3 Effective Ways To Prepare Parcels For Courier Company


Your main concerns when you send parcels or documents is for them to get to your target recipients in perfect condition and in a timely manner. Although much of the success of sending the parcel relies on the courier company, you can also contribute in ensuring that it gets to your recipient in excellent condition. The key is to pack your items properly. Here are some tips.

Pack parcels properly

Even if your parcel has insurance, it can still get broken or it can get lost. Although you will be compensated because of insurance, the inconvenience it will cause you cannot be compensated. To keep your items safe and protected, pack it properly by using sturdy cardboard, possibly a brand new one. If the item is breakable, wrap it in old newspaper then add packing peanuts to keep the item in place and to cushion it inside. Another option is to wrap the item in bubble wrap. InforM the courier company if you are sending a fragile item so they will exercise more caution on its handling and even label it accordingly.

Determine restricted items to send

If you are sending a parcel internationally, know that there are items that may not be illegal in your home country but may be restricted at your recipient’s country. Courier companies usually provide a list of restricted items to be sent to particular countries. In addition, you can also do some research to determine what items are banned in airports or shipping ports. The list may vary from one country to another so it wold be best to do your homework before sending a parcel abroad.

Choose a reliable company

One of the best ways to ensure that your parcel will get to your target recipient in time and in excellent condition, get the service from a reliable courier company. Choose a courier company with positive feedback from customers. This can be found at the courier’s websiteand also from independent sites. You can also refer to discussion boards or forums online to determine the experience of other customers from your target courier company.

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4 Useful Tips For A Safe Business Team Building


Team building is one of the events that employees are generally excited about.The activity is fun, relaxing and promotes healthier professional relationship within the organization. By having business team building, team members momentarily sets aside the pressures of work. Team building activities are generally done in conducive areas such as in hotels, beach resorts and even in office premises. No matter where you conduct the event, one important aspect that you should look into is the safety of the team. Here are some practical tips to make the event even more enjoyable and safe.

Have a medical team on stand-by

Accidents can happen or medical emergencies can take place especially when the participants are starting to get really competitive. To avoid untoward incidents and to be ready for any circumstances, it would be best to have a nurse or a medical team around. Another option is to have a first aid kit in your venue during the event.

Collect medical waivers

Ask for medical waivers from the participants to ensure that everyone is fit to engage in different activities such as games and exercises. The medical waiver will help determine if there are team members who are pregnant or requires special considerations such as those who recently undergone major medical procedure and the likes. By looking at the waivers, it would be easier for the facilitators to design abusiness team buildingthat suits everyone. In consideration to those who have special needs, the facilitators can just assign them to special tasks such as timekeepers ormartials.

Keep everyone hydrated

Another aspect that should be see to it is the comfort of the participants. Make sure that there is an available supply of water or refreshments to keep everyone hydrated during the event especially if you intend to have it outdoors.

Get sun protection

Advise the participants to apply sun protection during your business team building especially for outdoor settings. Aside from sunblock, advise the participants to make use of other forms of sun protection such as caps or hats,sunglasses, bandana, etc. advice the team to bring extra shirts and towels to the activity.

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Web Design Critique


Years ago, homeowners have the option of decorating their walls with paintings or images that have been enlarged and printed on paper. Now there is an alternative through canvas prints that are definitely lighter than the frames used for paper-printed images. People who are passionate about the characters of the iconic movie Star Wars have the option of Star Wars Art that features Darth Vader, Tusken Raiders and Stormtroppers.

First Impression

The first thing that will catch the attention of a user is the content in the middle of the homepage that is emphasized with red and blue colors. Web design immediately generates an impression of professionalism with the way the landing page has been designed. However, a user will not immediately gain an idea of the product being offered not unless he clicks on “Get started.” It is also very obvious that “Get started” is frequently used on the other pages. A user who is impatient will not click on links; he wants the information presented immediately whether through text or images on the homepage. What caught my attention was the canvas print of a father and daughter; it is an image that is worthy of being placed in the wall of the living room.


The landing page is not eye-catching but once you click on “get started” you will find the information you are searching for. The instructions for creating your very own canvas are easily explained. Prices are listed according to size of canvas print that will be created. However, customers will be overjoyed with the big discounts that range from 85% to 87%. If discounts were featured prominently in the landing page, it will attract many users to stay longer on the site. Web design has also included the answers to the frequently asked questions from the way that the canvas prints have to be hanged to the how its beauty can be maintained.

Navigation is not user friendly because you have to keep on clicking get started to search for the information required. Get started has been repeatedly used on the all pages. There is no home button on the navigation menu that is why you always need to click on the back button.

