Web Design Critique: TV Store Online

TV Store Online is an online retail website where you can purchase some merchandise of your favorite classic and current TV shows and movies. It has been operational since September 2004.

The website’s main goal is to ensure that their products are completely licensed and that these products are unique that you will not be able to find them anywhere else.


Homepage Appearance

First impression of the website, upon entering the homepage, is that it is quite cluttered. The top half is completely all over the place, with the search button, category browser and social media buttons all being cramped up at the upper part of the page. It all gets too confusing as to searching for what you need to click on so it needs a lot of work.

Color Scheme

The color scheme for the website is a combination of the colors of the American flag – red, white and blue. They fit the website’s main focus perfectly, given that the merchandise they sell are only available to order in the US. Unfortunately, the shade of color that they have chosen is not exactly enticing because the colors are too dark and gives out a downbeat vibe to it.


The font chosen for the site is a mix bag in terms of style and sizes. There are big fonts and then there are smaller ones. There are fonts that are clear and precise and there are others that are too confusing or even too painful to read.


The navigation around the site is fairly fine. There is a window at the top of the homepage where you can freely browse on names of movies, TV shows, comics, books and games that you are looking for. At the right side of the homepage there is also some specific links on the merchandise that you can go to and have a look at it such as movie costumes, t-shirts, mugs and a lot more. You can also see the links by scrolling down the page and they come with images.


The website still needs to work on their search tabs and social media links as they are quite disordered and untidy and the color scheme needs to have a lighter shade to it so that the website will get a much more positive feel to it.

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