For Sabri Suby, It’s Not Always About Numbers


In the competitive numbers game of digital marketing, Sabri Suby shows us that building relationships still matter.

It was only seven years ago that Sabri Suby was in his bedroom, working as a one-man team with a $50 investment in his digital marketing agency, King Kong. Having had previous experience in the fast-paced competitive world of SEO, he took his knowledge and experiences and went from nothing to becoming the CEO of Australia’s fastest-growing online marketing agency.

When one thinks about increasing web traffic and customer purchase, graphs, figures, and statistics come to mind. But Suby’s method isn’t just about numbers. Suby focuses on the psychology of buying and selling. He prefers to look into how consumers think and feel and builds his strategies from there. This type of mindset has put him above his competitors and has led to King Kong is one of the most sought-after rising digital marketing agencies in the world today.

Besides getting to know consumers, Suby also values practicing what he preaches. After all, one needs to be an example in order to prove that what they are offering works. Sabri Suby tells Dynamic Business, “What makes us stand head and shoulders above our competition is that we not only guarantee results, we also apply — every single day — the same methodology we teach and implement for our clients.”

Looking past numbers and analytics, brand reputation is best developed through being honest in marketing methods, as well as getting to know consumers and clients. Seeing the growth of King Kong Sabri Suby built from the ground up is proof that anyone who follows these strategies can also experience such victories.

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