Four Essential Elements That Should Be Present In The Website Of Electrical Business


Advertising for products and services online has become a necessity for the success of business. Majority of the people use their mobiles and tablets to search for the products and services. Hence it has become crucial for businesses to have a well-designed website that attracts viewers and turns them into customers of the company.

If you are an electrician in Wynnum and are looking to build a website to advertise your business, here are some essential items that must feature in your website.

Contact information

The website should have the address and contact information of the company. The numbers, email and address provided in the website should be accurate and updated from time to time. The contact information should be ideally placed on the top and bottom of the page. For example,, the website of Bevan Robinson electrical, an electric consultant company in Wynnum has the contact number of the company right on top of the page. The number is easily noticeable to the viewers. The website also provides the entire contact information of the company, contact numbers, email, working hours and the google location of the office at the bottom of the page. Their website also has links to the other social media pages of the company.

Portfolio of the company

The website should have an up-to-date portfolio of the projects completed by the company. High quality images and videos are very helpful in showcasing the different completed projects. The website should showcase the different services offered by the electrical company and the projects completed till date. Portfolio of the company is the most visited section by the visitors and hence it is very important for electrician in Wynnum, to have an updated portfolio on their websites.

The website design should be modern and adaptable

It is essential to have a modern and responsive website that stands apart from the competitors. Since majority of the visitors use mobiles and tablets to search the internet, a highly responsive design helps to grab their attention. A modern and simple design attracts the viewers and reduces the bounce rate.

History of the company

The website is the first point of contact between the viewers and the business. Hence the website should contain brief history of the company and its founders. For example,, the website of electrician in Wynnum Company has a brief explanation about the history of the company and the experience of the company in different industries.



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Web Design Critique: Pro Removalists Sydney


One of the many removalists in Sydney having a name of Pro Removalists Sydney certainly sends a clear message to its customers and its competition. What that message is, is up to interpretation, but the company’s website can certainly offer some insight on the matter.

Pro Removalists Sydney, as the name implies, is one of the many removalists in Sydney, and, like any other business, has a site that acts as its online persona. And its persona is certainly one for convenience, as the first thing that visitors to the site will see.

The first thing in the site, regardless of whatever page the visitor is on, is a little header that acts as the site’s primary navigation tool. It contains fields for information submitted for a free quote, a slideshow representing the company, as well as links to the subpages, which has the things you would expect from a removalist company; packing, planning, about us, contact info, etc. Something worth noting about the slideshow, there’s an issue with the spelling in one of the images in the slideshow, it should either be ‘advice’ or ‘advising’.

This navigation tool is very convenient, with links to the other pages, as well as letting you getting a quotes whichever page the visitor is in. It’s also always at the top, so visitors don’t need to scroll down, and they also don’t have to worry about having to scroll back in case they misclick. This navigation tool is the most convenient aspect of the site, which means that it’s nice to have it at the ready at all time.

Moving on, the site features a blue and orange colour scheme backed up by a white background. The contrasting colours highlight each other well against their plain white surroundings, and the occasional use of white text on coloured text boxes work well for grabbing attention.

The main page is full to the brim with content; services offered, information about the company and its services, followed by customer reviews, then another ‘about us’ tidbit from the company’s POV, followed by reviews, followed by a video detailing the company, and then, finally, contact information.

This comes across as overbearing, and feels like they just crammed everything into the main page with no regard for the other pages, which, given the amount of stuff in the other pages, is a safe assumption. Let’s take the ‘Packing’ page, for example, which is one of the lengthier pages. 7 Paragraphs, discussion packing, no images too. The main page not only has far more paragraphs, it also has more images.

The site feels imbalanced, with all of the good stuff on the home page. First impressions are good and all, but there’s so much in the home page in comparison to the rest that it feels like the site gambled all of its goods into the front page to the detriment of everything else.

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Web design critique:


Web designers are faced with serious responsibility to ensure that web design of international school in Bangkok demonstrates professionalism and integrity. Many of today’s best web designs are optimized for social media and mobile because these are the tools that are usually used when searching for international schools. The website must be viewed clearly no matter the screen size of the device.

First impression

The first thing that you will notice in the school website is the clarity of the images used. According to studies, websites are judged within a few seconds and the use of quality images can influence a user to stay longer on the site. Instead of an introductory video that is typically used to gain user attention, web design made use of a slider that shows people in action. The plethora of text does not overwhelm a visitor because it is organized and visually attractive. In matter of seconds, a visitor can immediately determine that this is school website, no question about that.


Today’s users expect to scroll and they do not want overly condensed content. Web design encourages the user to continue browsing the page because it promises more useful information. The standard navigation menu is used because most users are already familiar with the style. It is safe to say that most web designers prefer to use the horizontal navigation bar with simple words and phrases on the links to facilitate content browsing. It is better to be safe than err on the side of caution.


It is pretty common for web design to use a blue and white colour scheme because it cultivates trust. Blue and white combination works perfectly for school websites because it speaks of professionalism not to mention that it is easy on the eyes. Meanwhile, web design provides a library of information without being cluttered. The generous use of white background makes text easier to read and understand. The use of Google map is an effective strategy because it provides the user with an idea on the location of the school and nearby landmarks. Besides looking great, the website also works well on mobile devices.


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Web Design Critique:


With a name like, it’d be hard to mistake it as anything other than a place to buy cheap games on the internet. A straightforward name, with an equally straightforward site; one that wastes no time letting visitors get to what they want:games.

First off, the header gives all the information that people want: Currency options (though there are only two of them), Game Categories, Sale Offers, Visitors Wishlist, Contact Info and Privacy Policy. There is, however, a notable lack of Log In or Account options. Fairly strange for a cheap games sales site, especially since the sites it lists as cooperating with, PSNGames, Green Man Gaming, etc. all have log in options.

