Web Design Critique: iHome Alarm Systems


First Impression

People that seek to provide security through iHome Alarm Systems for their homes or businesses alike may just have found the most informative website out there with www.ihomealarmsystems.com. I can say that the overall website, particularly the content and display of simple aesthetics match up with the title ADT Home Monitoring System is known for – #1 Home Security Company in America.


The type of navigation design in the website is pretty straightforward. Users can save a lot of time as it won’t lead them to click one tab after another in order to be directed to the information they are looking for. What makes it even easier to navigate is the brief description provided in sections that are very likely to be clicked on first by people interested to learn about the right security package to choose. Additionally, sections displayed are ideally arranged according to the importance of information in a potential customer’s perspective. Navigation throughout the entire website definitely won’t give anyone the headache that is experienced by some people as they come across websites that appear to be poorly designed.


Apart from a great navigation style used in the website, 5 stars can be given out also in the assessment of the entire website’s appearance. Sticking to the combination of an eye-friendly shade of blue, yellow, and white space gives the viewers an easy-to-read experience. A consistent layout is also displayed, giving the viewers the impression of a well-organized website.


Anyone who is interested in installing a home security package catering to the person’s need is surely to get all the important answers by just checking out the website. Clear and concise explanations are provided in every section that even the not-so-enthusiastic ones when it comes to technology can relate very easily. While the words that were used were not technical, everything that one should know such as the important features of one security gadget, how it works, and even differences between two systems are provided. Explanations were not limited to words as pictures that make the website more visually appealing to the audience present additional information such as statistical data about home security system installation.

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