How To Enjoy A Japanese Buffet In Bangkok


Bangkok’s Kisso Japanese Restaurant is a renowned restaurant located above the 5-star luxury West Grande Sukhumvit Hotel. If you miss eating exquisite Japanese cuisines, this is a must-visit restaurant. They offer the best seafood and sushi delights, that you don’t find in any other restaurant. You will love to dine here as it serves the best Japanese buffet in Bangkok. The meals are served from the freshest ingredients imported from Japan. You’ll really have no regrets as you’ll only taste the most delicious Japanese cuisines.

If you check the images in the Kisso Japanese restaurant’s website at, you’ll find that it’s how it looks in real life. They feature the restaurant as comfortable and welcoming, that you’ll surely come here. You’ll also see that the images of the food and beverages are what you see for real. You’ll know that renowned chefs have prepared the Japanese buffet in Bangkok, for you to enjoy and savour. If you check out the prices, you’ll also find that its affordable. You won’t regret booking at Kisso as they serve real Japanese cuisines.

If you’re looking for accessibility, the restaurant’s website can make you find everything you want. They can tell you about having a great time and experience here, especially if you’re coming with family or close friends. It makes you know what the restaurant can offer and how you’ll enjoy and have a nice time here. As this is a Japanese buffet in Bangkok, you’ll find that the operation hours are accessible to your needs. You can stay for an extended period during lunch and dinner until the restaurant closes. This is the best option if you want to dine in the perimeters of the West Grande hotel.

Depending on the season, they serve different menu variants. They come with various specialties that you’ll like to order online. If you’re lucky to have booked early to this Japanese buffet in Bangkok, you can avail discounts that can save you a lot of money. All you need to do is check out their website at and see if you can make reservations for their restaurant.

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