Web Design (Critique): Absolute Party Hire


Today’s website to be critiques isownedby Absolute Party Hire. The website address is at http://absolutepartyhire.com.au/. The company has a headquarters in Sydney. They specialize in party hire products, especially marquee hire in Sydney, and other essential equipment for different events and functions.


When users search for the keywords “party hire Sydney”, the website is included on the first page of Google search. Getting on the first page is important for a business because majority of searchers will opt for business listed first. This is where search engine optimization comes in and the website Absolute Party Hire did a good job on this end.


The website is easy to use and all of their links are working. One advantage is that the loading time is quite fast. There are appropriate tabs located at the top of the page to lead users to where they are going.


Even for those who are not computer savvy, they will be able to decipher the website within seconds as there are no complicated set ups. The list of products is listed at the top of the page with accompanying images and the same list can be found at the bottom without images. This is easier because users don’t have to scroll back up to see the list once more. All of the links to the products are working. The only downside is there is no search bar for users who want to search what they are looking for instead of peruse the list one by one.


The layout of the website is simple but it proves to be effective. They made use of the same colour scheme all throughout the site and adapted the company logo’s colours – red and white. No distracting colouris used to take away the attention of the user from the products. As it is a website promoting their own business, users don’t have to worry about annoying ads and pop-up windows.


The homepage contains everything that the user would want to know regarding the company. Their products such as marquee hire in Sydney, their contact details and a little background information. Overall, its simplicity is what makes it an effective website.

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How To Prepare For Windows Server Training Course


There are several training courses for operating systems these days. However, one of the most relevant courses that you can possibly is the Windows Server training. With this course, trainees will be understand how different operating systems work including an in depth understanding on the latest versions such as the Microsoft 8.1. Getting certified in this training means that you obtained lessons not just on a particular OS but of the different operating systems by Microsoft making you a valuable addition to an organization. If you plan to enrol to this course, take a look at these ideas.

Research about the course

Before you enrol to the course, familiarize yourself with the different operating systems of Microsoft. This is just to give you a background on what you will predominantly discuss during the sessions. You can get background on operating systems through the internet. There are even some free preparatory courses for Windows Server training and they are generally short ones.  This will also give you an idea if the course is suitable to your IT needs. If you are interested to enrol, look for a training institution whether online or offline and ask for a course guide. Find out if the course guide can be downloaded for free.  Make sure that the course would have any use to your development and career to avoid wasting your money.

Compare fees

Before you enlist to the training course, visit different training providers and compare enrolment fees. Find out which of the online training schools offer more inclusions to the training program. Get some background information of the instructors including their credentials.

Sign up

Finally, if you think you have all the information you need, you should proceed and sign up for Windows Server training program. Check the schedule and see if it is suitable to your work or personal schedule. There are training course providers that offer flexible schedules. Sign up to an online training school that is trusted by more enrolees whether it is an online training school or an offline provider.

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Improving Your Business With Great Packaging

Improving Your Business With Great Packaging

When customers walk in your store’s front door, they unknowingly are marketed and influenced by the different packaging that they see on your shelves. The product packaging that you have decided to use for your business is like a salesman, as it is actually the first point of interaction of the customers with your products. You need to create packaging that will clearly communicate the brand message that you have as it is very important in gaining the trust of the customers as well as in convincing them that your product is very important. If you have noticed that you have lost the packaging battle to your tight competitor, you need to make some changes. Here are some ways that effective packaging will improve your business.
 Commitment to quality. Think of the companies which have simple yet very effective packaging materials. Apple and Nike are perhaps two of the companies that love to give some packaging message to their consumers. They do not put in loads of information on their packaging since they know that their logos will speak volume to the purchaser. It is also important that you focus on packaging which is simple and which will also create high-end quality products.

 Emotional response. If you take a look at different color schemes and ways in triggering the emotions of customers, it is very important for you to consider what your competition has been doing. You have to look for attention-grabbing packing designs which will cause the shopper to pause and take a look at your product. You should focus on the color, placement of the logo and also on the product information. Furthermore, you also have to consider creating a unique box or design for your product. This will be the way that you take your brand from just being another random product on your shelf to a commodity. Create a package which makes an emotional response from the customers and will cause them to become very loyal to the brand that you sell. You need not really think of lavish packaging materials, you can start with retail gift bags but place some personal touches on it.