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Web Design Critique: All Trees Perth


We are going to look at a Perth tree service company’s website today. This website is owned by All Trees Pert and located at www.alltreesperth.com.au.

About All Trees Perth

The company is based in Perth, Australia and offers various tree services such as pruning, hedging, removal and stump grinding. They are servicing to both domestic consumers and commercial establishments. They have specialized equipment to perform these tasks like wood chipper, stump grinder and stihl power tools.

First Impression

The website is good from the first look. It is not a generic website which is usual for some local businesses. There are interesting features such as the animated banner image and the embedded video. Visitors will easily know what the company is all about and what they do. There is also complete contact information provided. These are essential for a business in order to gain more clients.

Thereare only two things they need to improve. First is to add a wow factor in the home page and second is to reduce the amount of texts. They can still introduce their company and what they do in brief sentences. Not everyone is inclined to read more than two paragraphs of texts.


The entire website has six pages – About Us, Services, Equipment, Gallery, FAQs and Contact Us. About Us is divided into four subpages including blog, customer focus, experienced and professional and insurance & safety. The services menu lists down all eleven services they offer. Equipment page has three subpages. All of these pages and subpages follow the same color scheme and typography.

Typography and Colors

The entire website uses only basic and easy to read fonts. They are also the perfect size for reading. The color scheme, on the other hand, follows that of the logo. The colors green and black are quite bold and aim to capture the attention of the readers. The green is particularly used in essential features such as the contact information and the call to action buttons such as “Get Free Quote”. This will surely encourage readers to interact and inquire about Perth tree service.

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Web Design Critique: Greenfields Funerals


This website critique will be on a funerals website called Greenfields Funerals. Before getting into the actual critique of the website itself we will touch upon the purpose and aims of the company. This company or funeral management agency consists of funeral directors in Perth who offer services such as cremation or burial depending on the client’s requests. They also provide services to turn the ashes into jewellery or urns to keep the loved ones close to the heart. To facilitate burials, they have a wide range of caskets for the clients to choose from. No onto the website itself.

  • Design: The design methodology used by this website is rather simple. The colours used imply autumn shades, with a dull green header ad a black background for the rest of the website. These autumn shades actually repeat themselves as explained later on. There are a few dynamic elements on the page. One is the slideshow consisting of about 5 or 6 pictures. Fear not, because these pictures are not of dead people or caskets. Instead these are pictures that soothe the wounded souls of the clients who come to visit the page looking for funeral services. This is where the autumn shades reappear, and here it serves as an ointment to heal virtual wounds. Apart from this there are also a couple of images at the bottom which serve as links. The saying “Pictures speak louder than words” is exemplified here as these visual elements serve as easy waypoints for new customers and clients.
  • Navigation: The website is a rather shallow website as required for funeral directors in Perth, without too many hyperlinks leading deeper in. At the top of the homepage there are links to the “About Us”, “Caskets & Coffins”, “Urns &jewellery”, “Prepaid funerals”, “Contact us” and “Store” pages. Upon clicking on any of these links, the top portion of the website remains unchanged, and so it is easy to navigate to the other pages easily. There are also a couple of links at the bottom of the page. As discussed before, the picture elements also act as links to certain webpages on the website.
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Web Design (Critique): Absolute Party Hire


Today’s website to be critiques isownedby Absolute Party Hire. The website address is at http://absolutepartyhire.com.au/. The company has a headquarters in Sydney. They specialize in party hire products, especially marquee hire in Sydney, and other essential equipment for different events and functions.


When users search for the keywords “party hire Sydney”, the website is included on the first page of Google search. Getting on the first page is important for a business because majority of searchers will opt for business listed first. This is where search engine optimization comes in and the website Absolute Party Hire did a good job on this end.


The website is easy to use and all of their links are working. One advantage is that the loading time is quite fast. There are appropriate tabs located at the top of the page to lead users to where they are going.


Even for those who are not computer savvy, they will be able to decipher the website within seconds as there are no complicated set ups. The list of products is listed at the top of the page with accompanying images and the same list can be found at the bottom without images. This is easier because users don’t have to scroll back up to see the list once more. All of the links to the products are working. The only downside is there is no search bar for users who want to search what they are looking for instead of peruse the list one by one.


The layout of the website is simple but it proves to be effective. They made use of the same colour scheme all throughout the site and adapted the company logo’s colours – red and white. No distracting colouris used to take away the attention of the user from the products. As it is a website promoting their own business, users don’t have to worry about annoying ads and pop-up windows.


The homepage contains everything that the user would want to know regarding the company. Their products such as marquee hire in Sydney, their contact details and a little background information. Overall, its simplicity is what makes it an effective website.

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