Web Design Critique On Oshkosh.com


First impression

OshKosh Bgosh is one of the big brands in children’s clothing and I was actually expecting a website composed of many happy colors and graphics that will quickly attract attention from web users. However, the site has made good use of white background to emphasize content. What attracts a user to this website is free shipping and 25% off on the purchase using an in-store coupon. The focus is on the benefits that a visitor will derive as opposed to just listing the offer for free shipping and discounts. No frill, no fuss, the website leads the consumer directly to the products that is offered; very impressive.


Navigation is simple but effective. It leads the visitors’ right where they want to go. Every page on the site can be reached easily through the set of navigation buttons on the top of landing page. Call to action buttons are clear and easily understood that even a buyer who is not a tech geek will be able to shop conveniently even without any help. The call to action buttons which is in dark blue works in perfect contrast to the white background. All the links work properly and you choose to follow the links you will get more details on the products that are offered.


The site does not have too much text but the pictures are displayed where they are supposed to be. The simplicity of web design reinforces the brand and brings the product to life. Too much text on the landing page tend to compete with attention but a customer who wants to know more of the company can simply click on the FAQ where all the details from online ordering to general product inquiries as well as shipping information and product availability are explained thoroughly. Product configuration and shopping functions are clearly presented but what I want is more color so that the website will appear more exciting. While it exudes professionalism and reliability, the site lacks warmth. The emphasis is more on promotions but it is clearly understandable considering that all businesses today want to gain from the opportunities provided by holiday shopping.

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