Web Design Critique on http://reiwa.com.au/

First impression

My first impression of http://reiwa.com.au/ is the professionalism of the site. There are plenty of things to look at with all useful information that will be interesting to any user. The message is clear and the user will not be confused about the objective of the site. The site as a whole is great and it loaded fast which meant that a visitor will not lose his patience. Most of what I have to say about this site is positive and it should serve as an example of a how website that deals with house and land packages should be.



Navigation is simple and user friendly and the web designer ensured that all the right buttons are present so that the user will not require a great deal of effort looking for useful information. So much useful information is provided and the user who will browse through the entirety of the site will learn a lot about the complexities of real estate. Given that the purpose of the site is very clear, the flow is very easy to follow. Content can be accessed on different pages but there are buttons that will take the user where he wants to go.


All content provided on the site is of the highest quality meaning that the web designer has invested a lot of efforts and time in researching to be able to provide the right information to users. Generally, users are interested on content and not only fancy animations and graphics. Graphics and animations can provide value to other sites but not for this site that deals with house and land packages. The intention of the user when accessing the site is very apparent and it is successfully provided in the site through its excellent content.

Typography and color scheme

The web designer has taken advantage of large amounts of white space so that the attention of the user will be directed to content. A right balance with the colors has been created with charcoal, blue and white. It makes the images standout. Typography is easy read and the user does not need to strain the eyes to understand text.

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