Three Factors That Influence The Conversion Rate Of Hotel Website


The website of a hotel plays the role of a marketing person of the hotel online. It helps the visitors to know about the different services and amenities offered at the hotel and drives up direct bookings from the visitors. The web design of the hotels must be appealing to the visitors and must be capable of converting the visitors into loyal guests of the hotel. Along with the aesthetics and content of the website, some other factors that play a crucial role in driving up the conversions are

  1. Responsive design – Most of the modern travellers prefer to make online bookings for their hotels and a majority of them use their mobile phones to make the bookings. The website should be highly responsive and adapt to different mediums like laptops, mobiles and tablets. Websites which are highly responsive feature on top of the search engine results and drive the last minute bookings, which are mostly done on mobile phones. For example, the website of a luxury hotel in Saigon,, is highly responsive and adopts well to the tablet and mobile screens.
  2. Easy navigation – The website should have easy navigation, in order to enable the visitors to search for their required information. The website should use an appropriate colour for the navigation bar and place it where the visitors expect it to be. The choices shouldn’t be too limited or too complex. The overall design of the website should be simple with sub menus inside different pages. This makes it easy for the visitors to search for the required information. For example, the website of hotel des arts Saigon, a luxury hotel in Saigon has a simple navigation bar with links to rooms, amenities and services of the hotel.
  3. Content – The website should be simple and visually appealing. Use of appropriate original images in the content makes it simpler for the viewers to understand the amenities provided by the hotel. Most of the tourists book the hotels depending on the images they see. Clarity and simplicity of the website portrays a professional images and drives up bookings. The website of luxury hotel in Saigon,, is the best example for the use of appropriate images and good content. The website has original high clarity images of the amenities and rooms along with apt information.
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Three Questions You Need To Ask Honda Bike Dealers


Honda motorcycles can be maintained properly if you buy them from authorised Honda bike dealers for utmost performance, quality and safety. The Internet can provide you reputable dealers of authentic Honda motorcycles. However, you need your common sense to tell you which ones to buy. If you’re searching for the right dealer, ask the following questions:

  • Does the Dealer Only Offer Honda Motorcycles?

Before you search online, learn whether the dealer has adequate experience in selling motorbikes. If they are exclusive Honda bike dealers, they may likely sell parts and accessories of the motorcycle itself. If you approach a well-established dealer, you shop safely in their store. They will consistently help you with your needs. The motorcycle dealer will also respond to all your questions.

  • Can You Contact the Dealer Regarding Your Order?

To verify if the bike dealer is authorised to sell Honda motorbikes, you can check their phone number listed in their site. As a customer and future bike owner, you need to contact and interact with the dealer to know if they are not fraudulent. You can contact their phone number and ask questions about the motorcycle you plan to buy.

  • How to Buy a Wide Range of Parts and Accessories from the Dealer?

In your search for Honda bike dealers, check out their website for a selection of motorcycles, parts and accessories. If you enjoy shopping with this dealer, you will want to know what else they can offer in the future. If you are to choose from a wide selection of products, conveniently order the parts for future purposes using an established account. You can also combine the orders to obtain better shipping prices.

It may not be easy to choose a motorbike from selected Honda bike dealers as there could be more motorcycle styles and designs. However, if you already have something in mind, you can look through a number of websites offering Honda products. Then you can ask for quotes and compare features and prices. Also ensure that you are only dealing with a reputable provider.

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Reasons To Book Stay In A 5 Star Boutique Hotel In Bangkok


Travellers to Bangkok are spoilt for choice, when it comes to booking their stay in the city. The city has a large collection of stay options ranging from budget accommodations, guest houses, 3 and 4 star hotels, budget hotels and fancy 5 star boutique hotels.

Most of the luxury travellers prefer to book their stay in the modern 5 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit because of the world class amenities and the convenient location. There are quite a few reasons for choosing the boutique hotel.

  1. The hotel offers a whole range of the best 5 star amenities. The various amenities of the 5 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit include concierge, room service, swimming pool on the top floor, Bavailability of smoking and non-smoking rooms, sky gym, laundry and dry cleaning services, free Wi-Fi access to the guests in the common areas and guest rooms, airport transfers and ample car parking space. These luxurious and modern amenities help the guests to feel at home and relax in the comfortable environment inside the hotel.
  2. The convenient location of the 5 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit road is another reason, why most of the travellers choose to stay here. The hotel is located in close proximity to the Asoke BTS station and MRT Sukhumvit station. This sought after location helps the travellers to cut their travel time to the important destinations of the city. The hotel is located on the crossroads of Bangkok between soi 21 and soi 23. The hotel is walking distance away from the famous shopping destinations in Bangkok like T21 and the Emporium. The close proximity to mass transit stations, shopping destinations, nightlife sports and tourist spots is the main benefit of booking your stay in a boutique hotel in Sukhumvit.
  3. The reputed and well-known 5 star boutique hotel offers a range of accommodations to suit the tastes of the guests. The rooms have innovative and modern in-room amenities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi connectivity, mini-bar, television with satellite channels, electronic safe, work area with a desk and chair and luxurious bathroom amenities. The modern rooms are decorated in contemporary style and provide enough space for the guests to spend a relaxed time with family or friends.

