Website Critique: Paper Mart



Upon entering the homepage of Paper Mart, the first thing that had caught my attention was a large image of packaging boxes which I then realized was part of a carousel of images showcasing the products that the website is offering. In my honest opinion, I feel as if carousels are not relevant anymore because they don’t really serve much purpose other than taking up space but in this case, the carousel had been justified as it did not betray the purpose of further advertising and marketing their products to first time visitors.

My first impression about the website is that there is nothing out of the ordinary about it. It follows the same format that most websites use but I also found the organization and the content of the website to be very good.


In terms of the website’s navigation, I found it to be a little complex but the organized layout of the content made it easier to navigate from top to bottom. The navigation panel consists of about 13 navigation buttons but even though there are a lot of buttons, they mostly just represent the type of service and the products that the website is offering so there it is easily understandable.

I also commend the search panel located at the topmost area next to the logo. The search panel is also complex but it made the user navigation experience a lot better.


The layout and design of the website is pretty simple. Everything has been placed strategically around the website. The content mainly focused on convincing potential customers to buy their products. In terms of the color choices, I feel as if the website could do better. The colors they used are a bit dull and uncomplimentary.

Content regarding about the website and the company are placed at the bottommost page.


Everything about the website exudes an aura of professionalism. The design and the layout as well as the navigation aspects of the website enhance the user experience of visitors. The logo was effectively made and the only problem I have is with the colors used in the website.

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