The site features a black, orange and white color scheme, with white text on black backgrounds, while the highlighted information, like the prices of the games themselves, are marked with orange text. It helps them stand out. In terms of visual presentation, the site does well, even if it does come across as somewhat bland at times.

Another thing worth noting is that all the games noted are always marked by the word “Cheap”. It feels somewhat redundant at times, as the whole site markets itself as a cheap games retailer; there isn’t really a point in marking every category as “Cheap (Genre)”.

If a visitor clicks on a game, they’ll be taken to a page describing the game itself, which compares prices, as well as showing the trailer of the game itself. This is great marketing, as it lets people see what the cheap games are like, giving them an idea of what they might be buying. A smart option, though one that could be served better with gameplay videos and screenshots, as trailers do have a tendency to obscure key information, if not outright lie. A good example of this issue is with the site’s page for XCOM 2, a November 2016 release. It’s not hard to find another video, one with gameplay, to show off the product.

When it comes categories, the games and products listed fall under the following: Action, Adventure, First Person Shooter (FPS),Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), Prepaid Game Cards, Racing, Role Playing, Simulation, Software CD & License Keys, Sport, Strategy. The selection’s a little lacking, missing out Fighting games, among other things.

There’s also some issue with the written content.  Typos aren’t too common, but they’re still too many to not be noted, especially since some of them involve the titles of the games themselves; for example, it’s Project CARS 2 (listed as Project cars 2), and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (the subtitle is listed on the site in lowercase).

Speaking of The New Colossus, it’s erroneously listed under the MMORPG category, which it most certainly isn’t. This is an egregious error, given that no Wolfenstein title has ever been an MMORPG; they’ve primarily been narrative-heavy first person shooters.

All in all, the site has good visual presentation, with a clean, clear scheme, though the text, the information, and the additional content and information could very much use some streamlining.

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Web Design Critique: Memorial Urns Australia


“Keeping memories alive forever”, is the motto of Memorial Urns Australia, presented in powder blue text in its header. Powder blue is a fairly uncommon colour to use for a company’s website, but then most websites don’t handle death care.

In the home page, immediately following the header are a slideshow of the company’s products, accompanied by a succinct description, informing visitors of the site of things that might appeal to them. Phrases like ‘Individually crafted and finished by hand’ and ‘Buy with confidence. No questions asked’, accompanied by a Money Back Guarantee, which is certainly very useful for anyone visiting the site; even without bothering to scroll too much, a visitor can decide whether they’re interested in the company’s services.

The choice of colour is somewhat unusual; powder blue with dark brown. Unusual in the sense that these colours are rarely chosen, not in that they’re ineffective. Indeed, they present a soft, welcoming feeling for the site, overall, which is a smart choice when designing a web site for death care and selling cremation urns and the like.

Now, the menu bar has the standard features that one would expect from a menu bar for a site that offers purchasing, Login, Shopping Cart, that sort of thing. There are only 5 links to pages in the site’s the navigation tab; Home, Shop, About Us, FAQs, and Contact Us, made all the more noticeable thanks to the fact that, despite the link to the Shop having an arrow denoting a drop-down menu right next to it, suggesting that one could access the specific categories of the cremation urns shop from the navigation bar, whereas, in fact, no such option exists.

The site also has minimal use of text, which makes it feel rather barebones, to the point that the About Us page amounts to 5 paragraphs of text, all no longer than 3 sentences each. Expect to do minimal reading when visiting the site. Another thing worth noticing is that there are issues with displaying the icons for payment options in the FAQs page, caused by an Internal Server Error, which leads to Mozilla Firefox outright refusing to load even the placeholder icon for broken images.

This is a bit of a shame as, in other pages, the site makes excellent use of images, with pictures of their available cremation urns even having a little heart icon that pops up when one mouses over them, allowing the urns to be added to the wishlist, if so desired.

The site, overall, makes great use of visual aids, with good presentation and a welcoming choice of colour, though that feels as if it comes at the expense of everything else, as the other pages that don’t use images a lot are quite lacking.

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Web Design Critique: Khao Lak Scuba Adventures


This website is owned by a dive center in that offers the best liveaboard diving in Thailand along with diving courses. They are certified with a PADI five-star and offers diving trips from Khao Lak going to Similan Islands and Surin Island which are all considered marine national parks. Today we are going to critique its website.

Image sizes. Looking at the homepage alone, there are at least five different image sizes used all throughout from the header to the bottom of the page. The header and the bottom images have the same size which covers the entire width of the site. It is best to consider uniformity with the image sizes because it helps improve the performance of the website and it impacts the experience of the user as well. For a site with a responsive design, it is important to set the image in the required maximum width.

Content Order. The order of the contents is very important especially in a mobile responsive website. The contents are arranged differently than viewing in a desktop because the screen is smaller. With Khao Lak Scuba Adventu

res website, the placement of the embedded social media site, TripAdvisor rating and customer reviews should be reconsidered. This will create a gap and might disrupt the flow of the website when viewed on mobile. It is also intended to be placed at the bottom of the page as affirmation of the website’s effectiveness and not before the offers and packages have been laid out to the users.

Loading. Despite the large images used for the header and the bottom of the page, the page loads pretty fast. All images and videos loaded properly and no links or videos appeared to be broken.

Fonts. There are quite a few fonts used all throughout the website. The choice of font for the titles is also not very professional looking thus it should be reconsidered.

Colours. The colours used on the website of the best liveaboard diving in Thailand are consistent to that of the colours of the logo in the exception of the announcement which is in red to capture the reader’s attention right away.

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