Book your stay in a 5 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit, while visiting Bangkok and enjoy your trip with five star luxuries.

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Web Design Critique: Robinsons Foundry


Robinsons Foundry Ltd had its start in Birchington Kent, in the lockup garage of Dennis Robinson, when he decided to start his own motorcycle and automotive company. His son followed suit, and, with him, the company expanded. Now it’s a major dealer of motorcycles in the UK, with lots of listings and offers.

The site is a good example of how big Robinsons Foundry is now. The site’s big and bold, with a straightforward yet visually notable design direction. The header is Robinson’s grey logo is first sight on the site, with only a small black tab for the visitor’s cart and account options preceding it. Despite its size, this tab is pretty noticeable due to its black colour contrasting the white background.

This particular detail is worth noting in the site’s design. The whole aesthetic contrasts black icons and the ever occasional red tab, used to mark chosen options and the news tab near the header. These small splashes of crimson are very noticeable, following the design aesthetic of the site, which uses contrast to direct attention.

In terms of listings, and links to key pages and aspects of the business, they’re made to pop from the white background with large and attractive images. The first thing that comes immediately after the top menu is an image of two Aprilia RSV4 RF‘s; the latest commercially available model. Now, granted this will change based on what the latest special offer is, but the key point is that it’s so big, it’s practically impossible to miss. The image links for services and offers like used bikes are smaller, but no less noticeable.

The use of these images, however, means that the site is fairly taxing when it comes to the network of the visitor, which might be problematic for mobile users, who will likely be seeing the special offer while everything else loads. Another result of the use of images is that it takes a bit of scrolling down to the bottom, though thankfully, all the stuff that’s there can be found closer to the top, save for the newsletter bit.

The images taking up so much real estate can be a problem, but other than that, the site does its job rather well.

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How Beneficial Is The Installation Of Solar Panels On The Gold Coast


You have every reason to visit the Gold Coast in Queensland. It has 57-kilometers of sandy beaches and 300 days of sun so you can enjoy your stay here. The magic of the Gold Coast theme parks begins with the rising up above of the sun while exploring the sparkling Pacific Ocean and walking past the sandy beaches. Gold Coast is renowned for its subtropical weather. Travelers here can enjoy the hot summers and warm winters, which is perfect for a beach lifestyle. Also, the popularity of solar panels on the Gold Coast has reached the area; hence, more families are now switching to solar energy for electricity.

Solar Power as an Inexpensive Option

Solar remains a beneficial investment despite having the solar system no longer profitable as it was once. The incentive includes those installed before July 9 as the largest solar system that can fit your roof and provide power as much as possible during the day. However, as of today, you need to install a system that provides how much you intend to use today and what to expect during the middle of the day. This includes appliances and devices like washing machines, dishwashers, change hot water timers, pumps, irrigation, and more. It’s actually how you should use your solar power.

In Queensland, it is anticipated that there will be a price increase for power prices in the next couple of years. However, with solar panels on the Gold Coast, you are protected from the rising prices.

Comparing the Best Solar Panel Deals in the Gold Coast

If you check online, you can find solar panel installers ever ready to install in the Gold Coast area. You will find that various sites offer affordable yet competitive deals in the area free of charge. You may gather a number of quotes from providers. Solar panels really help save your electricity bills so hurry while you still have this chance of installing it on your roofs.

Feed-in Tariffs for Queensland

The Queensland government recently amended the feed-in tariffs where there are no longer tariffs for applications done after July 2014. The government will still pursue the 8c/kWh for applications made before July 2014 and the 44c/kWh rate for applications made before June 2012.

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3 Effective Ways To Prepare Parcels For Courier Company


Your main concerns when you send parcels or documents is for them to get to your target recipients in perfect condition and in a timely manner. Although much of the success of sending the parcel relies on the courier company, you can also contribute in ensuring that it gets to your recipient in excellent condition. The key is to pack your items properly. Here are some tips.

Pack parcels properly

Even if your parcel has insurance, it can still get broken or it can get lost. Although you will be compensated because of insurance, the inconvenience it will cause you cannot be compensated. To keep your items safe and protected, pack it properly by using sturdy cardboard, possibly a brand new one. If the item is breakable, wrap it in old newspaper then add packing peanuts to keep the item in place and to cushion it inside. Another option is to wrap the item in bubble wrap. InforM the courier company if you are sending a fragile item so they will exercise more caution on its handling and even label it accordingly.

Determine restricted items to send

If you are sending a parcel internationally, know that there are items that may not be illegal in your home country but may be restricted at your recipient’s country. Courier companies usually provide a list of restricted items to be sent to particular countries. In addition, you can also do some research to determine what items are banned in airports or shipping ports. The list may vary from one country to another so it wold be best to do your homework before sending a parcel abroad.

Choose a reliable company

One of the best ways to ensure that your parcel will get to your target recipient in time and in excellent condition, get the service from a reliable courier company. Choose a courier company with positive feedback from customers. This can be found at the courier’s websiteand also from independent sites. You can also refer to discussion boards or forums online to determine the experience of other customers from your target courier company.

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