Web Design Critique: https://earthwisehauling.com/


Junk removal and hauling has grown into a big industry with many individuals and firms competing to provide services to households, construction firms and business. In order to be competitive, junk hauling Orange County has a website that can easily be searched by clients. The homepage alone provides the client with more than adequate information on the services they provide and why you should choose the company over others.

First impression

The first thing that will come to mind in the web design is the environment. Green is a natural choice because junk hauling Orange County cleans the environment by removing all the junk in backyards and driveways. The use of green letters in the white background make you think of the first leaves of spring. You think of nature and you feel more relaxed while browsing the site.

It looks like a slider but it isn’t because it a photographic image of a vehicle that is used to haul junk from a home. The photo couldn’t be any clearer in introducing the site to visitors.


Navigation is a key component of web design that can directly impact a business. The web designer has decided on a user-friendly navigation so that users can smoothly move from one page to another to gather more information. While the information provided in the homepage is adequate enough in explaining what the business does, there are users who need to be convinced that they should choose this service. The colour of the tab changes to bold when it is selected in the navigation bar so that users will always know where they are in the site. The home link allows the user to return to the homepage.


Content provides users with answers to their common questions. Because content is informative and relevant it becomes an effective marketing tool to engage customers. Reviews are also very important because they provide customers with more confidence to hire junk hauling Orange County. Reviews are like word of mouth recommendations that are very effective marketing tools. The consistent colour theme that matches the logo looks professional and does not distract the user from content. Content is arranged according to importance which makes information more accessible.


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Web Design Critique: Family Funeral Services


When looking for someone to handle a funeral service in Sydney, most people tend to look for someone who they think can handle the responsibility of ensuring a respectful ceremony for the duly departed. Family Funeral Services knows that, and their site shows it, but there’s a major issue that their site also clearly displays.

The site sports a straightforward white background, with some powder blue to give it that calm, welcoming, but also clean feel, which is a smart move. As for layout, it’s sports a straightforward, header, image, content, footer setup, which means that navigating through the site is simple, and doesn’t require going through many hoops.

Content is primarily text, with several paragraphs detailing what the company can offer to its customers. It’s an excellent show, if somewhat standard for anyone handling a funeral service in Sydney, but it also takes its time to address the visitors to the site, and potential clients, in a personal manner, which feels rather sincere and amiable. It feels a bit too short at times, but that’s still better than being an overly verbose wall of text.

For those interested in contacting the funeral home, the provider’s Facebook page and phone number will always greet them at the top of every page, with an additional link to affiliates and an extra link to their Facebook page at the bottom of every page.

Now, if there’s something that this critique has pointed out, it’s how straightforward and standard the site is. The most notable thing about the funeral home’s site is that there’s nothing notable about it.

There’s only two images for the header, and there’s no images used to compliment the text content, save for the blog posts, making most of the pages seem rather bland and barren in comparison. It also makes the text seem uninteresting, which it isn’t, for the most part.

The header doesn’t stick to the top of the browser, while the footer doesn’t have a link to the top of the page, or links to the other pages, which makes navigation somewhat troublesome at times. That being said, the site’s pages aren’t really that big, so that isn’t too noticeable, though that may be damning the site by faint praise.

The Testimonials bar only has one testimonial, dated August 2012. It’s a good testimonial, make no mistake, but those staff members might no longer be with the company.

There’s nothing wrong with the site’s design and layout, but there’s nothing really great about it either. It clearly needs to be updated, and prettied-up a bit, without sacrificing the straightforward and effective layout of its current iteration.

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Web Design Critique: Theft Lawyer


About Donich Law Professional Corporation

The company, Donich Law Professional Corporation is a respected Law Firm in Toronto which offers expert legal services to its numerous clients. Its results-oriented method benefits the clients with cost-efficient legal services giving high success rates. The company has a multi-cultural practice that provides superb service to foreign and domestic clients. The company delivers practical results in Professional Regulation, CivilLitigation, and Criminal Defence.

Searchability. When searching for the “Theft lawyer” keywords, the website emerges on the tenth page and the 4th site of the results on the Google search engine that does present a good suggestion of the popularity of the company. But when you put the texts “in Toronto” after the original keywords, it would show the website on the first page and eleventh site on the results of Google search.

Usability. The website is filled with useful information on legal matters that would help the users determine the reliability of the company. The web page also shows its defended cases that serve as testimonials to support the company’s good standing to the people.

Navigation. The menus are horizontally arranged at the uppermost portion of the page; however, no drop-down menus are provided on each page. The website does not also provide menu links at the lowermost part of the web page. The users must scroll back upwards to open another menu tab which is not convenient for the users considering that the subjects of each page are long which could take time.

Design and layout. The layout and design of the site is modest and exudes professionalism which reflects the image of the firm. Everything on the website’s contents clearly focuses on the company’s profile that is beneficial to the law firm. Different client logos prove the company’s reputation.The pictures shown on the web page describe much of the law firm’s credibility. The design of the website is packed with relevant information that the users can benefit from.

Contents. All the contents of the law firm’s website provide useful data about the company and its legal services. The website also shows a map placed at the lower part of the page that shows the location of the office. The clients can leave a message on the fields provided on the page.

