Web Design Critique: www.beyondaword.com.au


Beyond a Word creates personalized arts for their customers that can vary depending on the purpose of the art – it can be a gift with a special quote, a photo collage or a word art for newlywed couples. Customers have the option to create their own design from the wording and the colour scheme used. Today, we are going to critique the website of this Australian company.

Calls to action. This is a very important feature for an e-commerce website but, most of the time this is one of the most forgotten or taken for granted. This is essential if you want your website to create more leads. Look at your analytics and if there is an evident amount of traffic on the site but without an increase in sales then there is something wrong with the calls to actions or the fact that the website has none. With Beyond a Word, the “contact us” bubble is obviously embedded at the bottom of the page and it moves along as you scroll up and down. This is to prompt customers to take an action and contact them regarding any questions.

Contact information. When viewed on the normal desktop screen, there is no link to the contact page on top along with other page tabs but at the bottom there is site navigation in button list which includes the link to the Contact Us page. If you reduce the screen size of the browser, the page tab at the top transforms into a hamburger menu and “Contact” is already included in the list. This could be a glitch or the designer failed to see the error.

Professional look. For an e-commerce website, a professional looking website is important because it reflects the company. Beyond a Word definitely made an effort to make their site look like they mean business. There are no unnecessary features included just because it is cool or trending. The basic is all in their homepage. They paid attention to what their customers will look for thus providing them everything in the homepage so they don’t look any further. There is a good flow to the content and loading is fast.

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