Web Design Critique: iHome Alarm Systems


First Impression

People that seek to provide security through iHome Alarm Systems for their homes or businesses alike may just have found the most informative website out there with www.ihomealarmsystems.com. I can say that the overall website, particularly the content and display of simple aesthetics match up with the title ADT Home Monitoring System is known for – #1 Home Security Company in America.


The type of navigation design in the website is pretty straightforward. Users can save a lot of time as it won’t lead them to click one tab after another in order to be directed to the information they are looking for. What makes it even easier to navigate is the brief description provided in sections that are very likely to be clicked on first by people interested to learn about the right security package to choose. Additionally, sections displayed are ideally arranged according to the importance of information in a potential customer’s perspective. Navigation throughout the entire website definitely won’t give anyone the headache that is experienced by some people as they come across websites that appear to be poorly designed.


Apart from a great navigation style used in the website, 5 stars can be given out also in the assessment of the entire website’s appearance. Sticking to the combination of an eye-friendly shade of blue, yellow, and white space gives the viewers an easy-to-read experience. A consistent layout is also displayed, giving the viewers the impression of a well-organized website.


Anyone who is interested in installing a home security package catering to the person’s need is surely to get all the important answers by just checking out the website. Clear and concise explanations are provided in every section that even the not-so-enthusiastic ones when it comes to technology can relate very easily. While the words that were used were not technical, everything that one should know such as the important features of one security gadget, how it works, and even differences between two systems are provided. Explanations were not limited to words as pictures that make the website more visually appealing to the audience present additional information such as statistical data about home security system installation.

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Leapfrog Media, The SEO Company That’s Right For You

Leapfrog Media

If you are looking for SEO Sydney Company that will deliver you with top caliber outputs, contact the guys at Leapfrog Media. As an SEO Sydney Company they are bound by their creed to help their clients reach out to more audience and help them increase sales and grow profits. The company has a rich history of working with hundreds of clients through the years.

They provide their clients with Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing services. All of their rendered services have translated to the satisfaction of their customers and to a growth in their company. From humble beginnings, Leapfrog Media has grown to become one of the dominant companies in the world of SEO in Australia. They give high regard to what their clients have to say about their services.

One of the notable things in the website design of Leapfrog Media is the authenticity that they convey to readers and internet browsers. They set up a part of their website solely dedicated to post the different reviews and feedbacks of their clients.

The website is likewise equipped with a polished and professional logo that links to the home page of the website. As an important branding image, the creators of Leapfrog Media gave careful thought on their logo and the relevance that it will bring to users. They use a high resolution image and have strategically located it at the upper left corner of the website.

The navigation buttons used can be easily located and are all functional. A good website should not give a difficult time to its users in navigating through the different web pages. Leapfrog Media does a very great job at easily directing users to pages that they might want to check out.

Most web design critics would suggest to web makers that websites should avoid clutter. Leapfrog Media does just that. The appearance of the website is one that is neat and is not visually overloaded with different irrelevant images. Web design experts would suggest that in order to keep the interest of website visitor, you should avoid making pages that have lots of lousy images, with plenty of animated call to action buttons. Tone down the images and focus on the content instead.

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Web Design Critique: www.realestateview.com.au/real-estate/perth/homes-for-sale/

First impression

Sometimes, you click on a website and it catches your attention because it looks professional. This is my first impression of this Perth real estate website. The target audience for real estate websites is mostly home buyers and sellers including other real estate agents and their attention can be gained through content. For example, a visitor who is planning to make a property investment will continue browsing the site because there is useful information available about homes that are on the market. Information is the first thing that a potential customer will search for once he accesses the home page.



Navigation is rock solid. It works perfectly because it includes all the right buttons for a user who wants to gain more information. Web design also makes it relatively simple to make a more refined search. As the user scrolls down the page, he will find another set of buttons that include the significant contact information. The site also encourages interaction from users through the feedback button. It also encourages advertisement from other real estate agents although they cannot include their property listings.


The site contains an overwhelming amount of relevant information that will assist any user. Ultimately, information is not just a nice feature; it is the key to generate interest and attention. Content does not only involve images of properties for sale but all the pertinent information including price and description. The web designer has also made good use of white space so that the site does not look cluttered. It is very easy for a user to read text because the layout has been broken in a significant way.

Other features

The site is mobile friendly and it has available Android apps on Google Play that helps in researching properties even when on the move. Apps will help a customer to be updated on the latest properties on the market. My final impression of the site is extremely positive. Its professional design will easily gain the trust of online users. The site literally answers all the possible questions that a user may ask because it provides all the pertinent information.

