Critique: Bathrooms & More Store’s Corner Vanity Units Webpage

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Upon entering Bathrooms & More Store’s webpage for their corner vanity unit products, the first thing that I had noticed was the large image featuring one of the website’s on-sale offers. This image is somewhat like a carousel that slides in once the page has been fully loaded and changes over a short period and in my personal opinion, it is a great way to showcase a product that is on-sale.

What I had loved the most about the website is its excellent use of colour. All of the colours used in the website complement each other. The white background had definitely complimented the light blue, dark blue combination and had made the website visually appealing.


The website had made use of a simple navigation system. There are only four buttons in the navigation panel and all of them refer to the products and the services that the website is offering: oak top vanity units, stone top vanity units, bathroom basins, and bathroom furniture.

The web designers had definitely done a good job by incorporating simplicity in the design which not only enhances the functionality of the website but makes it easier for potential customers to navigate through the website.

There is also another navigation panel above the search panel which tells about more about the company, its products and services as well as a blog.


The uppermost area features the header as well as a search panel and another navigation panel above it, a cart showing how much you have to pay and how many items are in the basket and below the carousel is a brief written introduction to the product being showcased in the webpage. In the middle section of the webpage you’ll find a selection of measurements for corner vanity units for you to choose from followed by images of the different oak vanity units that the company is offering.

The design aspect of the website is overwhelmingly simple but in a good way.


The webpage was effectively done by the web designers with enhanced functionality, readability thus making it user-friendly.

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