Design Critique: ABC Pest Control


ABC Pest Control is a pest control company based in Sydney. They treat various pests including cockroaches, ants, wasps, termites, spiders, bed bugs, bees and mosquitoes among many others. They provide services and packages in pest control in Sydney for both residential and commercial buildings. Below is a critique of their website located at

Image Sizes. Looking at the homepage alone, there are no images except for the animated header image which contains two slides. In other pages, the images used have the same sizes and aspect ratio. The standard image size is beneficial to the website because the website performs faster and the customer experience is also better. The website has a responsive design and the image flow is not disturbed when viewed in a gadget with smaller screen size.

Content order. As mentioned above, responsive site should be able to adapt regardless of the screen size. Contents are flowing correctly to accommodate the screen size. This is a common mistake for website designers because they fail to consider how the website will look when viewed in a mobile device.

Horizontal alignment. When employing responsive design, keep in mind that it is not a good idea to use absolute heights. This will give the elements the chance to expand accordingly. This is obviously followed when making the website of ABC pest control.

Titles. The website makes use of titles wisely. The header title of each page is short and concise which points directly to the topic and subtopics have longer titles to relay more information to the visitors. The website features a page for every pest they are treating. There are a lot of texts contained in each of the page but they are broken down to effective paragraphs by highlighting the main thoughts in bold. This is helpful to those who are scanning instead of reading every word.

Background and fonts. The website uses plain, white background because the pages are already loaded with texts. A background image can make the site look crowded. The fonts used by the pest control in Sydney are simple and easy to read.

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