Web Design Critique: www.thecontinenthotel.com


The website https://www.thecontinenthotel.com/ is an example of a modern 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit that offers the best of Bangkok’s dining, nightlife, shopping and entertainment. The 5-star hotel offers everything that a business or leisure traveller desires when he/she travels to Bangkok.

First impression

In today’s digital world where consumers consult the web to search for almost everything, it is important for web designers to ensure that web design catches the attention of online users. The use of a slider becomes the focal point in the web page. The user can navigate through the slider by using the arrows on both sides. The excellent images and colours can easily grab attention. The interactive slider is prominently placed in the web page as well as the call to action of booking now for best rates guaranteed. The user also has the option to explore further into the site and gain as much information as possible before making a booking for accommodation.


The most important requirement for navigation is to ensure that it is accessible regardless of the device the consumer is using. Since most consumers will access a hotel website through a mobile phone, the main navigation menu and sub menus must be placed properly to offer better opportunities for visitors who browse around the website. Most websites use the standard navigation consistently on all the web pages so that visitors will not get lost. The web designer is looking forward to impressing visitors by using a vertical menu bar that makes the layout simpler and compact to enhance user experience. Aside from faster access to information, the vertical menu bar maintains a smoother interface. The use of different colour schemes on the call to action buttons encourages more clicks from the visitor.


What does content tell visitors? Content shows that the site is credible, trustworthy and professional. The right colourswere used in web design to catch the attention of users who are browsing for luxury hotels. Media used supports content and information. The generous use of white background avoids clutter that often leads to confusion. Information is easy to use and read because they are well organized.

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