Web Design Critique: StudioBKK


StudioBKK is a website design agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company specializes in website design, digital experience as well as providing engaging contents to users. The team has been working for the last decade in hotel website development wherein they have been developing high quality websites for clients who own a hotel or resort establishments. Looking at the website of the company, the following can be deduced.

  • Loading Time. The website loads fast which is expected from a website design company. They are after all making high quality websites and customers should be able to experience the same when visiting their site.
  • Home page. A large picture with text as a banner says a lot about the company. The simple introduction regarding the agency will make the user want to scroll down further to learn more about them. The simple white and large font used on the image is easy to read and easily catches the visitor’s attention. The portfolio of work by the company can be viewed at the homepage as a slideshow along with the reputable companies they have worked with. Scrolling down further, you will be able to read testimonials from previous clients through a slideshow of text within an image.
  • The menu button is located at the top right of the page. As soon as you click on the icon with four stacked lines, the menu option will pop out from the side. It is displayed in a simple black text with white background – easy to read and easy to navigate for first time users.
  • Font and typography. The entire website used the same simple typography all throughout the pages. The font is simple and easy to read.
  • Design and layout. The web design in Bangkok used a lot of images with text thus the content is less in every page. There are no long paragraphs to read and everything is well placed within the site. The large images used do not overwhelm the entire page but complements with its simplicity. No complex animations were used and every element is well spaced out to give more emphasis to each.
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Web Design Critique: Inbound Mantra


Inbound Mantra is a company that specializes in inbound marketing for businesses. The firm is based in India with a website located at www.inboundmantra.com. The homepage shows an animated background image of the world map. The site uses a single accent color for the entire homepage which is orange. It blends well with the simple design and black and white fonts. The homepage highlights testimonials from businesses they have worked with or are still working wit. There is a detailed statistic with the number of campaigns they have created, inbound leads, clients impacted as well as hubspot accounts. A video testimonial is also embedded on the homepage.

Loading time. Loading time is fast for a homepage that contains an animated image background and a video. There is only a few seconds waiting time in between entering the website and waiting for the entire page to load.

Contents. The website contents are strategically placed to make the website look uncluttered and easy to read. Information is highlighted and given proper space. Selected items are displayed on the homepage thus users do not have to scroll down that far in order to scan the entire page.

Font and Size. The font used is simple and the sizing is ideal without having to look closer at the screen to read the text. The orange accent of the website design makes it easier to read the texts and tones down the dark animated image used as background.

Navigation. Users will not have a hard time navigating the page because there are designated buttons they can clock on to get to the right page. The menu option is represented by four horizontal lines which might be missed by some visitors.

Links. Social media icons are hidden unless the user clicks on the arrow down located at the bottom of the Register Now banner. There is another set of icons located at the bottom part of the page.

Overall, the website is easy to navigate. The fonts and sizes used are ideal without straining the users’ eyes. There are important items highlighted on the homepage which is what the users are looking for.

If you are looking for an expert in inbound marketing, contact crewdo for your business need.


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Web Design Critique: Stay First Rank


Stay First Rank is a firm that offers SEO service in Bangkok, Thailand. Their head office is based in Omaha in the United States but they have a local branch in Bangkok. As soon as you land on the homepage of the website, an animation is presented to you for the header wherein you have to option to click “Let’s Get Started”.

Loading and Content. Loading time is reasonable despite the large animation header on the homepage. There are many images, thumbnail images and icons used on the page with texts and designated links for each feature of the site. If you are to go directly to the Bangkok SEO services page then you should use this link http://stayfirstrank.com/seo-services-in-bangkok-thailand/. You have to scroll down a long way in order to reach the bottom of the homepage because of the many features and images on the same page.

Navigation. When it comes to navigating the website, it is user friendly. There is a menu option represented by three horizontal lines at the top right of the page. As soon as you click on it, a sidebar on the left will appear along with page choices – home, work with me, testimonials, area served, blog, about us and contact page.

Logo and Website Design. The logo used by the firm is very simple with blue and green colors used. The only problem is that it was placed too small on the top left of the page that you have to squint and look closer in order to read what is written on it. When it comes to the design of the website, everything is made simple. The homepage might contain a lot of things but it is well designed and does not create a clutter effect.

Font and Size. The font used is very professional while the sizes are only right for reading. The font colors are very neutral which makes reading easier. Links are highlighted with a bright green color which will surely catch the attention of the visitor.

While the site may cater to SEO services all over the world and Bangkok, the site might be improved with slight adjustments. Aside from the homepage, the remaining pages contain too many texts without the impact that the homepage has.


