The State Of Cross-Border Trucking In The United States


The cross-border road freight transport market in the United States is segmented according to the service that it provides. Cross-border freight transport varies from full truckload to less-than-truckload and dedicated load, international transport, international warehousing and logistics and courier, express and parcel deliveries. Road transportation is the most used mode for trade to support the economic growth of the North American countries.

The growth of cross-border road freight transport market can be attributed to the technological advancements in the trucking industry and the trade agreement among the countries in North America. However, market growth is being hampered by road congestions and high emissions. There is strong freight demand but there are fewer trucks that are available for the northbound loads on the US-Mexico border because of the higher trucking rates.

The trucking industry of the USA is considered to be the largest in the world with approximately 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the country. Millions of metric tons of goods are transported from the US by road to Canada and Mexico. However, cross-border trucking in the USA is highly competitive because of the presence of major international players. There are also many new players that cause a moderate fragmentation in the market.

Full truckload is usually used by a shipper to carry a single shipment across the border while the less-than-truckload is used by multiple shippers to ship goods that can be consolidated in a single truck. The goods will be sorted and deconsolidated at the destination warehouse before they are delivered to the consignee.

Many shippers in North America prefer cross-border trucking particularly for large volumes of goods because it is cheaper and has more flexibility in terms of the items being shipped. Cross-border trucking providers usually partner with a freight forwarder to see to the shipping requirements and ensure a solution that works both ways.

When you work with Titan Transline, you are guaranteed reliable transportation across all of North America. The company has years of experience in cross-border logistics to make sure that your products will be seamlessly transported on time every time. Each shipment is handled with the utmost care by an expert and professional team.

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Improving Your Business With Great Packaging

Improving Your Business With Great Packaging

When customers walk in your store’s front door, they unknowingly are marketed and influenced by the different packaging that they see on your shelves. The product packaging that you have decided to use for your business is like a salesman, as it is actually the first point of interaction of the customers with your products. You need to create packaging that will clearly communicate the brand message that you have as it is very important in gaining the trust of the customers as well as in convincing them that your product is very important. If you have noticed that you have lost the packaging battle to your tight competitor, you need to make some changes. Here are some ways that effective packaging will improve your business.
 Commitment to quality. Think of the companies which have simple yet very effective packaging materials. Apple and Nike are perhaps two of the companies that love to give some packaging message to their consumers. They do not put in loads of information on their packaging since they know that their logos will speak volume to the purchaser. It is also important that you focus on packaging which is simple and which will also create high-end quality products.

 Emotional response. If you take a look at different color schemes and ways in triggering the emotions of customers, it is very important for you to consider what your competition has been doing. You have to look for attention-grabbing packing designs which will cause the shopper to pause and take a look at your product. You should focus on the color, placement of the logo and also on the product information. Furthermore, you also have to consider creating a unique box or design for your product. This will be the way that you take your brand from just being another random product on your shelf to a commodity. Create a package which makes an emotional response from the customers and will cause them to become very loyal to the brand that you sell. You need not really think of lavish packaging materials, you can start with retail gift bags but place some personal touches on it.

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A Web Design Critique On

First Impression

It is very evident that the designer of this website has optimized all available tools in web design as well as his own creativity. The page loads very quickly and has a very eye catching and appealing landing page. The site used a lot of colors but it is well organized and the objective is very apparent from the beginning. The website consists of all the professional standards of how a business website should look. Content is well displayed in places where they are supposed to be. Information is more than adequate and you can easily click through the other buttons to take you to where you want to go next. All the links have informative content and it makes you want to continue reading additional information that has been provided. My first impression of the site, it is overwhelmingly excellent.


The web designer has made sure that navigation is user friendly. There is site navigation on all pages and the links on the navigation bar are grouped logically. Essential information can be easily navigated and you do not have to click back and forth through the pages because the menu is located in the same place on every page. For example, if you click at packaging solutions, you will see the menu at the lower portion of the page and you needn’t click back to go to technology and innovations. From the images on the pages, you can easily get a sense on what the website is all about. The website offers more than just ordinary packaging; it is proud of its innovations and packaging solutions which are highly evident in present day consumer environment.


Content is relevant, meaningful and useful for its target audience. Content is presented in an organized process with photographs, diagrams and text. If you will make an effort to read some of the text, you will be convinced of its reliability and accuracy. Content is current and is able to satisfy the needs of a user for information. On the other hand, design is significantly appropriate for its target audience. The layout is balanced, simple and clean without any necessary clutter that makes some websites confusing.

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A Critique On

First Impression

The Homepage of has all the elements of an outstanding website design. The web designer has certainly made an effort to ensure that the site will attract traffic, educate visitors and convert them into buyers. The most important item in web design which is to create an identity for the site has been successfully accomplished. The site is introduced to potential customers through a strong sense of company brand. The design is simple without clutter but it manages to bring out credibility. There is an abundance of white space with call-to-action buttons clearly emphasized. My first impression is a highly credible website with relevant information on its products as well as the people behind the company.


Its navigation is presented through buttons that you can easily click on to arrive at your intended destination. There is no question or confusion about the product that is being offered with the comprehensive amount of information provided. A click on the button that says products and services will lead you right to the different packaging products offered for industries and households. The different locations of the company are provided as well the corresponding telephone numbers and fax numbers listed by country.


There is not overcomplicated content and color scheme that can distract a visitor. The web designer has made use of white space with a striking visual balance between white and bold colors with the right images that clearly indicates what the product the website is offering to its visitors. The information is very relevant but what has caught my attention was the company’s approach to optimal packaging that has been shared to its audience. Not many websites have made efforts to share a whole lot of information to its audiences as well as its competitors. However, it is very noticeable that content had humans in mind and not the spiders of search engines. Each piece of content that has been produced is indicative of the company brand and reinforces its professional expertise in the packaging industry. Visual content does a great job of attracting the attention of visitors because it facilitates readability. Anyone who is searching for credible information has to lot to learn from the website.

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