Web Design Critique: Go Laser Eye Surgery Liverpool

Web Design Critique: Go Laser Eye Surgery Liverpool

With the cost of laser eye surgery in Liverpool, it is not surprising that most people would look online for the best yet affordable option such as Go Laser Eye Surgery Liverpool. First impression with the website, www.golasereyesurgeryliverpool.co.uk, as soon as you enter the site is that it loads faster than most e-commerce website. There is a slideshow header and a video at the homepage but it does not stop the page from loading fast. A fast loading homepage is very important especially for businesses who are aiming to get more clicks and more visitors on the site. With this age where everything is automatic, no one is going to patiently wait as the website loads. Most probably, the potential customer will just click and wait a few seconds. If it takes longer than a minute then they will automatically close the site and go look for another one. This is why images and videos on a site should be optimized and minimized in order to load faster.

Go Laser Eye Surgery Liverpool is a website that caters to people who are looking for the best eye clinic in Liverpool. It is important that the website is user friendly especially when it comes to usability. Usability is the ease of navigation around the homepage and the various pages of the website. The client can easily tell where to click when he or she needs contact information or has questions regarding the service.

Since this is a website for people who have poor eyesight or experience some eye condition, it is important that the typography is well thought of. The white background and the clean design help with this because the fonts and information are easily read. The only problem is that some of the information on the homepage is written in small fonts and the definition of different laser procedure in boxed format has orange for the font color. This may be easily read by someone who has a 20/20 vision but it can be quite bright and small for those who have eye conditions. The website should look at more closely at the type of customers that they are catering.

The website is fast, clean and optimized design and the site is user friendly. One can easily visit various pages inside the site and there are a lot of information inside for those who are interested with eye surgery.

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