Web Design Critique: Rhenus Logistics


About Rhenus Logistics

Rhenus Logistics is a specialist logistics company engaged in providing a wide range of logistics services. It was established more than 3 decades ago with the name of Lupprians Computer Ltd. It invested much for its development in the logistics solution which makes it the leading logistics company in the United Kingdom today.

Searchability. When searching for the keywords “Rhenus Lupprians”,they appear in the first page of the Google search results giving it more views than the other websites offering similar services.There are also other websites that appear on the first page of the same keywords following the main website www.rhenus-lupprians.com that indicates popularity.

Usability. The website is convenient to use with all the information about the different services they offer about logistics technology. The corresponding pages of the menu tabs give easy access to online users.

Navigation. The menus on top of the page are arranged horizontally but there are no drop-down menus. However, when the main menus are opened, they give a full information about the subject menu. There are menu navigation links that are placed at the bottom part of the page which give the same information about the main menu, so the users don’t have to go back to the top page.

Design and layout. The website’s design is simple but attractive. It immediately gives the user a good idea about the website. The pictures displayed are clear and relate to the company’s structure. It shows the different equipment being used in the different areas of their services. They have also social media accounts placed at the rightmost bottom of the page. You can share the page and print it as well. The picture of the map which becomes animated gives the user an easy way to locate the company’s branches in different countries.

Contents. The website of Rhenus Logistics which offers different logistics services in different countries has full of relevant information about logistics solutions for different kinds of services. Its company vision embodies a responsible partnership with their clients that supports their business logistics requirements and presents its goals for value-added services that make it a reputable and reliable logistics provider.

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Web Design Critique: Excellence Coaches and Tours


About Airport Shuttle Services

Airport shuttle services are vehicles particularly buses that are used to service people to and from the airport or to their designated destinations. Shuttle services are economical and convenient for people on a tour or just plainly on a simple trip.

Searchability. When searching for the keywords “airport shuttle services” excellencecoaches.com does not appear on the first page nor in the succeeding pages of the Google search engine results page. But this does not mean though that the website is not on the Internet, according to an article from Google. Google has a dynamic way of determining which web page is listed on the first page of the Google search results which depends on the web page’s relevance to the keywords or phrases being searched.

Usability. The website contains all the relevant information about how people can avail of its airport shuttles services. The menu tabs display pages that entice the user to search for more of its services. All the narratives are well-written with interesting facts and information.

Navigation. The menus are well-arranged horizontally, however, there are no drop down menus under them. The menus will lead the user directly to the links and information about the different services the website is offering to its clients. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Design and layout. The website excellencecoaches.com has a simple design and layout but creates a pleasant look showing the beauty of Port Douglas’ fantastic site full of natural greeneries and clear waters. It is dominated by green colors which represent nature. We can notice that the site does not have a menu that features its fleet of buses which would have made it more complete since the core services of the website are about transport services. Anyhow, the entire webpage has an informative view of the services they offer to their clients.

Contents. The website of Excellence Coaches and Tours which offers airport shuttle services to its clients contains relevant information about the possibility of exploring the remote places in Port Douglas and describes the beauty of nature in the area. The rich vegetation and pristine waters make it inviting to tourists to go and experience the amazing places a tourist must visit.

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Tips To Make A Website Effective


A website is an important component of internet marketing strategy of a business. A well-designed and professional website helps the business to attract viewers and convert them into prospective clients. In order to be effective, a website should be able to attract viewers and engage with them so that they become loyal followers and recommend the site to others.

Here are some essential elements that are required to make a website effective and successful. The tips are explained with reference to www.breatheeasycarpetcare.com.au, a company that offers different cleaning services like, carpet cleaning in Perth, upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning.

Fast to load

Fast loading speed is critical for the success of a website. The website should load within four to six seconds in order to be effective. Viewers turn to competitor’s websites, if the website of a business takes time to load. The website of Breathe Easy Carpet care, loads instantly as soon we type the URL. Faster loading times help the business to gain maximum number of visitors, who can become clients in the future.

Relevant content

Online viewers skim the content on webpages. The content on a webpage should be apt and provide the appropriate amount of information to the viewers. The posts should not be too lengthy nor should they be too short. The content should be able to provide the viewers with the right amount of information on a desired topic, with the option to go further into the website to learn more on the topic. The website of Breathe easy, www.breatheeasycarpetcare.com.au, is a perfect example of a website with the right content. The homepage of the website has content related to different topics like the services provided by the company, brief profile of the company, contact info etc. with a Learn more tab for each category.

Attractive colours

Using attractive colours makes the website appear pleasing to the eye. Visitors tend to spend more time on the site, if it is visually appealing. Designers should also keep in mind that different colours have different meanings and should carefully select a colour palette for the website. For example, the website of Breathe Easy, a carpet cleaning in Perth Company has a pleasant colour scheme. The background colour white perfectly contrasts the black colour used for content. This makes the content legible and the website pleasing.

