Web Design Review – Brony.com

First Impression

The site of My Little Pony pajamas www.brony.com is an aesthetically beautiful and mobile friendly site. I can see that the site has been optimized for a mobile device with the responsive layout and the little touches of Brony memes looking exactly the same on my laptop and Android phone. As soon as I saw the colorful layout, I knew immediately that I will like this site. My first impression is a site wherein the web designer has certainly exerted a lot of creative effort.



The first thing that will greet you is the offer for discount which is very interesting for potential consumers – meaning mothers who are looking for apparel for their little kids. Offer of discounts is one of the best strategies of an online store to gain the attention of customers since everyone certainly wants a good deal. This is certainly what is called as a call to action technique. The point here is the call to action was placed strategically, right in the middle of the page where it will not be missed.


Content is one of the critical factors in a website and it must be easy to read. Unfortunately, the text would be a challenge for one who has slight visual impairment. The titles are in bold white letters on a violet background but the article is on a white background and lacks contrast that makes it more difficult to read. However, content is informative and provides something for the visitors to stay longer on the site and check what it offers. Content has been broken with images to help visitors quickly discover what they need.


Navigation is actually a very slick piece of design work. Having a clear and clutter free navigation is one of the better points of this web design. The number of menus is limited which makes the site uncomplicated. Navigation can easily be configured and facilitates browsing. Potential customers can easily spot their options because navigation is located right on top regardless of the device that is used.

As far as I am concerned, the site is top-notch and a ready source of information. I looked around trying to find something to complain about but frankly speaking aside from the difficulty in reading the posts, everything looked perfect enough.

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