How Audit Protection Insurance Can Secure You Against The IRS


If you don’t have an audit protection insurance in place, you may receive an audit notification and it will cost you around $3,500 to $10,000, and won’t be defended by a licensed tax professional in an audit.

This is a fact. The IRS can send out around nine million automated notices. Once you receive the IRS letter, they will claim that you owe them money, or claim you didn’t report something properly. This will need some defence as the IRS considers you guilty until you prove to be innocent. They have a power to charge your bank accounts and furnish your wages even without a court order.

However, if you have an audit protection insurance, it will save you time and money. A small fee is added to your tax preparation invoice. It will protect you in times when tax authorities deal with you especially if you receive a notice from them. A representative can act as your agent and defend you on your behalf. You don’t even need to face them.

You can even have the option not to be covered by the plan; unless you agree protection by paying a small fee. If you choose not to be covered by the audit protection insurance, you will need to pay an hourly rate just if you receive a notice from the state or IRS.

Note that tax identity fraud is rising. In the past two years alone, more than millions of Americans lost their tax identity to thieves worth $5.8 billion for deceitful claims. It happens most of the time more than you realize and how do you expect to prove yourself that you are you?

The audit protection insurance will recover your tax identity and audit representation once you get a notice from the IRS. It will protect your time, money and all the frustration you need to undergo just trying to resolve the issues yourself.

With this insurance plan, you will be protected from having to deal with tax authorities by yourself. And if you receive a summon from the IRS to meet in person, a representative can stand on your behalf. You just need to pay for the audit protection plan, and they’ll do the rest.

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Tips To Design Attractive Website For Pest Control Company


Designing a website for your business is an important step that helps to generate business. A website is like a salesman of the company on the internet. It should attract visitors and should engage with them, in order to able to create value for your brand. A well-designed website that is easy to navigate, attracts viewers and retains their attention.

Presence in social media and internet is an essential factor to get considerable business leads. Many new businessmen find the task of creating website for their company, challenging. For example, if you are a business dealing in pest control in Newcastle, having a properly designed website will help you to generate more leads and improve your business.

Few simple tips to help you create a stunning website for your company

  • Define specific objectives of the business. Designing websites with specific objectives like educating customers, generating in-bound leads, increasing e-commerce sales or increasing your subscription list is easy and effective.
  • The next step after you create a website for your business is to generate traffic for your website. Some simple ways to increase visitors for your pest control in Newcastle website are display advertising, strategic partnerships with other companies which have high traffic, getting registered with business directories, pay-per-click or google ad services, creating pages for your company on other social media platform and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Mobile viewing is gaining popularity over desktop viewing. The website should be responsive and adapt itself to the smaller screens of mobiles. The website should also load in less than 3 seconds to retain the interest of the viewer.
  • Keeping the design of the website simple and clean plays an important role in attracting viewers to the site. Cluttered websites with lot of unnecessary information tend to irritate the viewers and drive them away from your website. The website should contain the relevant information and should be easy to navigate. For example, the website of, a company that deals with pest control in Newcastle is simple and crisp. It contains the relevant information about the services offered by the company, contact details of the company, rates of different packages offered by the company and testimonials of previous clients.
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Web Design Critique:

Web Design Critique:

First impression

This is a website where you can find artists that can create map illustrations based on your requirements. At the homepage, you will find different examples of illustrated maps from the different artists. When you click on an image, you will be able to peruse a larger size so that you check all the details. It also includes a portfolio of the artist in case you are interested. However, what will easily catch your attention when you arrive at the homepage is the call to action box at the left side that allows you to contact an agent. A little more information in the form of text has the potential to attract users who prefer to make an informed decision based on relevant information and not on the basis of images.


The horizontal navigation menu is simple enough to use even for those who are not particularly tech savvy. However, a surprise await you because the other pages are more outstanding compared to the landing page. For example, if you will click on “videos” you will find a video of an artist performing a creative piece for a fashion edition. The landing page will be more exciting and enticing if a high quality video of an artist is highlighted while creating map illustrations. Nevertheless, the video shows the skills and experience of one internationally acclaimed artist. You will know more of the other artists when you click on “about” in the horizontal navigation menu at the top of the page. The social media icons at the bottom of the page are a marketing trick because it allows the website to interact with the user and increase the number of audience.


The landing page may not provide the content you are searching for but it is more than made up for in the other pages. Just click on the links on the navigation menu for more interesting information. Content is organized pretty well and the generous use of white background tends to provide more focus on the images of map illustrations. The images were well chosen carefully to encourage a user to have one for himself.