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Three Essentials For A Successful Website

Three Essentials For A Successful Website

Online advertising has become popular as the go-to mode for advertising for many local businesses. Having a website and presence on the social media platforms is an essential part of advertising online. the online advertising is effective and cheaper, when compared to other options.

The website of a company is like the sales person of the company on the internet. The website should be professional and should contain quality content. The article explains the essential elements for a website to be successful in attracting viewers, in comparison to the original site of Effective Heating, a trusted heating company in Middlesbrough, www.effectiveheatingmiddlesbrough.com

The website should be designed keeping the target audience in mind. Designing a website that does not appeal to the target audience is a waste of time and money. The website should not only be able to attract the target audience but also engage with them. The original site of Effective heating, is a perfect example of a website that is successful in attracting the target audience. The website consists of quality content that provides useful information about the heating requirements of different buildings.

The website should be able to attract the visitor and engage with him in the initial ten seconds. The visitors have many options and judge about the website depending on the home page of the website. The homepage should be attractive and convey useful information about the business. The homepage should make the website stand out from the competition. For example, the homepage of www.effectiveheatingmiddlesbrough.com, is attractive. The website uses high quality pictures to portray the different services provided by the company to the visitors. The visitors also know about the advantages they accrue by partnering with the company for their heating requirements.

A website should have a clear call to action or CTA. The CTS can be a “Buy Now’, “request free quote’ or any other call to action that urges the viewers to engage further with the company. The call to action should be impressive in order to convert the visitor of the website into a successful business lead. The original site of Effective Heating Middlesbrough, has two call to action buttons, right on top of the homepage. The site has a ‘request free quote’ and ‘book an appointment’ buttons that encourages the visitors to engage with the company.

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Web Design Critique: https://sratchadahotel.com

Visitors to Bangkok have lots of options when it comes to hotels. One of the most important factors that can affect a decision is location. The convenient location of hotel near Central Rama 9 makes it accessible to shopping venues and other entertainment destinations. It is also a few minutes’ walk away to the BTS System for visitors who want to explore the city of Bangkok and nearby areas.

First impression

The use of aslider in the web pages is quite common among hotel websites. They only differ based on how the web designer chose the images to present what the hotel offers. Sliders give users an idea on what to expect from the hotel and quality images will certainly gain attention. However, what is more eye catching besides the slider is the call to action button that encourages a user to book a room now to enjoy a better price. The call to action button is also consistent throughout the pages to get higher conversions.


The most number of guests can be attracted by user-friendly navigation. Complex navigation does not work for hotel websites because users want to find information quickly; otherwise, they will leave the page for the competitor. The labels in the navigation bar allow the user to discover the most desirable pages that contains the information they seek. However, the ultimate goal of the website which is to generate conversions is achieved through the call to action buttons for booking and reservations.


Adequate information regarding the hotel’s offerings is provided for users who want to make a confident decision. Details are carefully explained in sentences that are easy to understand. The website is well organized in a clean and sensible way without distraction and clutter. The colour scheme chosen provides the hotel website with a unified and polished look. The subdued colour scheme makes it easy to read and understand the large amount of content. It is very apparent that the web designer decided to focus more on content than design to achieve better interaction with users. When it comes down to it, users are not really interested on how the pages were designed because they are more interested in content.

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Web Design Critique: Catalyst Events Solutions


Today we are going to critique the website of Catalyst Events Solutions which specializes in conference and event management especially for clients that are is Sydney. The company also boasts of having staff members based in Brisbane as well as Melbourne. Today we are going to critique its website which is at

  • When it comes to website design, the first thing the users will see is the aesthetic aspect along with visual impact. According to research, 94 per cent of users make their first impression based on the design of the website while 75 per cent said that they based the credibility of the company on the design handpicked for the website.
  • After aesthetics, another aspect to focus on is the navigation. This is the most basic way by which users can move around the website and learn information that relates to the company, their products and services. Getting everything right for these two aspects is important because it will help them decide whether to do business with the company or not.
  • When it comes to critiquing a website, the content should be reviewed just as carefully. The content should be able to educate those who read it.
  • Users do not have a lot of time to waste on a website that is hard to figure out. The users will only stay when they know they can get something out of the site. Otherwise, the users will not remain on the website and look for other alternative sites instead. Adding impressive features on a website is useless if usability is not made the top priority.
  • If you have existing clients that have visited your website recently, it is much easier to ask them for feedback on how the website can be improved. Clients who are looking for company that will handle conference and event management will more likely hire one with website that looks more put together compared to the one that is not the least bit professional looking either with the aesthetics, the design or the function as a whole.
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