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Web Design Critique on http://reiwa.com.au/

First impression

My first impression of http://reiwa.com.au/ is the professionalism of the site. There are plenty of things to look at with all useful information that will be interesting to any user. The message is clear and the user will not be confused about the objective of the site. The site as a whole is great and it loaded fast which meant that a visitor will not lose his patience. Most of what I have to say about this site is positive and it should serve as an example of a how website that deals with house and land packages should be.



Navigation is simple and user friendly and the web designer ensured that all the right buttons are present so that the user will not require a great deal of effort looking for useful information. So much useful information is provided and the user who will browse through the entirety of the site will learn a lot about the complexities of real estate. Given that the purpose of the site is very clear, the flow is very easy to follow. Content can be accessed on different pages but there are buttons that will take the user where he wants to go.


All content provided on the site is of the highest quality meaning that the web designer has invested a lot of efforts and time in researching to be able to provide the right information to users. Generally, users are interested on content and not only fancy animations and graphics. Graphics and animations can provide value to other sites but not for this site that deals with house and land packages. The intention of the user when accessing the site is very apparent and it is successfully provided in the site through its excellent content.

Typography and color scheme

The web designer has taken advantage of large amounts of white space so that the attention of the user will be directed to content. A right balance with the colors has been created with charcoal, blue and white. It makes the images standout. Typography is easy read and the user does not need to strain the eyes to understand text.

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Web Design Critique: Leeks-and-Roses

About Leeks and Roses

Leeks and Roses is a website constructed to provide critiques of web designs. This website has been in existence for a decade now and is run by a group of professionals who are experts in web design. L&R gives the user constructive insights on how to properly design a website.


First Impression

When you open the website of Leeks & Roses, it immediately brings you to what you are looking for: web design critiques. There are no introduction about what the website does and how it works. It gives you the critiques immediately. An advantage to this style is that your readers will be immediately fed with the web critiques that they are looking for. However, this approach would also lead your visitors astray. You need to market who you are and what you do. Don’t just give away the content of your website immediately.


On the topmost of Leeks and Roses, you will notice four major navigation tools. Having minimal menus is good in that it does not overwhelm your readers. The website also presents categories of your choice at its right side. This makes it easier for the user to navigate through the website.

Content and Improvements

As mentioned in the About Us page of Leeks and Roses, they are a website run by web design experts. The content of the website is very informative. It gives the readers useful information about a certain website. It also gives critiques to several websites in different industries. The articles give you first hand information on what the website is all about, how it is structured, how good the navigation tools are and it gives you an idea whether the content of a certain website is of quality.

However, what is being presented in the Home Page of Leeks and Roses is the same information in the Web Design Reviews menu. This is a redundancy in the contents presented. This structuring of the website should be avoided so that the website will present new and fresh ideas on every page.

The designers of this website can improve their home page by providing useful and catchy information about the website which will spark the interest of the audience.

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Website Critique: Avenue32

First impression

The homepage image announcing 50% discount on everything does its job and quickly grabs the attention of any visitor. If there is anything that online shoppers are looking for, it is discounts and 50% is more than good enough for most online shoppers. The design is minimalist with black text on generous white background. The site makes good use of banners for promotions; banners that offer low shipping rates, free returns and secure door-to-door handling. Website design is not so appealing but good photography makes the images standout in the stark design. The site needs a bit more color to make it more attractive to visitors.



One can get a good sense of the website without reading text because you can easily get the big picture from the homepage. All essential information is linked to the navigation system that is present on every page in the same place but it requires a scroll down to view the other navigation links. The links are clearly labeled, simple to use and easy to understand but the pages take too long to load. It is surprising since there are no animations or advanced features that should affect loading time.


Content is useful and meaningful to the target audience. It is obvious that the goal of the website is to attract women shoppers and its content is appropriate for the target audience. There is enough of relevant and useful information which a potential customer may search for before making a final purchasing decision.


The aim of web design was to look as simple as possible so that the attention of a visitor will be focused on content but it does not look too attractive to appeal to the audience. The layout is clean, simple and uncluttered but it requires more color to add life to the design. The design of the landing page will immediately direct you to discounts and not on other page elements. The site makes appropriate use of fonts but there is minimal use of attractive fonts that will emphasize headlines. Web design will not immediately catch attention from someone who is searching the web for fashionable clothing.

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