Web Critique: PEEXL



Upon entering the website, it was easy enough to determine what it was all about, which was marketing and selling their expertise on online design and their products such as the HTML5 Online Product Designer. The first thing you would actually see is a large image meant for marketing purposes while also serving as a call-to-action. The logo was plainly designed but it works well with the overall feel of the website.

What you would admire about the entirety of the website is that it was simply but professionally built. All the colors used were complementary with each other not to mention the effective use of the color blue which helps relax the visitors and giving off a professional vibe.


In terms of the navigation, however, it strayed from the simplicity of the web design yet you couldn’t find any fault to it and instead, it had gone really well with the design. Upon first look, you wouldn’t really see a navigation panel but there is a button on the right side of the topmost area that looked like a ghost button and upon clicking, it would expand into a fully functioning navigation panel consisting of seven navigation buttons. The first button led to a webpage detailing the services that the website is offering, the second one leads to a page of the products they are selling, the next one leads directly to a page showcasing the clients that they had worked with, while the rest of the buttons centered on the company, a blog and ways on contacting them.


The overall layout centered on a scroll-down see-all layout. All of the content featured was strategically placed consequently, including a number of product and design images that further aid in the marketing aspect of the website.

The content mostly revolved around the services that they are offering and some examples of their design. At the very bottom of the page, you would find a call-to-action button and further below is a panel meant for social media and customer interaction.


I had found no errors or any flaws in the entirety of the website. It was professionally built, as it should be since they are in the design industry.

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