Website Critique:

Website Critique - Papermart

First Impression:

Upon entering the website, the first thing that I had noticed was how organized the site is. You can definitely tell that careful time had been given just to build the website. What had caught my attention first was a large image placed prominently at the centre of the website. Upon closer inspection, you would find that this large image is actually a part of a carousel or slideshow. You can say that carousels were a popular trend in countless of websites then but now, it is considered as an outdated trend. However, with the exception of this one, the carousel found in the website has definitely proven effective providing useful information regarding the services offered by the company and the products that they are selling.

When it comes to the colours used in the website, I believe that they could’ve done much better but it’s only a minor problem which would go unnoticeable at most times.


The navigation system in the website is simple and very convenient. The navigation panel features thirteen navigation buttons primarily centred on the category of products being sold by the website. Each button expands into a different and more diverse navigation panel. Aside from the navigation panel, you would also find a search panel on the topmost area of the website next to the company logo which people can use to find something more specific in the website.

Design, Content & Layout:

The design borders on simple and specific. The homepage is really all about what the website, and the company in general, can offer the visitors. At the topmost area you will find a company logo placed next to a search panel which in turn is placed beside a cart detailing how much you have placed on the shopping cart and how money you are planning to buy.

Below them is the carousel mentioned above and below the carousel are image links/call-to-actions that would link you to specific pages that aim to showcase different offerings of the website. Below these call-to-actions is another slideshow aimed at showcasing the newest and most popular items on sale.

On the second to the last area of the website you’d find customization options and lastly, the bottommost area is where you can find all the things you may need to know more about the company, another call-to-action and a social media panel.


The homepage of Paper Mart has been effectively built that the professionalism just oozes out of the screen. While there could be some improvements with the colours, all in all, the homepage didn’t fail to deliver.

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