professionalism not to mention that it is easy on the eyes. Meanwhile, web design provides a library of information without being cluttered. The generous use of white background makes text easier to read and understand. The use of Google map is an effective strategy because it provides the user with an idea on the location of the school and nearby landmarks. Besides looking great, the website also works well on mobile devices.


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