Web Design Critique: Beautiful Structures Australia


For people looking for a company to turn to for a marquee hire in Brisbane, Beautiful Structures Australia presents itself as the best choice on the market right now. The site certainly offers a lot of evidence in favour of their claim; beautiful evidence, though the presentation could definitely use a bit of work.

The site’s header is pretty much what you would expect from a site’s header, with links to the site’s pages, complete with drop-down menus, and the company’s contact information. The company logo plays double duty as a link to the home page. It’s designed to always stick to the top of the browser, meaning you have access to it, and its navigational options all the time. It als sports a simple colour scheme, with a plain white background.  It’s convenient, but it also bleeds into the page’s body, as the pages sport the same solid white background.

As for the body, the text is fairly succinct, as far as text goes. It’s long, but not too long, and doesn’t feel like it’s just some words that were tacked on for the sake of content. They’re informative, and say what they need to say with little fuss. This is, of course, to make room for the real stars of the site; the visual media.

Images and the occasional video show to visitors what Beautiful Structures have to offer as a company that handles marquee hire in Brisbane, and the images are well-chosen. They’re vibrant, bright, complete with people enjoying their time during the events that the firm had a hand it, giving them a human element that really grabs attention. They’re also a nice splash of colour for a site that is otherwise primarily black and white, and with few identifying features.

The site is loaded to the gills with images and videos, which means that people who have a slow internet or have limited data to work with might have some issues with the site. There’s also a fair amount of scrolling down needed to be done with most pages, though the fact that there’s a small button that let visitors jump back to the top of a page does take the edge off a bit.

At the bottom of every page, there are either links to the site’s Contact Us page, or several input fields that let visitors inquire more information about the firm’s offers, located in a way where the people who see it are the ones most likely to be interested.

The site has a great structure, and could just use some polishing, and a bit of distinction and personality to help it really stand out.

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