Web Design Critique: Memorial Urns Australia


“Keeping memories alive forever”, is the motto of Memorial Urns Australia, presented in powder blue text in its header. Powder blue is a fairly uncommon colour to use for a company’s website, but then most websites don’t handle death care.

In the home page, immediately following the header are a slideshow of the company’s products, accompanied by a succinct description, informing visitors of the site of things that might appeal to them. Phrases like ‘Individually crafted and finished by hand’ and ‘Buy with confidence. No questions asked’, accompanied by a Money Back Guarantee, which is certainly very useful for anyone visiting the site; even without bothering to scroll too much, a visitor can decide whether they’re interested in the company’s services.

The choice of colour is somewhat unusual; powder blue with dark brown. Unusual in the sense that these colours are rarely chosen, not in that they’re ineffective. Indeed, they present a soft, welcoming feeling for the site, overall, which is a smart choice when designing a web site for death care and selling cremation urns and the like.

Now, the menu bar has the standard features that one would expect from a menu bar for a site that offers purchasing, Login, Shopping Cart, that sort of thing. There are only 5 links to pages in the site’s the navigation tab; Home, Shop, About Us, FAQs, and Contact Us, made all the more noticeable thanks to the fact that, despite the link to the Shop having an arrow denoting a drop-down menu right next to it, suggesting that one could access the specific categories of the cremation urns shop from the navigation bar, whereas, in fact, no such option exists.

The site also has minimal use of text, which makes it feel rather barebones, to the point that the About Us page amounts to 5 paragraphs of text, all no longer than 3 sentences each. Expect to do minimal reading when visiting the site. Another thing worth noticing is that there are issues with displaying the icons for payment options in the FAQs page, caused by an Internal Server Error, which leads to Mozilla Firefox outright refusing to load even the placeholder icon for broken images.

This is a bit of a shame as, in other pages, the site makes excellent use of images, with pictures of their available cremation urns even having a little heart icon that pops up when one mouses over them, allowing the urns to be added to the wishlist, if so desired.

The site, overall, makes great use of visual aids, with good presentation and a welcoming choice of colour, though that feels as if it comes at the expense of everything else, as the other pages that don’t use images a lot are quite lacking.

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