Web Design (Critique): Absolute Party Hire


Today’s website to be critiques isownedby Absolute Party Hire. The website address is at http://absolutepartyhire.com.au/. The company has a headquarters in Sydney. They specialize in party hire products, especially marquee hire in Sydney, and other essential equipment for different events and functions.


When users search for the keywords “party hire Sydney”, the website is included on the first page of Google search. Getting on the first page is important for a business because majority of searchers will opt for business listed first. This is where search engine optimization comes in and the website Absolute Party Hire did a good job on this end.


The website is easy to use and all of their links are working. One advantage is that the loading time is quite fast. There are appropriate tabs located at the top of the page to lead users to where they are going.


Even for those who are not computer savvy, they will be able to decipher the website within seconds as there are no complicated set ups. The list of products is listed at the top of the page with accompanying images and the same list can be found at the bottom without images. This is easier because users don’t have to scroll back up to see the list once more. All of the links to the products are working. The only downside is there is no search bar for users who want to search what they are looking for instead of peruse the list one by one.


The layout of the website is simple but it proves to be effective. They made use of the same colour scheme all throughout the site and adapted the company logo’s colours – red and white. No distracting colouris used to take away the attention of the user from the products. As it is a website promoting their own business, users don’t have to worry about annoying ads and pop-up windows.


The homepage contains everything that the user would want to know regarding the company. Their products such as marquee hire in Sydney, their contact details and a little background information. Overall, its simplicity is what makes it an effective website.

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Benefits Of Using “Read More” On Your Website


At this day and age, more people prefer to obtain information through the internet. Although there are still those who prefer hard copies of books, people turn to the internet to get immediate results for enquiries and daily information. Businesses and web owners understand this which is why they fill their websites, blogs and webpages with more information and encourage site visitors to read more and convert traffic into actual sales.

There are several ways to attract site visits. One way is to offer promo codes to products and services such as discount coupons for web hosting, web services, plugins and blogging sites or you can also make your web content interesting and relevant to your niche. Most of these strategies are proven and effective and are currently being used by website owners all over the internet community. Since most websites employ similar strategies, the only way to stand above the rest of your competitors is to include useful content on your site.

As much as possible, make your web content interesting and related to what you offer. Another strategy is not to put the entire content on the landing page so site visitors would have to click read more and be encouraged to explore your website more. By putting “read more” on your website, you add element of mystery or excitement on your site.

Also, when you shorten your web content, you can place more materials in one page. This can be useful when you have a number of things to share to your site visitors and prospective customers. You just have to be cautious not to make your website look saturated and cluttered. a professional website is simple with tone down colors although the product or services that you offer will have a bearing on the theme and colors that you are going to use on your site.

To make your site relevant and to encourage visitors to read more of your content, you can hire professionals to build and maintain your website. You can find these professionals all over the internet.

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How Data Storage Options Has Changed For Healthcare


In the recent years, healthcare organizations are having difficulties with selecting data storage options that are the most suitable for their health IT infrastructure. This includes choosing between having on-site servers or cloud based technology in healthcare. Cloud data storage solutions are suited to more advanced infrastructure in technology as it allows users more flexibility in accessing data. As such, the different type of cloud storage providers have approached several healthcare organisations in order to increase the use of this technology that is now available to this industry.

Healthcare organisations have a wealth of data, ranging from electronic health records (EHRs) to unorganised patient data, all of which need to be accessed speedily and frequently. Other types of data in the healthcare industry remain in a repository until it is called for. However, most organisations don’t need to choose between an on-site or cloud storage service provider as they can now choose a hybrid solution which involves selecting what data is stored using various methods that suit a particular system. As such, healthcare organisations may choose to store more intensive data with large bandwidth, such as x-ray images, on an on-site server so they can be accessed quickly. Organisations can also choose to use multiple vendors for their cloud storage and service models to store different parts of their data centres. There are two types of cloud storage being the multi-cloud data storage which uses multiple clouds to perform different jobs or the hybrid data storage which use more than one cloud or server storage option, allowing data access that is joined by two or more hosting solutions.

Data backup and recovery is one of the key things for hybrid osolutions as it offers duplication of on-site data into the cloud so that data is not lost if the security of the on-site server is breached. The ability for data to be recovered speedily to reduce downtime for clinical staff and patients is where cloud based technology in healthcare really shows its value. As many healthcare organisations are demanding for quick solutions that are easy to execute, maintain and configure, it is key that integration among all the components in the data centre is done before execution. With the advancing of IT infrastructure and its security in technology, the volume of data collected and stored will also increase in tandem. Thus, there is a need for healthcare organisations to ensure that these systems are in place so that data is stored safely and can be accessed privately and speedily.

