Web Design Critique: http://computerrepairsperthwa.com.au/

The site offers cost effective PC repairs in Perth so that the computer will become operational again in no time. Quick response and fast turnaround is guaranteed whether it is a drop-off, mobile service or remote support. Technicians are passionate in assisting individuals and businesses and bring with them their experience and skills when fixing your computer issues.

First impression

First impression is gained within the first few seconds that a user views the landing page. Web design is highly appealing because it does not contain the usual complexities that tend to be distracting. It is typical for people to have a fixed idea on how a website must look like. While innovative and unconventional designs catch attention, many users who are searching for information are less likely to like them. The most interest is usually focused on what the website is all about and what is the service that it offers. Even without colour and images, web design was able to convey its message to users.


The labels in the navigation bar are pretty simple and easy to understand. It focuses on the important topics that users will search on the web. Users visit websites not to look at videos because there is more than enough available in YouTube. What users are looking for is answers to their frequent questions and of course information. The number of links on the navigation bar is limited because fewer items are better for search engines. If the homepage has tons of links, the authority that has been built in the landing page flows to the other pages. This reduces the likelihood for the landing to rank.


Information is pretty simple and easy to understand. There are no complex words that tend to confuse users. Since the primary audience is computer users, simple content is more likely to attract and gain their attention. The more pertinent details appear at the top of the page while testimonials were placed at the bottom of the page. This provides a clearer picture on the type of service that can be expected. Potential customers are given the information they need to help them make a confident decision.


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