Website Critique: Bee Academic Tutoring

Website Critique: Bee Academic Tutoring

First Impression
The webpage had mainly focused on Tutoring in Long Beach, one of the areas that Bee Academic Tutoring caters to, and upon entering the site, the first thing that I had noticed is how simple the webpage is. There is only a single image used besides the company logo and the background of the webpage is a plain white. Although, the simplistic trend has become one of the most popular trends in the world of web design, there are times when simplicity becomes dull and this webpage is a proof of that.

In terms of navigation, you really do not have to expect much. The only thing you really need to pay attention to are the navigation panel and the scroll bars. The navigation panel is basically the same one used in every page of the Bee Academic Tutoring website. I can say that simplicity has a good place in navigation because it adds to the user experience of the site’s visitors. Overall, the navigation aspect of the webpage is fairly decent.

Layout & Design
The webpage mainly follows a simplistic design. Unfortunately, the design aspect of the webpage has become too simple and because of that, it had also become quite dull. Although white is a clean and preferable to some, I also believe that colors bring life to a webpage and this webpage, in particular, definitely needs to add more color.

Even the content of the webpage is simple. They only revolved around the brief summary of the tutoring services offered by Bee Academic Tutoring in Long Beach, a simple history of Long Beach and the education system there along with special mentions of known educational institutes.

There is no special box for the content; they were just simply laid out in the webpage without any special effects and using only a basic, neutral font.
The webpage had also made use of a Google map in the bottom regions of the webpage to help visitors understand where Long Beach is located.

Contact details are listed in the bottom areas of the webpage along with some call to actions and social media icons.


The webpage would need great improvements in the design aspect. I recommend adding more color, using better fonts and adding a few attractions to the webpage.

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