What Vehicles Are The Favourite Of Thieves?


First offenders who have been charged with theft under $5,000 can avoid a criminal record through Donich Law to be able to enjoy a fresh start. Criminal defence lawyers have extensive experience in defending allegations of internal employer-employee theft and shoplifting from retailers. However, the most desirable target among thieves is high-end SUV’s that are definitely worth more than $5,000.

According to Insurance Bureau of Canada’s annual ranking on the most stolen vehicles, Ford pick-up trucks are at the top of the list including high-end SUV’s. Meanwhile, IBC that works with law enforcement agencies and the Canada Border Service Agency that identifies stolen vehicles said that the favorite of car thieves in 2020 is the 2018 Honda CR-V SUV followed by the 2017 Lexus RX350, the 2017 Honda CR-V, 2018 Lexus RX350 and 2018 Ford F150 pick-up truck.

Brian Gast, national director of investigative services at IBC said that high-end SUV’s are now the most targeted vehicles because thieves were able to develop new ways of getting around security systems to gain access to the vehicles. SUV’s are very popular in the market because of their technology but thieves can now bypass their security systems.

Radio signals that can captured through a key fob are replicated to gain access to the vehicle. Thieves can start the vehicle without touching the original key. Many of the vehicles are stolen by organized crime groups and then sold to unsuspecting consumers in Canada or abroad. Sometimes the vehicles are stripped down for parts after they change the vehicle identification number.

There are also instances when stolen vehicles are modified in significant ways for dangerous activities like street racing and illegal drifting events. The market for stolen vehicles and stolen parts has contributed to the increase in vehicle thefts. This is very concerning to law enforcement agencies, the insurance industry and for the greater population.

Donich Law can help first offenders resolve a $5,000 theft while avoiding a criminal record. There are people who have been falsely accused of theft but have been successfully represented by experienced criminal defence lawyers. They strive to resolve a charge without criminal conviction to save your future.

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Web Design Critique: Titan Transline


‘Bold first impression’ is the name of the game for TitanTransline.com, with its striking color scheme, heavy use of visual aids, and attractive video presentation at the home page. It does it well, though it might lean into the ‘first impression’ part a bit too much.

The site sports a black and red color scheme, with shades of white and grey as the tertiary colors. It’s a classic combination, used fairly well, that allows for easy highlighting of important information. Since they’re important, announcements made at the top of the page don’t follow the brand colors, instead being featured in a reassuring shade of minty green, which helps make them impossible to miss, even in spite of all the bold visual design choices. There are a few flubs, though, like using light grey text alongside background images with grey trucks in them. Nothing particularly bad, but still quite noticeable due to how well-done the visuals are otherwise.

As for visuals, the site uses its brand colors well, mixing it neatly with videos, images, and logos to help present itself as a trustworthy, reliable trucking company. The home page even features a trailer-like video, which does a good job of being convincing. The logos used throughout the site are also quite noticeable, and create a very distinct visual hierarchy.

Functionally, TitanTransline.com works well. It has all the navigation tools one would expect from a professionally-designed site such as this, though none of the fancy logos and images also pull double duty as links to pages, which does waste their potential a bit. Headers and footers are neatly linked and work well, with a tiny button on the lower right of every page getting back to the top quickly.

The most notable thing about the site is easily its aesthetic choices, with lots of brand coloring and visual media to help it stand out, alongside its home page.

That being said, the home page also highlights an issue the site has, as a decent amount of what’s on it, like the “request a quote” section, are repeated in other pages on the site, showing how they might’ve overdone the ‘bold first impression’ bit. It might’ve been prudent to give the other pages extra content to balance things out.


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Web Design Critique: News.com.au


News.com.au’s site is a news site that prioritizes good convenience and navigation above everything else; easy to use, convenient to navigate through.

The header of the site has the site’s logo at the top, which is fairly easy to recognize. On a functional note, the header has all the amenities and tools one would expect from a professionally-made site, including a search bar, so people can find articles about a King Kong marketing agency review and other topics with ease. It’s omnipresent too, scrolling down with the visitor’s browser, so it’s nice and convenient.

Content is nicely formatted, with good spacing and partitioning. The text feels informative, without coming across as overly-long and overwhelming. The visual aids do a lot for providing context, colour, and spacing out things quite nicely.

Functionally, there’s little to complain about news.com.au; it works nicely, and the stuff in it is easy to digest, so there’s no worry when looking for topics like King Kong marketing agency review and others.

Now, the main issue with the site is the lack of anything resembling branding or personality within. News sites aren’t generally expected to be flashy and bold, but they occasionally have things like special highlights or colour schemes to help differentiate themselves from others. However, news.com.au doesn’t have any of that.

