Web Critique: VIMI.CO’s iOS/Android App Development

VIMI.CO’s iOS-Android App Development

First Impression:

Upon entering the webpage for VIMI.CO’s iOS/Android App Development services, what I had first noticed is how attractive the webpage is. At first you would think that the webpage is complexly designed however, upon closer inspection, you would realize that it is actually much simpler than it appears. It is safe to say that the webpage mixes both simplistic and complex elements that make it more engaging and creative in a way that would make visitors continue on with the page.

I can say that the webpage is eye-candy however you would only expect to find such a well-designed website from a web development company. The webpage exudes so much professionalism that it wouldn’t be hard for it to convince visitors to try the service being offered.


The navigation aspect of the webpage or the whole website is fairly simple. You would not find a navigation panel and instead, you would see a fairly-sized ghost button or what could be a navigation/menu icon opposite the company logo. Upon clicking that icon, it would expand to reveal a vertically placed navigation panel consisting of 8 points of navigation: the homepage, a page for the company’s portfolio, a page that would showcase the clients they have serviced, a page for the services they offer, one for FAQs, another page that would tell you more about the company, a blog page, and a contact’s page.

Also on the expanded navigation panel, you would find a social media panel which makes sense because it would have no place on the webpage itself due to how it is designed.

Content, Layout & Design:

The webpage is actually divided into two separate web pages, which you can shift from by clicking one of the colon-like buttons on the rightmost part of the webpage. The first page features that main content that explains the service being offered, which is all about web/mobile app development, and a reoccurring call-to-action button. You would also find a testimonial below as well. The second page is another call-to-action that would help the visitor in acquiring an instant quote.

When it comes to design, the webpage is attractive and creative without even using videos, animations or images.


The webpage features an advanced yet simple design that is not only user friendly but eye candy as well. It is well-built and the professionalism literally comes out of the screen.

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