Web Design Critique: jobsDB.com

jobs db

First impression

At first glance, you would immediately determine that the site is an online directory for Jobs in Thailand. It serves as the connection between businesses and job seekers so that talent sourcing will be efficient. The web directory currently lists more than 15,000 job opportunities. The first thing you will notice with the site is Default Language Settings that allows you to choose between English and Thai language. To get started with the search, you can enter either a job title or an employer name on the search bar. Companies that are hiring for the week are also featured which makes it convenient and easy for anyone who is searching for a job. First impression of the site is it is simple, user friendly and properly organized.


Navigation is very critical for a job portal but the web designer has seen to it that the job seeker will easily find what he is looking for. It is very apparent that web designer has made the effort to simplify the website so that search will not be complicated and time consuming. Content is structurally separated from the navigation bars located at the top and bottom of the website. The website has a clear statement of purpose with exceptionally clear call to action on each page. Response is immediately achieved immediately after a click has been made on a hyperlink. Links are properly labeled so that there is a clear indication of where you will be lead to.


Content is clearly expressed and informative. Content speaks to the target audience effectively. The contrast between text and white background makes reading rather easy on the eyes. Even if the website contains a lot of content, it can be user friendly when text is broken into readable chunks and highlighted by headings and sub-headings.

Site design is simple but aesthetically appealing. Nothing beats white when it comes to background color because it makes text readable for visitors who do not know how to adjust their browsers. The fonts used are easy to read on different screen resolutions. The design is simply appropriate for the objective of the website.

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