Web Design Critique: Ugly Christmas Sweater

About Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater is an e-commerce website that sells Christmas sweaters that are categorized to be “ugly”. “We love the holiday season. And what’s more to love than an ugly christmas sweater? Whether you’re attending an Ugly Sweater Contest or just going to your family Christmas dinner, you should definitely check out our wide variety of sweaters to choose from. We create original designs for everyone.”

UCSPR10 screencapture

First Impressions

At first glance, it is very eye-catching. The colours used are very festive and nothing shouts Christmas holiday than the colours green and red. The homepage looks really neat and no clutter.

Products are highlighted properly and categories are arranged in a very hierarchal manner.

An e-commerce website is very different from a portfolio website where the owner needs to make an impression that everything is well arranged and thought of. E-commerce is different in a sense that it does not need to reach a certain standard to be considered successful. Most of the successful ones have the worst website presentation and that doesn’t stop them from attracting customers.

Page Title

After clicking the link to the website, you can see the title of the site being – Funny, Lightup, Santa, Reindeer. It is very obvious that these words are meant for Search Engine Optimization. People looking for these nostalgic Christmas sweaters would know exactly that it is the website for them after clicking on the homepage.


The website is clutter-free. Everything is organized and well presented. Even though clutter-free is a good thing, too much simplicity can be quite boring. An animated, festive header would surely add more holiday cheers to the visiting customers. It wouldn’t hurt to highlight the “Free Shipping on orders over $50! (US Only)” on top as well. It needs a bigger font too. A bigger search bar would also convey an important message to customers – they know what the customers’ priorities are.


The navigation is perfectly arranged. The items and categories are clearly visible. The featured products are given top spots and the images are just the right size – no need to zoom in.

Welcome to Ugly Christmas Sweater!

This part needs a bigger font – not everyone can read the small font. It is taking up a bit of space as well which makes the right side bar a bit plain. A “Read More” link would be welcome.


There is just something to love about the website. The only thing to add is a more festive and animated header perfect for the Christmas holiday.

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