3 Effective Ways To Prepare Parcels For Courier Company


Your main concerns when you send parcels or documents is for them to get to your target recipients in perfect condition and in a timely manner. Although much of the success of sending the parcel relies on the courier company, you can also contribute in ensuring that it gets to your recipient in excellent condition. The key is to pack your items properly. Here are some tips.

Pack parcels properly

Even if your parcel has insurance, it can still get broken or it can get lost. Although you will be compensated because of insurance, the inconvenience it will cause you cannot be compensated. To keep your items safe and protected, pack it properly by using sturdy cardboard, possibly a brand new one. If the item is breakable, wrap it in old newspaper then add packing peanuts to keep the item in place and to cushion it inside. Another option is to wrap the item in bubble wrap. InforM the courier company if you are sending a fragile item so they will exercise more caution on its handling and even label it accordingly.

Determine restricted items to send

If you are sending a parcel internationally, know that there are items that may not be illegal in your home country but may be restricted at your recipient’s country. Courier companies usually provide a list of restricted items to be sent to particular countries. In addition, you can also do some research to determine what items are banned in airports or shipping ports. The list may vary from one country to another so it wold be best to do your homework before sending a parcel abroad.

Choose a reliable company

One of the best ways to ensure that your parcel will get to your target recipient in time and in excellent condition, get the service from a reliable courier company. Choose a courier company with positive feedback from customers. This can be found at the courier’s websiteand also from independent sites. You can also refer to discussion boards or forums online to determine the experience of other customers from your target courier company.

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