Review of the Australian Government Job Outlook site


The Australia Government’s Job Outlook page is a site for Australians looking to find their career path. Maybe they want to be a plasterer in Sydney, or a sparky/electrician operating in the Western Australian region, which have been rather in demand recently. Regardless, is there to help them.

Looking at the home page of, no one will be faulted for thinking of the old Latin saying ‘per aspera ad astra’ or the more common ‘dream of the stars’. It harkens to the idea that one should be motivated to seek out their career, which the text and the links on the site reinforce. The site, in terms of aesthetic is bold. Vibrant, bright colours will greet any visitors, with a striking gold highlights marked with a starry blue background.  The first thing visible on the site is the BETA header, saying that the site is under constant improvement, with a link to a feedback e-mail address for those interested.

Following that is the main tab, which shows the Australian Government logo, followed by the home button, and four tabs: Career Quiz, Explore Careers, Explore Industries, and Explore A to Z. The leftmost corner of the main tab is the notifications icon and the search button. A useful function of the main tab is that its set to always be the top of the screen,  which you’ll notice by it gaining a darker background and the icon changing into the JobOutlook logo.  For comparison:

But the striking visuals don’t detract or distract from the site’s functionality, as all of the key functions are highlighted with the contrasting colour scheme, which helps a lot when you’re looking for something. Want to find a link? Look for the gold highlighted words, a task made all the more easier with the vivid azure background.

Anyone looking to take on a specific career will find to be a massive help.Let’s say someone’s curious on the details of being a plasterer in Sydney, the site provides a summary of the profession, the requirements, the tasks usually assigned to that profession, and other useful information. All of this comes in a quick, compressed form on the left side, the Fast Facts, which use the similar blue/gold contrast to stand out.

All in all, the Job Outlook site does its job pretty well, though it’s a bit heavy on the visuals, and could use a slightly more utilitarian look. Emphasis on slightly.


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Web Design Critique: Zkin Organics


The website of Zkin Organics located at is intended to be a online shop for users who are looking to purchase natural skin care treatments from the brand. The company is known in creating products that are organic and safe for the skin.

First impression lasts. The same goes when it comes to visiting a website. With Zkin Organics, it is evident from the first look that the website is worth checking out. Visitors will be encouraged to stay at the website because of the fast loading. It is easy to navigate and there are no complicated settings on the site. Buyers know exactly what to do if they plan to purchase something and products are grouped according to categories, skin type and skin concern.

The aesthetics of the website is on point because it uses images that are directly related to the products the brand is selling. The color scheme used is soft and easy on the eyes. The font is easy to read and size is just right. The website follows the principle of solid design. The overall appearance of the website shows off what the brand is all about – simple, organic and clean. The design is professional which increases the buyer’s trust on the brand.

The site is functional overall because everything that the buyer needs is carefully laid out. They don’t have to browse each item the brand is selling but rather there are categories they can choose from. For those who are not familiar with the products, they can choose depending on their skin type or their skin problems. This way they only see products they need and filter those they don’t making life easier.

The website’s content is brief and straightforward. It does not beat around the bush and explains only things that the buyer will most likely ask about. Buyers who are looking for natural skin care treatments will be able to read important information on the site regarding the products without reading paragraphs after paragraphs of filler content. Over all, the website is clean, professional and easy to navigate which is ideal for an e-commerce site.

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Tips For Those Aspiring To Become Funeral Directors In Sydney


If you want to become one of the most respected funeral directors in Sydney, you have to meet certain standards in the industry. Apart from meeting certain qualifications, you need to be compassionate and should know how to empathize with others who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. If you want to become a qualified funeral director, here are some of the qualifications that you must meet.


  • Relevant funeral service education such as associate degree. In some areas, they require bachelor’s degree.
  • High school diploma
  • One or two years apprenticeship in a funeral home
  • Must pass the state license examination or qualifying national board examination

Tasks and functions

  • Help the immediate family in terms of preparations and putting all the arrangements in place. The funeral director would only have to implement the arrangements when needed.
  • Prepare the body to make it appear dignified for the viewing.
  • Organize a commemoration for the deceased.
  • Consult the family for the details of the viewing. A funeral director should see to it that the wishes of the deceased or the family would be put in place starting from the clothe to wear for the viewing, the food to be served during the ceremony, the type of coffin to be used and other similar details.

Tips for aspiring funeral directors

If you want to become one of the respected funeral directors in Sydney, meet with your local funeral director to find out where you will start with your journey. Determine what you need to comply to start a profession in the industry. If possible, request for a tour at the funeral home.

Another option is to call the local funeral association to get ideas on how you can become a part of the local funeral service industry. You might also want to check therequirements to obtain license.