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Web Design Critique:


The website is an example of a modern 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit that offers the best of Bangkok’s dining, nightlife, shopping and entertainment. The 5-star hotel offers everything that a business or leisure traveller desires when he/she travels to Bangkok.

First impression

In today’s digital world where consumers consult the web to search for almost everything, it is important for web designers to ensure that web design catches the attention of online users. The use of a slider becomes the focal point in the web page. The user can navigate through the slider by using the arrows on both sides. The excellent images and colours can easily grab attention. The interactive slider is prominently placed in the web page as well as the call to action of booking now for best rates guaranteed. The user also has the option to explore further into the site and gain as much information as possible before making a booking for accommodation.


The most important requirement for navigation is to ensure that it is accessible regardless of the device the consumer is using. Since most consumers will access a hotel website through a mobile phone, the main navigation menu and sub menus must be placed properly to offer better opportunities for visitors who browse around the website. Most websites use the standard navigation consistently on all the web pages so that visitors will not get lost. The web designer is looking forward to impressing visitors by using a vertical menu bar that makes the layout simpler and compact to enhance user experience. Aside from faster access to information, the vertical menu bar maintains a smoother interface. The use of different colour schemes on the call to action buttons encourages more clicks from the visitor.


What does content tell visitors? Content shows that the site is credible, trustworthy and professional. The right colourswere used in web design to catch the attention of users who are browsing for luxury hotels. Media used supports content and information. The generous use of white background avoids clutter that often leads to confusion. Information is easy to use and read because they are well organized.

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Web Design Critique:


There is a range of dating sites on the internet like and that can be used by Latin men and women who are seeking for love, romance and long term relationships. Most of the Latin women who have joined speak Spanish or Portuguese. They usually come from South America, Central America and North America.

First impression

The first thing that will catch the attention of a user is the call to action that is designed to make a conversion. The call to action button easily gets the attention it deserves because it placed in an area that a user will never miss. The piece of content on the landing page is designed to persuade a user to become a member of the dating site and view of the profiles of the members. The way it is designed is a strong one because it immediately tells a user what to do. While the call to action is concise it is not ridiculously short like “Sign up now”.


Navigation for the site is approached in a different way. It is common for websites to include a navigation menu at the top of the page. However, the navigation for this site is at the bottom of the page because all the main parts of the website are already present on the landing page. While there is no standard design for navigation, putting it on the top of the page is still the best practice. It is not exactly the norm but navigation design depends on how you expect the user to use the site.


The call to action box is superimposed on top of images of couples. However, if you want to view more profiles, you have to fill up the required fields which is a trick in order to gain conversions. Information provided is concise and simple because the priority is to influence a user to create a profile. Instead of prioritizing what the site can provide to visitors, it puts more importance on what visitors can do on the site. This strategy is effective for users who are in a hurry to find their mate and are not actually looking for information.





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Three Questions You Need To Ask Honda Bike Dealers


Honda motorcycles can be maintained properly if you buy them from authorised Honda bike dealers for utmost performance, quality and safety. The Internet can provide you reputable dealers of authentic Honda motorcycles. However, you need your common sense to tell you which ones to buy. If you’re searching for the right dealer, ask the following questions:

  • Does the Dealer Only Offer Honda Motorcycles?

Before you search online, learn whether the dealer has adequate experience in selling motorbikes. If they are exclusive Honda bike dealers, they may likely sell parts and accessories of the motorcycle itself. If you approach a well-established dealer, you shop safely in their store. They will consistently help you with your needs. The motorcycle dealer will also respond to all your questions.

  • Can You Contact the Dealer Regarding Your Order?

To verify if the bike dealer is authorised to sell Honda motorbikes, you can check their phone number listed in their site. As a customer and future bike owner, you need to contact and interact with the dealer to know if they are not fraudulent. You can contact their phone number and ask questions about the motorcycle you plan to buy.

  • How to Buy a Wide Range of Parts and Accessories from the Dealer?

In your search for Honda bike dealers, check out their website for a selection of motorcycles, parts and accessories. If you enjoy shopping with this dealer, you will want to know what else they can offer in the future. If you are to choose from a wide selection of products, conveniently order the parts for future purposes using an established account. You can also combine the orders to obtain better shipping prices.

It may not be easy to choose a motorbike from selected Honda bike dealers as there could be more motorcycle styles and designs. However, if you already have something in mind, you can look through a number of websites offering Honda products. Then you can ask for quotes and compare features and prices. Also ensure that you are only dealing with a reputable provider.

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