Web Design Critique: Beautiful Structures Australia


For people looking for a company to turn to for a marquee hire in Brisbane, Beautiful Structures Australia presents itself as the best choice on the market right now. The site certainly offers a lot of evidence in favour of their claim; beautiful evidence, though the presentation could definitely use a bit of work.

The site’s header is pretty much what you would expect from a site’s header, with links to the site’s pages, complete with drop-down menus, and the company’s contact information. The company logo plays double duty as a link to the home page. It’s designed to always stick to the top of the browser, meaning you have access to it, and its navigational options all the time. It als sports a simple colour scheme, with a plain white background.  It’s convenient, but it also bleeds into the page’s body, as the pages sport the same solid white background.

As for the body, the text is fairly succinct, as far as text goes. It’s long, but not too long, and doesn’t feel like it’s just some words that were tacked on for the sake of content. They’re informative, and say what they need to say with little fuss. This is, of course, to make room for the real stars of the site; the visual media.

Images and the occasional video show to visitors what Beautiful Structures have to offer as a company that handles marquee hire in Brisbane, and the images are well-chosen. They’re vibrant, bright, complete with people enjoying their time during the events that the firm had a hand it, giving them a human element that really grabs attention. They’re also a nice splash of colour for a site that is otherwise primarily black and white, and with few identifying features.

The site is loaded to the gills with images and videos, which means that people who have a slow internet or have limited data to work with might have some issues with the site. There’s also a fair amount of scrolling down needed to be done with most pages, though the fact that there’s a small button that let visitors jump back to the top of a page does take the edge off a bit.

At the bottom of every page, there are either links to the site’s Contact Us page, or several input fields that let visitors inquire more information about the firm’s offers, located in a way where the people who see it are the ones most likely to be interested.

The site has a great structure, and could just use some polishing, and a bit of distinction and personality to help it really stand out.

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Choose Rembrandt Luxury Hotel In Bangkok Sukhumvit


Rembrandt Hotel & Suites is a luxury hotel in the Bangkok Sukhumvit Road, where you find the best accommodations. It’s a luxurious hotel that will make you feel at home, although you are many miles away from it. It’sone of the best accommodations in Sukhumvit that is accessible to tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping centres and the BTS skytrain. You’ll surely be welcomed by its family-friendly staff, and you’ll also have free Wi-Fi anywhere within its premises. They can offer you high-quality services that fit your preferences and budget. Check out their website at https://rembrandtbkk.com/for information.

At their website are videos and images of what you truly find in Rembrandt. It gives you an overview that this is the right hotel in Bangkok Sukhumvit to fit you, your family or friends’ choices for accommodations. At the upper right of the homepage is the menu options where you learn more about the hotel. You’ll just have to click on them one by one, and you’ll get a clearer picture of what to expect in this hotel. The accommodation too is right for business meetings and events. There’salso a spa and treatment centre to rejuvenate and enliven your bodies. Prices too are included on the website, so you have idea on how much to spend whenever booked in this luxury hotel.

If you choose Rembrandt Hotel, you can book in advance your accommodation. They can give you a quote for the duration of your stay, so you have idea on what you’re paying for. The website itemises the prices for each room, and you can see pictures of how they look. Just choose and you’ll be paying for your reservations once you reach the Bangkok hotel. Sometimes, they offer discounts, especially for early reservations. If you want to clarify things, you can contact the hotel through their email address or the “contact page” option. A welcoming customer service support will gladly respond to all your queries whenever you need it.

If you want to read reviews about this hotel in Bangkok Sukhumvit, the website https://rembrandtbkk.com/can give references of happy and satisfied guests who have spent their nights here. Check out their website for a clearer picture of what Rembrandt Hotel & Suites Bangkok can offer.

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Web Design Critique: Titan Transline


Whenever someone thinks of “shipping”, the word “cost” is sure to follow. Titan Transliner is a trucking company whose website accounted for that occurrence, as demonstrated by the fact that the very first word on the main header, above every page, is “Request a Quote. This a point in favor to the site’s design and is a good first impression for a site that has a lot of good points going for it, with some minor hiccups.

Firstly, the site sports a white-red color scheme, with powdered blue areas at the sides, bordering the main body. Red is the color used to emphasize important information, like the company’s contact details, and the link for getting a quote from the company. The red text stands out quite well, though the normal text is just a dark shade of grey, and fairly small, which can be problematic.

That isn’t too much of an issue, due to the site’s moderate verbiage; text is concise, but not lacking, for the most part. It’s short, but plenty informative, though its length (or lack of thereof) can be rather noticeable.

Contrast this with the visual content on the site. Bright images, fancy slideshows, company videos and fancy icons dot the site, which work well when it comes to garnering attention from the site’s visitors. Some of them have caption or text on them, which lets the trucking company inform potential customers of their offerings. While the images and what little text the site have say plenty, a bit more text might be good for the site.

As for navigation, the main header, which contains the aforementioned “Request a Quote” text in bold red font, alongside links to the site’s pages and other company contact information, is designed to always be on top of the browser window. It shrinks down a bit for more browsing space when a visitor scrolls through the page. That being said, there are few links in the main body content itself, other than icons, and there are no navigational shortcuts at the end or the side of the page.