It’s a lot of white space with different colours or visual elements to create a sense of visual hierarchy. That means that, while it is easy to skim through the content, it’s not particularly interesting.

Overall, good function and clean convenience, but lacking in any sort of visual design.

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Web Design Critique: https://www.illustratedmaps.com/services_InteractiveMap.html


Anyone who has seen the illustrated maps of Maria Rabinky will be interested to view the website. One of the most-viewed pages is the FAQ page that allows the visitor to quickly find the answers to the questions about illustrative maps or Maria Rabinky. The FAQ page also serves another important purpose which is SEO.

The FAQ page is simple and functional in approach. Content can be read and easily understood because of the lack of clutter. The page provides a broad range of information that drives internal page views to the other important pages. It supports quick access to information without the need to scroll and scroll making it effective for a mobile-first experience.

A good FAQ page can lighten the load for help desks and customer support. Things that are important to the visitor have been eliminated and what is left are the real questions that visitors want answers to. The questions are categorized according to what users will ask through direct calls or emails.

Visitors can easily find the FAQ page when they click on services in the navigation menu. The section is separated from the rest of the website layout by a different colour. The use of a different colour makes the link standout for visitors who are checking the navigation menu for important links.

Since the FAQ page is generally text-based, readability is very important. The use of contrasting colours makes the page more effective. One of the things that will catch a visitor’s attention is the example of an interactive map where features can be amplified. Another example of a 2D illustrative map can be found near the bottom of the page to show the visitor how way-finding can be accomplished. The picture is worth a thousand words and the web designer did not hesitate to use them.

The FAQ page is divided into different categories with each of them described in detail to make search easier. The generous use of white space makes the text easy on the eyes. Questions are distinguished from answers through colour and font size making it convenient for visitors. The layout of the FAQ page is consistent with the other pages.

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Web Design Critique: Dynamic Business


When it comes to news, quick, concise delivery works best. People don’t want a load of unneeded extras distracting them when they look up news on a king kong advertising review or articles about how the country’s businesses are doing.

That being said, a bit of presentation, visual flair, and aesthetic is still very much required, as reading through long news text can be somewhat taxing.

That’s something that Dynamic Business missed when they were setting up their website. Make no mistake, it’s a well-organized, well-made business news site for Aussies looking for information and insight, but there’s a distinct lack of visual flair and design.

The site has the usual amenities expected of any professionally-made website that can be browsed online; header, footer, proper links to the appropriate sites, and all the other things that people expect. As mentioned before, it’s a very functional website; there are no major issues on that front.

The site even has a “Categories” subsection located on the right side of the page, which also follows the browser as the visitor scrolls down. If people are looking for a king kong advertising review article, then it means they always have easy access to navigational options.

The problem with all of this is the lack of visual flair. Granted, a news site doesn’t need fancy design or bright logos, but they do need a logo, a colour scheme, and other small visual elements that constitute their brand. Dynamic Business has none of these things; even the icon for the home page, atop the header, is just simple formatted text.

The useful tools that were mentioned, they’re not separated from each other; no colour or little lines to make the divisions clear. The function on the site is solid, but it could just use some touching up and personality.

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Web Design Critique: https://kyledavidgroup.com/areas-of-focus/philanthropic-crowdfunding/


Many online users are familiar with Philanthropic crowdfunding platforms after using them to donate to a victim of a disaster or extend help to a person who needs funds for surgery.  However, there are many crowdfunding platforms today which makes it important for a charitable institution or non-profit organization to send the right message to donors.

KDG is an expert in helping Philanthropic crowdfunding to send the right message, to decide on an engaging theme and to navigate all the complexities of donor management. A single look at the website shows a compelling and credible website design that can generate traffic and a user interface that will increase conversions.

One of the most important part of the website is navigation which allows quick and easy travel to all the other pages. The navigation menu is simply designed without any fancy interfaces. Simplicity makes it easy to use for a wide range of clients including those who are not tech savvy.

Most people are comfortable reading a web page from top to bottom like a book. The web designer has taken this into account by placing the most important information on the top of the page. This technique helps get the message more effectively. However, you may not know that highlighting the most important message also improves SEO. When relevant company-related keywords are used in text, search engines like Google can easily crawl the website to provide it with more visibility in search engine results.

The content of the website is very critical because aside from the fact that it can influence a potential client’s decision, it literally communicates the company’s message. The simplicity of design makes the user remember the message easier. The web page lacks any visual clutter that will distract the attention of a visitor from the message. Content is streamlined to improve user experience.

The web designer has included blogs and videos that will resonate with a visitor. This an important marketing strategy that communicates well with users. It makes the website more welcoming and trustworthy that increase in traffic can be expected. It also encourages users to return to the site and do business with the company.

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