Tips For Those Aspiring To Become Funeral Directors In Sydney


If you want to become one of the most respected funeral directors in Sydney, you have to meet certain standards in the industry. Apart from meeting certain qualifications, you need to be compassionate and should know how to empathize with others who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. If you want to become a qualified funeral director, here are some of the qualifications that you must meet.


  • Relevant funeral service education such as associate degree. In some areas, they require bachelor’s degree.
  • High school diploma
  • One or two years apprenticeship in a funeral home
  • Must pass the state license examination or qualifying national board examination

Tasks and functions

  • Help the immediate family in terms of preparations and putting all the arrangements in place. The funeral director would only have to implement the arrangements when needed.
  • Prepare the body to make it appear dignified for the viewing.
  • Organize a commemoration for the deceased.
  • Consult the family for the details of the viewing. A funeral director should see to it that the wishes of the deceased or the family would be put in place starting from the clothe to wear for the viewing, the food to be served during the ceremony, the type of coffin to be used and other similar details.

Tips for aspiring funeral directors

If you want to become one of the respected funeral directors in Sydney, meet with your local funeral director to find out where you will start with your journey. Determine what you need to comply to start a profession in the industry. If possible, request for a tour at the funeral home.

Another option is to call the local funeral association to get ideas on how you can become a part of the local funeral service industry. You might also want to check therequirements to obtain license.

Lastly, the one thing that you can do to become one of the funeral directors in Sydney is to enrol in a mortuary science program in your area and obtain due license eventually. Get a copy of the curriculum and obtain information such as the tuition fee and when classes would start.

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