The site takes minimal time when loading, which helps ease on browsers. However, the site lacks an icon for its tabs, which might be an issue for people who like to browse with a lot of tabs open. It’s also a missed chance to show off the company icon.

All in all, the site has a solid foundation, and could just use a bit of extra TLC and some polish.

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Web Design Critique: Bigfoot Signs


About the Company

Bigfoot Signs is the specialtycompany when it comes to signs in Brisbane and neighbouring areas. The company accepts clients who are looking for firms that can create vehicle signage, shopfront signage and even corporate branding. Today we are going to critique its website located at www.bigfootsigns.com.au.

Search Engine Optimization. When you enter the keywords “signage Brisbane” into the Google search engine, the company website is listed on the first page. This is good news because it means the website has been optimized for search engines but it is currently not the number search result therefore there is more room for improvement in terms of SEO.

Navigation. The website is easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy. As soon as the homepage loads, the menu can be seen on top of the page and thumbnail links are provided for each service. A contact number is also located at the top right of the page for those who wanted to communicate with the company directly. One of the best things that website has is the search bar directly below the contact number provided. It helps client search faster for specific things they want to know.

Design. The website design is not generic and there is a professional vibe to it. The colour scheme of the entire site is centered on the company logo which incorporated the colours brown, black and white. The header is an animated slide which adds a little bit of wow factor to it. Clickable links and thumbnails changes colour when the mouse is hovered over it.

Content. For a business website, content is king. It should be prioritized more than anything because it is what will make the users stay on site. They should be able to able to tell right away the purpose of the website as soon as they read a few lines on the homepage. This is what the company of signs in Brisbane was able to achieve as it uses single-liner descriptions on its slideshow header. It would be better if the bottom half of the homepage does not contain pure texts alone as it could discourage visitors from reading.

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How To Enjoy This Bondi Junction Hair Salon


If you’re looking for a Bondi Junction hair salon, count on Headoffice Hair Specialist to be at your needs. The hair salon caters to everything you need – from hairstyles, to colouring of your hair, and some other hair techniques. They also cater to men who seek nice, new looks for themselves. If you’re not sure what to find in this hair salon, you can just visit their website at http://headofficehairspecialist.com.au/ and find all the information that you need.

The design of this Bondi Junction hair salon’swebsite will surely portray that you’re in for beauty at the hair salon. Due to the presence of modern technology, the salon has initiated a website for customers to easily know they exist. If you check the pages of their website, you will know that it’s a website to trust. They are also one of the top-rated hair salons in Bondi Junction, that’s why it’s so easy to find them. The website will also add convenience for customers who don’t want to wait for their turn at the salon.You’ll just have to click the “Book for an Appointment Online” option and be served with a schedule.

By checking the website, you’ll see that it’s filled with information that you need to know about the hair salon. The content is well-written, and it features all the hair salon services that customers want to enjoy. You’ll also find out how the hair salon is manned with a team of professional beauticians. You can clearly see how their images portray their awards and recognition for being a top hair salon in Bondi Junction. You’ll also see how they use the most efficient and safest hair products that suit your needs.

Checking the Bondi Junction hair salon at http://headofficehairspecialist.com.au/ will make you find all the information you need to know. They also have corresponding pages that detail the services and why you need to avail them. So, if you’ve finally decided that you need it, a convenient way to create an appointment is contacting them through their Contact page or using the “Book for an Appointment Online” option. You may also wish to know more about their services.

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How Optopia Website Makes You Find Opticians In Jannali


Optopia has an online website at https://www.optopia.com.au/ that caters to people who need various eyewear and eye checkup needs. Their physical shop is situated at Sutherland, NSW, but they are nearby locations in Loftus, Jannali and other neighbouring suburbs. They can really suit your eyewear needs or whenever you prefer an eye test. This company is something that you really need when you want a perfect vision for seeing or reading things. They help make your day or night brighter and clearer.

If you search using the keywords “opticians in Jannali”, they may not be found in the topmost pages of Google. So, what you need is more push from search engine optimisation or SEO to make the website rank well in the search engine. However, if you’re looking for their physical shop, they can be easily found at the Sutherland area. If they are unfamiliar to you, you can check their website at https://www.optopia.com.au/and be guided by the directions found on it.

The Optopia website too is so easy to use that you’ll find all details about eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and eye exams there. They suit the purpose of finding the right opticians in the area. If you want some opticians in Jannali, you’ll just have to drop down the menus and see a page there for this purpose. The first page of the website makes you find everything you need about the eyewear they offer.

The design and layout of the website is simple with a huge eyeglass acting as the header. Here it highlights what you need to know about the eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and eye checks. The main purpose of the site is to provide good scheduling about your visitations with a licenced optometrist. You’ll just have to click the “Book Online” option at the top, and you’ll be scheduled for an appointment with your preferred practitioner.

The Optopia website has also well-written contents, which give good information about their services and why customers in and near the Sutherland area need them. Just like opticians in Jannali, you need to find reliable and reputed eyewear services that can help improve your vision. You can do this by checking.

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