Web Design Critique: www.realestateview.com.au/real-estate/perth/homes-for-sale/

First impression

Sometimes, you click on a website and it catches your attention because it looks professional. This is my first impression of this Perth real estate website. The target audience for real estate websites is mostly home buyers and sellers including other real estate agents and their attention can be gained through content. For example, a visitor who is planning to make a property investment will continue browsing the site because there is useful information available about homes that are on the market. Information is the first thing that a potential customer will search for once he accesses the home page.



Navigation is rock solid. It works perfectly because it includes all the right buttons for a user who wants to gain more information. Web design also makes it relatively simple to make a more refined search. As the user scrolls down the page, he will find another set of buttons that include the significant contact information. The site also encourages interaction from users through the feedback button. It also encourages advertisement from other real estate agents although they cannot include their property listings.


The site contains an overwhelming amount of relevant information that will assist any user. Ultimately, information is not just a nice feature; it is the key to generate interest and attention. Content does not only involve images of properties for sale but all the pertinent information including price and description. The web designer has also made good use of white space so that the site does not look cluttered. It is very easy for a user to read text because the layout has been broken in a significant way.

Other features

The site is mobile friendly and it has available Android apps on Google Play that helps in researching properties even when on the move. Apps will help a customer to be updated on the latest properties on the market. My final impression of the site is extremely positive. Its professional design will easily gain the trust of online users. The site literally answers all the possible questions that a user may ask because it provides all the pertinent information.

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