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Web Design Critique: StudioBKK


StudioBKK is a website design agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company specializes in website design, digital experience as well as providing engaging contents to users. The team has been working for the last decade in hotel website development wherein they have been developing high quality websites for clients who own a hotel or resort establishments. Looking at the website of the company, the following can be deduced.

  • Loading Time. The website loads fast which is expected from a website design company. They are after all making high quality websites and customers should be able to experience the same when visiting their site.
  • Home page. A large picture with text as a banner says a lot about the company. The simple introduction regarding the agency will make the user want to scroll down further to learn more about them. The simple white and large font used on the image is easy to read and easily catches the visitor’s attention. The portfolio of work by the company can be viewed at the homepage as a slideshow along with the reputable companies they have worked with. Scrolling down further, you will be able to read testimonials from previous clients through a slideshow of text within an image.
  • The menu button is located at the top right of the page. As soon as you click on the icon with four stacked lines, the menu option will pop out from the side. It is displayed in a simple black text with white background – easy to read and easy to navigate for first time users.
  • Font and typography. The entire website used the same simple typography all throughout the pages. The font is simple and easy to read.
  • Design and layout. The web design in Bangkok used a lot of images with text thus the content is less in every page. There are no long paragraphs to read and everything is well placed within the site. The large images used do not overwhelm the entire page but complements with its simplicity. No complex animations were used and every element is well spaced out to give more emphasis to each.
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How To Prepare For Windows Server Training Course


There are several training courses for operating systems these days. However, one of the most relevant courses that you can possibly is the Windows Server training. With this course, trainees will be understand how different operating systems work including an in depth understanding on the latest versions such as the Microsoft 8.1. Getting certified in this training means that you obtained lessons not just on a particular OS but of the different operating systems by Microsoft making you a valuable addition to an organization. If you plan to enrol to this course, take a look at these ideas.

Research about the course

Before you enrol to the course, familiarize yourself with the different operating systems of Microsoft. This is just to give you a background on what you will predominantly discuss during the sessions. You can get background on operating systems through the internet. There are even some free preparatory courses for Windows Server training and they are generally short ones.  This will also give you an idea if the course is suitable to your IT needs. If you are interested to enrol, look for a training institution whether online or offline and ask for a course guide. Find out if the course guide can be downloaded for free.  Make sure that the course would have any use to your development and career to avoid wasting your money.

Compare fees

Before you enlist to the training course, visit different training providers and compare enrolment fees. Find out which of the online training schools offer more inclusions to the training program. Get some background information of the instructors including their credentials.

Sign up

Finally, if you think you have all the information you need, you should proceed and sign up for Windows Server training program. Check the schedule and see if it is suitable to your work or personal schedule. There are training course providers that offer flexible schedules. Sign up to an online training school that is trusted by more enrolees whether it is an online training school or an offline provider.

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Web Design Critique: Inbound Mantra


Inbound Mantra is a company that specializes in inbound marketing for businesses. The firm is based in India with a website located at www.inboundmantra.com. The homepage shows an animated background image of the world map. The site uses a single accent color for the entire homepage which is orange. It blends well with the simple design and black and white fonts. The homepage highlights testimonials from businesses they have worked with or are still working wit. There is a detailed statistic with the number of campaigns they have created, inbound leads, clients impacted as well as hubspot accounts. A video testimonial is also embedded on the homepage.

Loading time. Loading time is fast for a homepage that contains an animated image background and a video. There is only a few seconds waiting time in between entering the website and waiting for the entire page to load.

Contents. The website contents are strategically placed to make the website look uncluttered and easy to read. Information is highlighted and given proper space. Selected items are displayed on the homepage thus users do not have to scroll down that far in order to scan the entire page.

Font and Size. The font used is simple and the sizing is ideal without having to look closer at the screen to read the text. The orange accent of the website design makes it easier to read the texts and tones down the dark animated image used as background.

Navigation. Users will not have a hard time navigating the page because there are designated buttons they can clock on to get to the right page. The menu option is represented by four horizontal lines which might be missed by some visitors.

Links. Social media icons are hidden unless the user clicks on the arrow down located at the bottom of the Register Now banner. There is another set of icons located at the bottom part of the page.

Overall, the website is easy to navigate. The fonts and sizes used are ideal without straining the users’ eyes. There are important items highlighted on the homepage which is what the users are looking for.

If you are looking for an expert in inbound marketing, contact crewdo for your business need.


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