About Leeks & Roses

Leeks & Roses is a web design critiquing site run by a team of experts in the field. Been existing in the industry for almost a decade, L&R provides people with different perspectives on web designs and what should be and should not be used in the discipline.

The team is composed of experts in specific areas of web design including interface design and user navigation system. Divided in groups to focus on different niches in web designing, the team is capable of providing meticulous critiques on web designs of different sites in the industry. From layouts to content to accessibility and originality, Leeks & Roses provides a blow-by-blow evaluation of the different facets in web designing. With the goal to help people understand the important aspects of web design, L&R has been featured in some prominent websites.

Meet the Creator

Laura S Keesee

Laura Keesee is the creator of Leeks & Roses. She has been in the industry for more than a decade, starting with being a freelance web designer. With her years in the industry working with reputable websites and helping them improve the performance of their sites through the improvement of their web designs, Laura believes that proper help should be given to people who want to know more about designing but do not have the budget to hire experts to do it for them. With this in mind, Laura was able to gather experts to help her to accomplish her goal.

Great Web Design Sites Examples

Leeks & Roses provides information and links on great websites that you can check out if you want to know what an excellent web design look is. By featuring different websites which use great styles and designs that contributes to their sites’ performance, L&R provides the readers to have a model of what their website should look at.