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Web Design Critique: Lovell Johns


Loveljohns.com is a company website that specializes in maps. The company prides itself from being the leading map company in the United Kingdom with map makers and solutions provided for cartographic and digital needs.

Loading Time. For a business website, the loading time is quite fast though there are a lot of elements contained on the homepage. The text appeared first followed by the images and the large banner on top of the page.

Navigation. There are tabs located at the upper part of the homepage but in a very small font including Home, Services, Industries, Blog and Contact. For an online user with a 20/20 vision, the font and the text is ideal but for some it might be quite a challenge to read. There is a search box just below the tabs which can be used to easily find what you are looking for in the website.

Logo and brand name. Surprisingly, there is no logo that goes along the company name at the upper left portion of the webpage. The brand name itself is displayed in a very simple text and might represent as the company logo.

Header. A large banner header is located at the top part of the page which showcases five features of the company and the website. There is animation as one hovers from one block to another.

Content. The homepage itself contains a lot of text that many users might not be willing to read all at once. Though they are placed in such a way that it does not cram the page, it still contains a lot for a business homepage.

Font and Text: The font sizes used are small and are perfect for users with ideal vision. Otherwise, the page has to be zoomed to read everything. The font style is simple which makes it easy to read but the highlight used is in the shade of orange which can be quite bright considering the background color is light gray.

Overall, the website might be a good provider of illustrated maps but the website needs a little tweaking in order to cater to all types of visitors. The homepage should be simplified while the font size and highlight needs adjustment.

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Web Design Critique: Perth Web Design


Today, we look at the sleek and modern web site of web design in Perth .

On the first glance, we can right away feel the time and effort the designers have put into creating this great site.

The home page is very visual with an animated image of a skyline in the center. I love how the dynamic texts change on top of this image. A View Our Portfolio link is also available below which takes us to the web sites they have done. It is a great way to showcase a company’s performance and work. Scanning through their portfolio allows us to see the heart of the people who work in the company. Their portfolio is awesome!

Under the top navigation bar, we can readily check the services they offer. From Website Design to WordPress Web Design to E-Commerce Web Design, SEO Services and Google AdWords, Advertising and Remarketing. If a potential client is looking into the web site, there wouldn’t be an issue navigating to a specific service to get the information needed.

I also love how the contact number can easily be found on the home page. There is no need to scroll down or look for it in the Contact Us page. It is both convenient and intelligent.

Another thing I love about the web site is when you click on the About Us link in the top navigation bar and redirected to the page, there is a section about the team. For me, this is such a personal touch to a company web site. This means that a company values its employees this much to take the time to showcase them, their roles and what they do. It is very nice to see little details added per team member to get a glimpse of what they are passionate about aside from working in the office.

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Website Critique: Papermart.com

Website Critique - Papermart

First Impression:

Upon entering the website, the first thing that I had noticed was how organized the site is. You can definitely tell that careful time had been given just to build the website. What had caught my attention first was a large image placed prominently at the centre of the website. Upon closer inspection, you would find that this large image is actually a part of a carousel or slideshow. You can say that carousels were a popular trend in countless of websites then but now, it is considered as an outdated trend. However, with the exception of this one, the carousel found in the website has definitely proven effective providing useful information regarding the services offered by the company and the products that they are selling.

When it comes to the colours used in the website, I believe that they could’ve done much better but it’s only a minor problem which would go unnoticeable at most times.


The navigation system in the website is simple and very convenient. The navigation panel features thirteen navigation buttons primarily centred on the category of products being sold by the website. Each button expands into a different and more diverse navigation panel. Aside from the navigation panel, you would also find a search panel on the topmost area of the website next to the company logo which people can use to find something more specific in the website.

Design, Content & Layout:

The design borders on simple and specific. The homepage is really all about what the website, and the company in general, can offer the visitors. At the topmost area you will find a company logo placed next to a search panel which in turn is placed beside a cart detailing how much you have placed on the shopping cart and how money you are planning to buy.

Below them is the carousel mentioned above and below the carousel are image links/call-to-actions that would link you to specific pages that aim to showcase different offerings of the website. Below these call-to-actions is another slideshow aimed at showcasing the newest and most popular items on sale.

On the second to the last area of the website you’d find customization options and lastly, the bottommost area is where you can find all the things you may need to know more about the company, another call-to-action and a social media panel.


The homepage of Paper Mart has been effectively built that the professionalism just oozes out of the screen. While there could be some improvements with the colours, all in all, the homepage didn’t fail to deliver.

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