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Website Critique: Paper Mart



Upon entering the homepage of Paper Mart, the first thing that had caught my attention was a large image of packaging boxes which I then realized was part of a carousel of images showcasing the products that the website is offering. In my honest opinion, I feel as if carousels are not relevant anymore because they don’t really serve much purpose other than taking up space but in this case, the carousel had been justified as it did not betray the purpose of further advertising and marketing their products to first time visitors.

My first impression about the website is that there is nothing out of the ordinary about it. It follows the same format that most websites use but I also found the organization and the content of the website to be very good.


In terms of the website’s navigation, I found it to be a little complex but the organized layout of the content made it easier to navigate from top to bottom. The navigation panel consists of about 13 navigation buttons but even though there are a lot of buttons, they mostly just represent the type of service and the products that the website is offering so there it is easily understandable.

I also commend the search panel located at the topmost area next to the logo. The search panel is also complex but it made the user navigation experience a lot better.


The layout and design of the website is pretty simple. Everything has been placed strategically around the website. The content mainly focused on convincing potential customers to buy their products. In terms of the color choices, I feel as if the website could do better. The colors they used are a bit dull and uncomplimentary.

Content regarding about the website and the company are placed at the bottommost page.


Everything about the website exudes an aura of professionalism. The design and the layout as well as the navigation aspects of the website enhance the user experience of visitors. The logo was effectively made and the only problem I have is with the colors used in the website.

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Leapfrog Media, The SEO Company That’s Right For You

Leapfrog Media

If you are looking for SEO Sydney Company that will deliver you with top caliber outputs, contact the guys at Leapfrog Media. As an SEO Sydney Company they are bound by their creed to help their clients reach out to more audience and help them increase sales and grow profits. The company has a rich history of working with hundreds of clients through the years.

They provide their clients with Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing services. All of their rendered services have translated to the satisfaction of their customers and to a growth in their company. From humble beginnings, Leapfrog Media has grown to become one of the dominant companies in the world of SEO in Australia. They give high regard to what their clients have to say about their services.

One of the notable things in the website design of Leapfrog Media is the authenticity that they convey to readers and internet browsers. They set up a part of their website solely dedicated to post the different reviews and feedbacks of their clients.

The website is likewise equipped with a polished and professional logo that links to the home page of the website. As an important branding image, the creators of Leapfrog Media gave careful thought on their logo and the relevance that it will bring to users. They use a high resolution image and have strategically located it at the upper left corner of the website.

The navigation buttons used can be easily located and are all functional. A good website should not give a difficult time to its users in navigating through the different web pages. Leapfrog Media does a very great job at easily directing users to pages that they might want to check out.

Most web design critics would suggest to web makers that websites should avoid clutter. Leapfrog Media does just that. The appearance of the website is one that is neat and is not visually overloaded with different irrelevant images. Web design experts would suggest that in order to keep the interest of website visitor, you should avoid making pages that have lots of lousy images, with plenty of animated call to action buttons. Tone down the images and focus on the content instead.

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Web Design Critique: Landscapia

About Landscapia

Landscapia is a company that offers products and services for artificial lawns and landscapes. It boasts a low-maintenance yet safe gardens for people who have kids and pets. The company is local to Birmingham and Halesowen.


First Impressions

The website theme gives off a feeling of being in a garden. The header is perfect and the grass image above the pages is a perfect prop. The website looks very clean and very simple. It is well-organized and clutter-free. The icon used, as well as the text, for the company is very professional looking – crisp and no drama.

Customers can easily see the number to contact if they want to hire the services. There are only four pages – Home, Grass, Projects and Contact.

The Header

Since Landscapia’s aim is to provide artificial lawns that are safe for kids and pets then the header could use a little change. It is great but it would be perfect if kids are also in the image since that is the asset of the business – providing safe lawns for kids and pets. Customers with children can visualize their kids playing on the lawn and gives a feeling of authenticity because let’s face it – there are parents who are very meticulous when it comes to their kids – which is a great thing.

The Good

The free installation estimate is perfect for those customers who are interested but not sure if the budget will allow. The steps provided make things easier for them. The badges of certification and safe trading are an added plus for those customers who have never heard of the company name. The online world is invaded by the fake and scams recently thereby proving these badges important in a business site.

There is a contact form at the bottom of the page for prospect customers who have questions or enquiries.

Needs Improvement

There are only two things that need to be fixed. First, the font need not be BOLD and the font style is not very good for reading. The font size is perfect but it needs a simpler and more business-like font style.

Second, the client’s testimony “table” looks very dull. A star rating would look good rather than a plain number 10 and changing the gray background would be better.

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