Web Design Critique: Leeks-and-Roses

About Leeks and Roses

Leeks and Roses is a website constructed to provide critiques of web designs. This website has been in existence for a decade now and is run by a group of professionals who are experts in web design. L&R gives the user constructive insights on how to properly design a website.


First Impression

When you open the website of Leeks & Roses, it immediately brings you to what you are looking for: web design critiques. There are no introduction about what the website does and how it works. It gives you the critiques immediately. An advantage to this style is that your readers will be immediately fed with the web critiques that they are looking for. However, this approach would also lead your visitors astray. You need to market who you are and what you do. Don’t just give away the content of your website immediately.


On the topmost of Leeks and Roses, you will notice four major navigation tools. Having minimal menus is good in that it does not overwhelm your readers. The website also presents categories of your choice at its right side. This makes it easier for the user to navigate through the website.

Content and Improvements

As mentioned in the About Us page of Leeks and Roses, they are a website run by web design experts. The content of the website is very informative. It gives the readers useful information about a certain website. It also gives critiques to several websites in different industries. The articles give you first hand information on what the website is all about, how it is structured, how good the navigation tools are and it gives you an idea whether the content of a certain website is of quality.

However, what is being presented in the Home Page of Leeks and Roses is the same information in the Web Design Reviews menu. This is a redundancy in the contents presented. This structuring of the website should be avoided so that the website will present new and fresh ideas on every page.

The designers of this website can improve their home page by providing useful and catchy information about the website which will spark the interest of the audience.

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