Web Design Critique


Years ago, homeowners have the option of decorating their walls with paintings or images that have been enlarged and printed on paper. Now there is an alternative through canvas prints that are definitely lighter than the frames used for paper-printed images. People who are passionate about the characters of the iconic movie Star Wars have the option of Star Wars Art that features Darth Vader, Tusken Raiders and Stormtroppers.

First Impression

The first thing that will catch the attention of a user is the content in the middle of the homepage that is emphasized with red and blue colors. Web design immediately generates an impression of professionalism with the way the landing page has been designed. However, a user will not immediately gain an idea of the product being offered not unless he clicks on “Get started.” It is also very obvious that “Get started” is frequently used on the other pages. A user who is impatient will not click on links; he wants the information presented immediately whether through text or images on the homepage. What caught my attention was the canvas print of a father and daughter; it is an image that is worthy of being placed in the wall of the living room.


The landing page is not eye-catching but once you click on “get started” you will find the information you are searching for. The instructions for creating your very own canvas are easily explained. Prices are listed according to size of canvas print that will be created. However, customers will be overjoyed with the big discounts that range from 85% to 87%. If discounts were featured prominently in the landing page, it will attract many users to stay longer on the site. Web design has also included the answers to the frequently asked questions from the way that the canvas prints have to be hanged to the how its beauty can be maintained.

Navigation is not user friendly because you have to keep on clicking get started to search for the information required. Get started has been repeatedly used on the all pages. There is no home button on the navigation menu that is why you always need to click on the back button.

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