Web Design Critique: Go Daddy


A few years back, you will need a thorough understanding of the online world in order to sell products and services online but, nowadays, anyone can set up an online shop with the aid of online store builders. This is an era where more and more consumers prefer to shop online rather than go outside and shop the traditional way. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are venturing into online businesses especially those businesses that have existing physical stores.

There are many options when it comes to the best online store builder but not all of them are easy to use or as popular as the other. Go Daddy, one of the well-known online store builder, is the best solution for small businesses that are planning to set up their very own shop and offer services and products to more customers.

Loading Time

Upon entering the website, the loading was obviously fast. This is a good sign especially for businesses because customers are more likely to stay and browse around if there is less waiting involved. Despite the fact that the homepage contains a lot of images and banners, the loading time is considerably fast.

Design, Font and Color

The website conveys a minimalist design because of the white background used and the plain yet readable fonts. The most dominant colors used are green and orange which complements the website as well as the banners used. The Go Daddy logo used by the company is simple and unimposing which only occupies a small space at the top left. The size of the font used is also readable even at a distance which is an upside. Information is also provided in short sentences which do not make the space look crammed and encourages business owners to read on.

Links and Guides

If you are planning to set up your business online and don’t have any idea on how to start, Go Daddy’s homepage gives a clear instruction on how to start setting up your online shop. A video is also embedded on the page for a clear understanding of how the system works.


Go Daddy is a minimalist website which balances the use of large fonts as well as banner images. The website’s loading time and the embedded links and videos on the homepage are advantages which could help prospect clients.

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