Web Design Critique: Delias


First impression

Web users can form an impression of a website in just a few seconds. The website that I am about to critique has visual appeal even if design is simple and familiar. The web designer has followed conventional steps of creating a site with a fixed idea on how an online store should look like. As you scan the web pages, you will easily see the generous use of white space which is one of the most valuable elements of design. White space is easy on the eyes and makes users want to keep on reading content. White space when used in web design does not immediately imply minimalism because when used in the right way, it can generate elegance or sophistication which is very critical for websites dealing with fashion.


Navigation bars provide the direction where it wants visitors to go to. It helps visitors find out what they are looking for. Because of the generous use of white space, navigation links are clearly visible and the call to action button is specifically highlighted. However, the call to action could do with more prominence on the landing page because there is a tendency for a visitor to overlook its presence. Sometimes, the best way to make an element standout is to make it bigger but surrounding the button with white space can be just as effective.


High quality content is critical to the success of a website. Content includes images, texts and video but in many instances, it is images that call attention to a site. It is important for web users to keep on visiting a site that is why content must always be updated and fresh. The site includes different categories so that the search for items will be easier and more efficient.

One thing is clear; a website has to look with lots of quality content but without an information overload. Professional designers from www.perth-web-design.com.au can assist you with the design of your online store according to your requirements. Feel free to contact us so that we can provide you a free quote.

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