Web Design Critique: TecDis


The company website is the how the company presents itself to the internet. Needless to say, it’s imperative that the site be done well in order to positively represent the brand.

TecDis Logistics Network’s site, www.tecdisnetwork.com sports a blue and white colour scheme, the cool tones of the blue giving it a calm, professional look. The text, notably, has some issues with standing out in particularly bright settings, as they’re small in size and closer to dark grey in colour, rather than black, which is problematic given how much of it is there. It’s quite informative, but sometimes feels a tad overbearing. The lack of links in most of the text makes everything feel detached, with navigation a bit of an issue given most of the links are on the head of the site, meaning people have to scroll up or to the bottom of the page to properly navigate.

Notably, the only contact information one will see on the site, whether on the head or the tail, which is where the site asks for information from the visitors in order to give them a free quote on services, is the company e-mail. No telephone number, no social media account (which is particularly strange given the LinkedIn logo in that section), or mobile number. Not even a Login/Registration option anywhere.

That being said, the site’s layout is very straightforward and easy to grasp; head, image, body, then, the form for a free quotation, which also comes with some links to the other pages. There’s no superfluous images in the site, which makes everything feel clean, and what few images the site does use also communicates what www.tecdisnetwork.com and its company is about, even if some of them feel a little strangely edited.

All in all, the site is clean, well-structured and professional. Sometimes, though, it feels too professional, to the point of being bland and generic, and some of the content on the site, like two of the “Read More” links on the front page, feel incomplete. There’s also a few key things missing from the site, like more contact information, a registration/sign up, links to other pages and the site’s social media, the latter being a little muddy as to whether or not the company doesn’t have one, or the site just isn’t updated to include it. To put it succinctly, the site is good, but it could use some finishing up.

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