Lastly, the one thing that you can do to become one of the funeral directors in Sydney is to enrol in a mortuary science program in your area and obtain due license eventually. Get a copy of the curriculum and obtain information such as the tuition fee and when classes would start.

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Web Design Critique


Years ago, homeowners have the option of decorating their walls with paintings or images that have been enlarged and printed on paper. Now there is an alternative through canvas prints that are definitely lighter than the frames used for paper-printed images. People who are passionate about the characters of the iconic movie Star Wars have the option of Star Wars Art that features Darth Vader, Tusken Raiders and Stormtroppers.

First Impression

The first thing that will catch the attention of a user is the content in the middle of the homepage that is emphasized with red and blue colors. Web design immediately generates an impression of professionalism with the way the landing page has been designed. However, a user will not immediately gain an idea of the product being offered not unless he clicks on “Get started.” It is also very obvious that “Get started” is frequently used on the other pages. A user who is impatient will not click on links; he wants the information presented immediately whether through text or images on the homepage. What caught my attention was the canvas print of a father and daughter; it is an image that is worthy of being placed in the wall of the living room.


The landing page is not eye-catching but once you click on “get started” you will find the information you are searching for. The instructions for creating your very own canvas are easily explained. Prices are listed according to size of canvas print that will be created. However, customers will be overjoyed with the big discounts that range from 85% to 87%. If discounts were featured prominently in the landing page, it will attract many users to stay longer on the site. Web design has also included the answers to the frequently asked questions from the way that the canvas prints have to be hanged to the how its beauty can be maintained.

Navigation is not user friendly because you have to keep on clicking get started to search for the information required. Get started has been repeatedly used on the all pages. There is no home button on the navigation menu that is why you always need to click on the back button.

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Web Design Critique: All Trees Perth


We are going to look at a Perth tree service company’s website today. This website is owned by All Trees Pert and located at

About All Trees Perth

The company is based in Perth, Australia and offers various tree services such as pruning, hedging, removal and stump grinding. They are servicing to both domestic consumers and commercial establishments. They have specialized equipment to perform these tasks like wood chipper, stump grinder and stihl power tools.

First Impression

The website is good from the first look. It is not a generic website which is usual for some local businesses. There are interesting features such as the animated banner image and the embedded video. Visitors will easily know what the company is all about and what they do. There is also complete contact information provided. These are essential for a business in order to gain more clients.

Thereare only two things they need to improve. First is to add a wow factor in the home page and second is to reduce the amount of texts. They can still introduce their company and what they do in brief sentences. Not everyone is inclined to read more than two paragraphs of texts.


The entire website has six pages – About Us, Services, Equipment, Gallery, FAQs and Contact Us. About Us is divided into four subpages including blog, customer focus, experienced and professional and insurance & safety. The services menu lists down all eleven services they offer. Equipment page has three subpages. All of these pages and subpages follow the same color scheme and typography.

Typography and Colors

The entire website uses only basic and easy to read fonts. They are also the perfect size for reading. The color scheme, on the other hand, follows that of the logo. The colors green and black are quite bold and aim to capture the attention of the readers. The green is particularly used in essential features such as the contact information and the call to action buttons such as “Get Free Quote”. This will surely encourage readers to interact and inquire about Perth tree service.

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Web Design Critique: Greenfields Funerals


This website critique will be on a funerals website called Greenfields Funerals. Before getting into the actual critique of the website itself we will touch upon the purpose and aims of the company. This company or funeral management agency consists of funeral directors in Perth who offer services such as cremation or burial depending on the client’s requests. They also provide services to turn the ashes into jewellery or urns to keep the loved ones close to the heart. To facilitate burials, they have a wide range of caskets for the clients to choose from. No onto the website itself.

  • Design: The design methodology used by this website is rather simple. The colours used imply autumn shades, with a dull green header ad a black background for the rest of the website. These autumn shades actually repeat themselves as explained later on. There are a few dynamic elements on the page. One is the slideshow consisting of about 5 or 6 pictures. Fear not, because these pictures are not of dead people or caskets. Instead these are pictures that soothe the wounded souls of the clients who come to visit the page looking for funeral services. This is where the autumn shades reappear, and here it serves as an ointment to heal virtual wounds. Apart from this there are also a couple of images at the bottom which serve as links. The saying “Pictures speak louder than words” is exemplified here as these visual elements serve as easy waypoints for new customers and clients.
  • Navigation: The website is a rather shallow website as required for funeral directors in Perth, without too many hyperlinks leading deeper in. At the top of the homepage there are links to the “About Us”, “Caskets & Coffins”, “Urns &jewellery”, “Prepaid funerals”, “Contact us” and “Store” pages. Upon clicking on any of these links, the top portion of the website remains unchanged, and so it is easy to navigate to the other pages easily. There are also a couple of links at the bottom of the page. As discussed before, the picture elements also act as links to certain webpages on the website.
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