Web Design (Critique): Absolute Party Hire


Today’s website to be critiques isownedby Absolute Party Hire. The website address is at http://absolutepartyhire.com.au/. The company has a headquarters in Sydney. They specialize in party hire products, especially marquee hire in Sydney, and other essential equipment for different events and functions.


When users search for the keywords “party hire Sydney”, the website is included on the first page of Google search. Getting on the first page is important for a business because majority of searchers will opt for business listed first. This is where search engine optimization comes in and the website Absolute Party Hire did a good job on this end.


The website is easy to use and all of their links are working. One advantage is that the loading time is quite fast. There are appropriate tabs located at the top of the page to lead users to where they are going.


Even for those who are not computer savvy, they will be able to decipher the website within seconds as there are no complicated set ups. The list of products is listed at the top of the page with accompanying images and the same list can be found at the bottom without images. This is easier because users don’t have to scroll back up to see the list once more. All of the links to the products are working. The only downside is there is no search bar for users who want to search what they are looking for instead of peruse the list one by one.


The layout of the website is simple but it proves to be effective. They made use of the same colour scheme all throughout the site and adapted the company logo’s colours – red and white. No distracting colouris used to take away the attention of the user from the products. As it is a website promoting their own business, users don’t have to worry about annoying ads and pop-up windows.


The homepage contains everything that the user would want to know regarding the company. Their products such as marquee hire in Sydney, their contact details and a little background information. Overall, its simplicity is what makes it an effective website.

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