Website Critique:

First impression

This isn’t another one of those dull websites considering that is providing an uninteresting and unexciting service of storm drain cleaning, sewer unblocking and manhole inspections and cleaning. This is relatively a very impressive site. What immediately catches your eye is the different images of water when the website is first viewed. The homepage gave a good introduction of the type of service provided letting me know the big picture immediately.



Content seems relevant, useful and meaningful to its target audience and definitely appropriate. Content is presented in three formats, text, images and video. The variety of formats seems to satisfy varied audience needs. The video showed exactly how a drain is cleaned using a jet of water. Quite understandable even when the instructions were in Dutch. There was lots of information available about the company, the services it provides and the technologies used to provide better services.


Web design is serious and professional which is of course intended for its target audience. The layout is clean and uncluttered and there is a consistent layout on all the pages through the use of fonts and color. The color theme is just right and the texts in perfect contrast with the white background so it is not a strain to read. The graphics add visual appeal to the site and maintain viewer interest because it does not distract attention.


The links in the navigation bar are logically grouped with equal importance. There is site navigation on each page which is quite convenient so that users would not be required a back button to return to the landing page. The menu is located in the same place in every page. It is clearly recognizable as a navigation bar with all the options for different types of information that can be found on the other pages. There are section headings as I scroll down the page which is very difficult to miss because they are clearly labeled. The links are simple to understand and use even for someone without superior tech skills.

Final verdict on the site: very impressive, informative and meaningful.

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