Web Design Critique: Rhenus Logistics


About Rhenus Logistics

Rhenus Logistics is a specialist logistics company engaged in providing a wide range of logistics services. It was established more than 3 decades ago with the name of Lupprians Computer Ltd. It invested much for its development in the logistics solution which makes it the leading logistics company in the United Kingdom today.

Searchability. When searching for the keywords “Rhenus Lupprians”,they appear in the first page of the Google search results giving it more views than the other websites offering similar services.There are also other websites that appear on the first page of the same keywords following the main website www.rhenus-lupprians.com that indicates popularity.

Usability. The website is convenient to use with all the information about the different services they offer about logistics technology. The corresponding pages of the menu tabs give easy access to online users.

Navigation. The menus on top of the page are arranged horizontally but there are no drop-down menus. However, when the main menus are opened, they give a full information about the subject menu. There are menu navigation links that are placed at the bottom part of the page which give the same information about the main menu, so the users don’t have to go back to the top page.

Design and layout. The website’s design is simple but attractive. It immediately gives the user a good idea about the website. The pictures displayed are clear and relate to the company’s structure. It shows the different equipment being used in the different areas of their services. They have also social media accounts placed at the rightmost bottom of the page. You can share the page and print it as well. The picture of the map which becomes animated gives the user an easy way to locate the company’s branches in different countries.

Contents. The website of Rhenus Logistics which offers different logistics services in different countries has full of relevant information about logistics solutions for different kinds of services. Its company vision embodies a responsible partnership with their clients that supports their business logistics requirements and presents its goals for value-added services that make it a reputable and reliable logistics provider.

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