Web design critique: www.nordangliaeducation.com/our-schools/bangkok


Web designers are faced with serious responsibility to ensure that web design of international school in Bangkok demonstrates professionalism and integrity. Many of today’s best web designs are optimized for social media and mobile because these are the tools that are usually used when searching for international schools. The website must be viewed clearly no matter the screen size of the device.

First impression

The first thing that you will notice in the school website is the clarity of the images used. According to studies, websites are judged within a few seconds and the use of quality images can influence a user to stay longer on the site. Instead of an introductory video that is typically used to gain user attention, web design made use of a slider that shows people in action. The plethora of text does not overwhelm a visitor because it is organized and visually attractive. In matter of seconds, a visitor can immediately determine that this is school website, no question about that.


Today’s users expect to scroll and they do not want overly condensed content. Web design encourages the user to continue browsing the page because it promises more useful information. The standard navigation menu is used because most users are already familiar with the style. It is safe to say that most web designers prefer to use the horizontal navigation bar with simple words and phrases on the links to facilitate content browsing. It is better to be safe than err on the side of caution.


It is pretty common for web design to use a blue and white colour scheme because it cultivates trust. Blue and white combination works perfectly for school websites because it speaks of professionalism not to mention that it is easy on the eyes. Meanwhile, web design provides a library of information without being cluttered. The generous use of white background makes text easier to read and understand. The use of Google map is an effective strategy because it provides the user with an idea on the location of the school and nearby landmarks. Besides looking great, the website also works well on mobile devices.


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