Web Design Critique: Inbound Mantra


Inbound Mantra is a company that specializes in inbound marketing for businesses. The firm is based in India with a website located at www.inboundmantra.com. The homepage shows an animated background image of the world map. The site uses a single accent color for the entire homepage which is orange. It blends well with the simple design and black and white fonts. The homepage highlights testimonials from businesses they have worked with or are still working wit. There is a detailed statistic with the number of campaigns they have created, inbound leads, clients impacted as well as hubspot accounts. A video testimonial is also embedded on the homepage.

Loading time. Loading time is fast for a homepage that contains an animated image background and a video. There is only a few seconds waiting time in between entering the website and waiting for the entire page to load.

Contents. The website contents are strategically placed to make the website look uncluttered and easy to read. Information is highlighted and given proper space. Selected items are displayed on the homepage thus users do not have to scroll down that far in order to scan the entire page.

Font and Size. The font used is simple and the sizing is ideal without having to look closer at the screen to read the text. The orange accent of the website design makes it easier to read the texts and tones down the dark animated image used as background.

Navigation. Users will not have a hard time navigating the page because there are designated buttons they can clock on to get to the right page. The menu option is represented by four horizontal lines which might be missed by some visitors.

Links. Social media icons are hidden unless the user clicks on the arrow down located at the bottom of the Register Now banner. There is another set of icons located at the bottom part of the page.

Overall, the website is easy to navigate. The fonts and sizes used are ideal without straining the users’ eyes. There are important items highlighted on the homepage which is what the users are looking for.

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Web Design Critique: Stay First Rank


Stay First Rank is a firm that offers SEO service in Bangkok, Thailand. Their head office is based in Omaha in the United States but they have a local branch in Bangkok. As soon as you land on the homepage of the website, an animation is presented to you for the header wherein you have to option to click “Let’s Get Started”.

Loading and Content. Loading time is reasonable despite the large animation header on the homepage. There are many images, thumbnail images and icons used on the page with texts and designated links for each feature of the site. If you are to go directly to the Bangkok SEO services page then you should use this link http://stayfirstrank.com/seo-services-in-bangkok-thailand/. You have to scroll down a long way in order to reach the bottom of the homepage because of the many features and images on the same page.

Navigation. When it comes to navigating the website, it is user friendly. There is a menu option represented by three horizontal lines at the top right of the page. As soon as you click on it, a sidebar on the left will appear along with page choices – home, work with me, testimonials, area served, blog, about us and contact page.

Logo and Website Design. The logo used by the firm is very simple with blue and green colors used. The only problem is that it was placed too small on the top left of the page that you have to squint and look closer in order to read what is written on it. When it comes to the design of the website, everything is made simple. The homepage might contain a lot of things but it is well designed and does not create a clutter effect.

Font and Size. The font used is very professional while the sizes are only right for reading. The font colors are very neutral which makes reading easier. Links are highlighted with a bright green color which will surely catch the attention of the visitor.

While the site may cater to SEO services all over the world and Bangkok, the site might be improved with slight adjustments. Aside from the homepage, the remaining pages contain too many texts without the impact that the homepage has.


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Web Design Critique: Go Daddy


A few years back, you will need a thorough understanding of the online world in order to sell products and services online but, nowadays, anyone can set up an online shop with the aid of online store builders. This is an era where more and more consumers prefer to shop online rather than go outside and shop the traditional way. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are venturing into online businesses especially those businesses that have existing physical stores.

There are many options when it comes to the best online store builder but not all of them are easy to use or as popular as the other. Go Daddy, one of the well-known online store builder, is the best solution for small businesses that are planning to set up their very own shop and offer services and products to more customers.

Loading Time

Upon entering the website, the loading was obviously fast. This is a good sign especially for businesses because customers are more likely to stay and browse around if there is less waiting involved. Despite the fact that the homepage contains a lot of images and banners, the loading time is considerably fast.

Design, Font and Color

The website conveys a minimalist design because of the white background used and the plain yet readable fonts. The most dominant colors used are green and orange which complements the website as well as the banners used. The Go Daddy logo used by the company is simple and unimposing which only occupies a small space at the top left. The size of the font used is also readable even at a distance which is an upside. Information is also provided in short sentences which do not make the space look crammed and encourages business owners to read on.

Links and Guides

If you are planning to set up your business online and don’t have any idea on how to start, Go Daddy’s homepage gives a clear instruction on how to start setting up your online shop. A video is also embedded on the page for a clear understanding of how the system works.


