Web Design Critique: Lovell Johns


Loveljohns.com is a company website that specializes in maps. The company prides itself from being the leading map company in the United Kingdom with map makers and solutions provided for cartographic and digital needs.

Loading Time. For a business website, the loading time is quite fast though there are a lot of elements contained on the homepage. The text appeared first followed by the images and the large banner on top of the page.

Navigation. There are tabs located at the upper part of the homepage but in a very small font including Home, Services, Industries, Blog and Contact. For an online user with a 20/20 vision, the font and the text is ideal but for some it might be quite a challenge to read. There is a search box just below the tabs which can be used to easily find what you are looking for in the website.

Logo and brand name. Surprisingly, there is no logo that goes along the company name at the upper left portion of the webpage. The brand name itself is displayed in a very simple text and might represent as the company logo.

Header. A large banner header is located at the top part of the page which showcases five features of the company and the website. There is animation as one hovers from one block to another.

Content. The homepage itself contains a lot of text that many users might not be willing to read all at once. Though they are placed in such a way that it does not cram the page, it still contains a lot for a business homepage.

Font and Text: The font sizes used are small and are perfect for users with ideal vision. Otherwise, the page has to be zoomed to read everything. The font style is simple which makes it easy to read but the highlight used is in the shade of orange which can be quite bright considering the background color is light gray.

Overall, the website might be a good provider of illustrated maps but the website needs a little tweaking in order to cater to all types of visitors. The homepage should be simplified while the font size and highlight needs adjustment.

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