Web Design Critique: Titan Transline


‘Bold first impression’ is the name of the game for TitanTransline.com, with its striking color scheme, heavy use of visual aids, and attractive video presentation at the home page. It does it well, though it might lean into the ‘first impression’ part a bit too much.

The site sports a black and red color scheme, with shades of white and grey as the tertiary colors. It’s a classic combination, used fairly well, that allows for easy highlighting of important information. Since they’re important, announcements made at the top of the page don’t follow the brand colors, instead being featured in a reassuring shade of minty green, which helps make them impossible to miss, even in spite of all the bold visual design choices. There are a few flubs, though, like using light grey text alongside background images with grey trucks in them. Nothing particularly bad, but still quite noticeable due to how well-done the visuals are otherwise.

As for visuals, the site uses its brand colors well, mixing it neatly with videos, images, and logos to help present itself as a trustworthy, reliable trucking company. The home page even features a trailer-like video, which does a good job of being convincing. The logos used throughout the site are also quite noticeable, and create a very distinct visual hierarchy.

Functionally, TitanTransline.com works well. It has all the navigation tools one would expect from a professionally-designed site such as this, though none of the fancy logos and images also pull double duty as links to pages, which does waste their potential a bit. Headers and footers are neatly linked and work well, with a tiny button on the lower right of every page getting back to the top quickly.

The most notable thing about the site is easily its aesthetic choices, with lots of brand coloring and visual media to help it stand out, alongside its home page.

That being said, the home page also highlights an issue the site has, as a decent amount of what’s on it, like the “request a quote” section, are repeated in other pages on the site, showing how they might’ve overdone the ‘bold first impression’ bit. It might’ve been prudent to give the other pages extra content to balance things out.


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Web Design Critique: News.com.au


News.com.au’s site is a news site that prioritizes good convenience and navigation above everything else; easy to use, convenient to navigate through.

The header of the site has the site’s logo at the top, which is fairly easy to recognize. On a functional note, the header has all the amenities and tools one would expect from a professionally-made site, including a search bar, so people can find articles about a King Kong marketing agency review and other topics with ease. It’s omnipresent too, scrolling down with the visitor’s browser, so it’s nice and convenient.

Content is nicely formatted, with good spacing and partitioning. The text feels informative, without coming across as overly-long and overwhelming. The visual aids do a lot for providing context, colour, and spacing out things quite nicely.

Functionally, there’s little to complain about news.com.au; it works nicely, and the stuff in it is easy to digest, so there’s no worry when looking for topics like King Kong marketing agency review and others.

Now, the main issue with the site is the lack of anything resembling branding or personality within. News sites aren’t generally expected to be flashy and bold, but they occasionally have things like special highlights or colour schemes to help differentiate themselves from others. However, news.com.au doesn’t have any of that.

It’s a lot of white space with different colours or visual elements to create a sense of visual hierarchy. That means that, while it is easy to skim through the content, it’s not particularly interesting.

Overall, good function and clean convenience, but lacking in any sort of visual design.

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