Go Daddy is a minimalist website which balances the use of large fonts as well as banner images. The website’s loading time and the embedded links and videos on the homepage are advantages which could help prospect clients.

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Website Critique: Avenue32

First impression

The homepage image announcing 50% discount on everything does its job and quickly grabs the attention of any visitor. If there is anything that online shoppers are looking for, it is discounts and 50% is more than good enough for most online shoppers. The design is minimalist with black text on generous white background. The site makes good use of banners for promotions; banners that offer low shipping rates, free returns and secure door-to-door handling. Website design is not so appealing but good photography makes the images standout in the stark design. The site needs a bit more color to make it more attractive to visitors.



One can get a good sense of the website without reading text because you can easily get the big picture from the homepage. All essential information is linked to the navigation system that is present on every page in the same place but it requires a scroll down to view the other navigation links. The links are clearly labeled, simple to use and easy to understand but the pages take too long to load. It is surprising since there are no animations or advanced features that should affect loading time.


Content is useful and meaningful to the target audience. It is obvious that the goal of the website is to attract women shoppers and its content is appropriate for the target audience. There is enough of relevant and useful information which a potential customer may search for before making a final purchasing decision.


The aim of web design was to look as simple as possible so that the attention of a visitor will be focused on content but it does not look too attractive to appeal to the audience. The layout is clean, simple and uncluttered but it requires more color to add life to the design. The design of the landing page will immediately direct you to discounts and not on other page elements. The site makes appropriate use of fonts but there is minimal use of attractive fonts that will emphasize headlines. Web design will not immediately catch attention from someone who is searching the web for fashionable clothing.

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Web Design Critique: TV Store Online

TV Store Online is an online retail website where you can purchase some merchandise of your favorite classic and current TV shows and movies. It has been operational since September 2004.

The website’s main goal is to ensure that their products are completely licensed and that these products are unique that you will not be able to find them anywhere else.


Homepage Appearance

First impression of the website, upon entering the homepage, is that it is quite cluttered. The top half is completely all over the place, with the search button, category browser and social media buttons all being cramped up at the upper part of the page. It all gets too confusing as to searching for what you need to click on so it needs a lot of work.

Color Scheme

The color scheme for the website is a combination of the colors of the American flag – red, white and blue. They fit the website’s main focus perfectly, given that the merchandise they sell are only available to order in the US. Unfortunately, the shade of color that they have chosen is not exactly enticing because the colors are too dark and gives out a downbeat vibe to it.


The font chosen for the site is a mix bag in terms of style and sizes. There are big fonts and then there are smaller ones. There are fonts that are clear and precise and there are others that are too confusing or even too painful to read.


The navigation around the site is fairly fine. There is a window at the top of the homepage where you can freely browse on names of movies, TV shows, comics, books and games that you are looking for. At the right side of the homepage there is also some specific links on the merchandise that you can go to and have a look at it such as movie costumes, t-shirts, mugs and a lot more. You can also see the links by scrolling down the page and they come with images.


The website still needs to work on their search tabs and social media links as they are quite disordered and untidy and the color scheme needs to have a lighter shade to it so that the website will get a much more positive feel to it.

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Web Design Critique On Oshkosh.com


First impression

OshKosh Bgosh is one of the big brands in children’s clothing and I was actually expecting a website composed of many happy colors and graphics that will quickly attract attention from web users. However, the site has made good use of white background to emphasize content. What attracts a user to this website is free shipping and 25% off on the purchase using an in-store coupon. The focus is on the benefits that a visitor will derive as opposed to just listing the offer for free shipping and discounts. No frill, no fuss, the website leads the consumer directly to the products that is offered; very impressive.


Navigation is simple but effective. It leads the visitors’ right where they want to go. Every page on the site can be reached easily through the set of navigation buttons on the top of landing page. Call to action buttons are clear and easily understood that even a buyer who is not a tech geek will be able to shop conveniently even without any help. The call to action buttons which is in dark blue works in perfect contrast to the white background. All the links work properly and you choose to follow the links you will get more details on the products that are offered.


The site does not have too much text but the pictures are displayed where they are supposed to be. The simplicity of web design reinforces the brand and brings the product to life. Too much text on the landing page tend to compete with attention but a customer who wants to know more of the company can simply click on the FAQ where all the details from online ordering to general product inquiries as well as shipping information and product availability are explained thoroughly. Product configuration and shopping functions are clearly presented but what I want is more color so that the website will appear more exciting. While it exudes professionalism and reliability, the site lacks warmth. The emphasis is more on promotions but it is clearly understandable considering that all businesses today want to gain from the opportunities provided by holiday shopping.

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