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Web Design Critique: https://tecrep24.com/


When your computer stops working and yet do not want to bring it to a shop, you have the option of tecrep24.com that can provide a quick onsite repair. A computer technician will go to your home within 24 hours to analyze the problem and provide the most effective solution. It does not matter whether it is a Saturday or Sunday because the technicians are available 24/7.

First impression

Users will form an impression based on what they see on the landing page. Most websites today use a slider for immediate visual appeal. Other factors that can affect first impression include structure, color, spacing amount of text, fonts and many more. The simplicity of this site and its visual appeal easily gains a good impression from visitors. Sometimes, when web design is too complex, it distracts visitors instead of attracting them. It is also unlikely for visitors to appreciate innovative and unconventional layouts.


Since the site is easy to use, it can easily generate leads and conversions. The navigation menu is consistent on all pages and visually prominent to communicate instantly. The main services offered are obvious at one glance. A visitor immediately recognizes what the website is all about and they know that they are in the right place. The truth is visitors do not actually search for websites because of videos because they need information on how their computer can be quickly fixed. They want to find the solution to the computer issue and the answers are provided by the site.


Web designers always use images to convey their message more quickly than text. Web designers do not just put images on a website; they plan for it to achieve visual appeal and gain attention. The images used must also be relevant to the message of the website. The images used in the slider successfully represent the business. The generous use of white background makes text easy to read and understand. All the important elements have been organized according to their importance. Content is also broken out into digestible portions so that it will not resemble a boring book that will make users leave the page.

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Web Design Critique: Beautiful Structures Australia


For people looking for a company to turn to for a marquee hire in Brisbane, Beautiful Structures Australia presents itself as the best choice on the market right now. The site certainly offers a lot of evidence in favour of their claim; beautiful evidence, though the presentation could definitely use a bit of work.

The site’s header is pretty much what you would expect from a site’s header, with links to the site’s pages, complete with drop-down menus, and the company’s contact information. The company logo plays double duty as a link to the home page. It’s designed to always stick to the top of the browser, meaning you have access to it, and its navigational options all the time. It als sports a simple colour scheme, with a plain white background.  It’s convenient, but it also bleeds into the page’s body, as the pages sport the same solid white background.

As for the body, the text is fairly succinct, as far as text goes. It’s long, but not too long, and doesn’t feel like it’s just some words that were tacked on for the sake of content. They’re informative, and say what they need to say with little fuss. This is, of course, to make room for the real stars of the site; the visual media.

Images and the occasional video show to visitors what Beautiful Structures have to offer as a company that handles marquee hire in Brisbane, and the images are well-chosen. They’re vibrant, bright, complete with people enjoying their time during the events that the firm had a hand it, giving them a human element that really grabs attention. They’re also a nice splash of colour for a site that is otherwise primarily black and white, and with few identifying features.

The site is loaded to the gills with images and videos, which means that people who have a slow internet or have limited data to work with might have some issues with the site. There’s also a fair amount of scrolling down needed to be done with most pages, though the fact that there’s a small button that let visitors jump back to the top of a page does take the edge off a bit.

At the bottom of every page, there are either links to the site’s Contact Us page, or several input fields that let visitors inquire more information about the firm’s offers, located in a way where the people who see it are the ones most likely to be interested.

The site has a great structure, and could just use some polishing, and a bit of distinction and personality to help it really stand out.

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Choose Rembrandt Luxury Hotel In Bangkok Sukhumvit


Rembrandt Hotel & Suites is a luxury hotel in the Bangkok Sukhumvit Road, where you find the best accommodations. It’s a luxurious hotel that will make you feel at home, although you are many miles away from it. It’sone of the best accommodations in Sukhumvit that is accessible to tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping centres and the BTS skytrain. You’ll surely be welcomed by its family-friendly staff, and you’ll also have free Wi-Fi anywhere within its premises. They can offer you high-quality services that fit your preferences and budget. Check out their website at https://rembrandtbkk.com/for information.

At their website are videos and images of what you truly find in Rembrandt. It gives you an overview that this is the right hotel in Bangkok Sukhumvit to fit you, your family or friends’ choices for accommodations. At the upper right of the homepage is the menu options where you learn more about the hotel. You’ll just have to click on them one by one, and you’ll get a clearer picture of what to expect in this hotel. The accommodation too is right for business meetings and events. There’salso a spa and treatment centre to rejuvenate and enliven your bodies. Prices too are included on the website, so you have idea on how much to spend whenever booked in this luxury hotel.

If you choose Rembrandt Hotel, you can book in advance your accommodation. They can give you a quote for the duration of your stay, so you have idea on what you’re paying for. The website itemises the prices for each room, and you can see pictures of how they look. Just choose and you’ll be paying for your reservations once you reach the Bangkok hotel. Sometimes, they offer discounts, especially for early reservations. If you want to clarify things, you can contact the hotel through their email address or the “contact page” option. A welcoming customer service support will gladly respond to all your queries whenever you need it.

If you want to read reviews about this hotel in Bangkok Sukhumvit, the website https://rembrandtbkk.com/can give references of happy and satisfied guests who have spent their nights here. Check out their website for a clearer picture of what Rembrandt Hotel & Suites Bangkok can offer.

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